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New Orleans’ Tuesday News and Views


Hello, friends. It is with dramatic tan lines and a happy belly that I write for you tonight. My husband and I just got back from a six-day trip to New Orleans, which is quickly becoming my favorite destination in America, simply because it feels like you need a passport to go there. There is no place like Nola. This was only my second visit to the Crescent City, the first being last year for a birthday party, so this time around, it was actually nice to see what the place was like outside of all of the bars. For almost a week, we toured, ate, drank, walked, and stumbled our way across the cobblestones, taking in as much of the city’s culture as we could handle. I learned all about the creepy yet efficient above ground tombs, the city’s bounty on a giant rat species called the nutria, that all gumbos are not created equal, and the best music can often be found right on the street and not in a club. Did I mention how uneven the cobblestones are?

Of course, I had to stop by the famed Bourbon Street Web Cam to make sure the UK sticker was still proudly on display, which it was, and I added a small one of my own. Unfortunately, it looks like some Hoosier troll already got their troll on and covered it up:

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 6.35.28 PM

I guess when Tom Crean’s your coach, you’ll do just about anything to make yourself feel better. If you’re heading to New Orleans sometime soon, please put these fools back in their place.

Anyways, the entire time we were there, I couldn’t help but imagine what the city must have been like during the 2012 SEC Tournament and Final Four. Not being there will go down as my one big regret in life, and if traveling back every year to eat, drink, and dance is my penance, then so be it. Some recs for those of you who may be headed that way, we loved Sylvain, Irene’s, and Cochon for food, Bar Tonique for drinks, and Frenchman Street for music. And of course, the best bar in the world, Lafitte’s.

Before we all book our flights back, let’s go over the news of the day.

UK will play exhibition games against Pikeville and Georgetown

More scheduling news! A source told KSR on Monday morning that Kentucky will play its exhibition games against Pikeville and Georgetown. Alan Cutler’s sources added that those games will go down on November 2 and 7, respectively. So, if you’re keeping score at home, UK’s non-conference schedule stands at…

November 2: Kentucky vs. Pikeville (Ex.)
November 7: Kentucky vs. Georgetown (Ex.)
November 18: Kentucky vs. Kansas (Indianapolis)
December 5: Kentucky vs. Texas
TBD: Kentucky vs. Providence
TBD: Kentucky vs. North Carolina
December 20: Kentucky vs. UCLA (Chicago)
TBD: Kentucky at Louisville

Who would the state of Kentucky pick first in the NBA Draft?

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.13.45 PM

I mean, yeah. We love Julius so much that…

…Somebody wrote a rap about Julius

…and the language is not quite safe for the workplace, just a warning. I’m sure you’ll share what you think of it in the comments section.

When he wasn’t killing people like Rambo in the saddle at Cowboys Stadium (maybe the only line I could understand), Julius was accepting his invitation to the NBA Draft Combine, which will take place Thursday and Friday in Chicago. James Young will also be there, but I’m sure we’ll see him on the sideline of a playoff game before then.

UK visited CeCe Jefferson on Monday

In related recruiting news, the UK staff was in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday to visit CeCe Jefferson, a five-star defensive end. Jefferson is considered the top defensive end and fifth overall player in the 2015 class by 247 Sports Composite, and has offers from all the big guys. Stoops and company have a ways to go to beat out Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, and USC, but the fact that we’re even in the conversation shows how things have changed.

Right, Matt Elam?

Slice will meet the media on Tuesday

Barry Rohrssen, everyone’s favorite actor turned assistant coach, will get his first turn in front of the Lexington media on Tuesday. We’ll have a live stream of the presser on the site for you at 2 p.m., and a recap afterwards. Odds Lonny Demaree asks him why there was a chicken in the hotel suite at the beginning of “The Hangover” because he’s an actor? What will Jerry Tipton ask? Leave your best guesses in the comments.


Cal is eating lots of pasta and sleeping in Florida

Someone called into the show Monday morning to report they saw John Calipari eating at a Carrabba’s in Florida over the weekend. Sources tell us Cal is in Florida for the next few weeks to recover from his hip surgery and get some much needed R&R. Knowing Cal, he probably has a giant stack of inspirational books he’s been waiting to read. Enjoy, Cal, and don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet. I always do.

Meet me back here in the morning to do it all over again? Sounds good.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

11 Comments for New Orleans’ Tuesday News and Views

  1. Bloated Gut
    11:14 pm May 12, 2014 Permalink

    Cal needs to lay off the pasta. Why would anyone want an unsightly belly?

  2. David
    11:28 pm May 12, 2014 Permalink

    what else would you feed a live Tiger in a hotel suite in Vegas???? Chickens…plus fresh eggs in the morning for breakfast before you feed said Tiger

    11:38 pm May 12, 2014 Permalink

    New Orleans is becoming your favorite destination in America?? Seriously NOLA is a DUMP. You need to get out and travel more. No joke New Orleans is nasty.

    • NOLAcatfan
      11:14 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

      What an idiot.

  4. Casper
    12:15 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

    Dramatic tan lines! That has us wondering…

    • Casper
      12:19 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

      drama? is that conflict or contrast? i suppose i prefer contrast in a tan line over conflict.

  5. FlySoup
    5:20 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

    Where was cal in Florida

  6. lou eaton
    7:59 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

    I may never get a sandwich but I do agree with you about New O. being a great city…AND the stones being rather uneven to put it mildly! I believe there could be a surprise in how high Randle goes in the draft….smart scouts remember that this guy was virtually unstoppable when guarded one on one and he almost always had at least a double or triple team when he had the ball….AND he did what he did with this level of defense….

  7. asdf
    8:09 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

    That Sportsnation poll is exactly why we should play Kansas every year. They are one of the only other places that really gets it, and it’s so much fun when two statewide fanbases that both know basketball get together. There’s UK, Kansas, UNC and not too many more these days…

  8. BlueHorse
    8:29 am May 13, 2014 Permalink

    Tipton will ask coach Rohrssen who mailed the Emery package that broke open.

  9. Nola
    1:17 pm May 13, 2014 Permalink

    haven’t really experienced new orleans until you go to jazz fest (much better than the drunken touristy week that is mardi gras)