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Neal Brown is going to be a problem in recruiting

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We’re big fans of Neal Brown around here. I had a Troy football t-shirt on just last week. And now that Brown is the head coach over at West Virginia, we are ecstatic for him to have a great job and we want nothing but the best for him and the Mountaineers program under his guidance. Go Neal Brown.

But I’ll also say this: We’re going to hate him in recruiting because he is going to be a problem.

Brown has already planted some recruiting roots in Kentucky and it took him only a day on the job to do so. He has extended scholarship offers to three Kentucky prospects (that we know of) and that number will only grow as he gets to work.

The most notable of Brown’s new targets is Lexington Catholic quarterback Beau Allen, who Mark Stoops is also recruiting. Allen already had an offer from Brown at Troy, and now Brown is recruiting him to be the next big quarterback in Morgantown. Given Brown’s style of play and the success of the West Virginia program in recent history, it’s a very attractive opportunity for the Bluegrass’ sixth-best prospect in the Class of 2020.

Brown also reached out to two juniors at his high school alma mater, Boyle County. He gave offers to Reese Smith, a three-star athlete, and Landen Bartleson, a three-star running back in the class. Both hold offers from UK.

So again, good for Neal Brown on his new job and the opportunity ahead in the Big 12. But he’s going to steal recruits out of Kentucky — it’s inevitable — which was already a problem for the UK coaching staff before Brown entered the picture. In-state recruiting will only get more competitive with Brown nearby, as well as a new coach at Louisville and Jeff Brohm still at Purdue. Keeping guys home just got even more difficult.

Back off, Neal.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

24 Comments for Neal Brown is going to be a problem in recruiting

  1. Irish son
    11:28 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Anyone that would rather go to West Virginia and live in frigging Morgantown for four years is probably too stupid to go to UK anyhow

    • secrick
      11:46 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

      Drew, Wouldn’t it be the same no matter who was coaching those teams.

    • loservilletard
      12:46 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      hopefully UK is recruiting far better athletes than those. Neil can have our leftovers, hope he does well with them.

  2. njCat
    11:38 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Big 12 is very attractive to offensive players because they play no defense. SEC is the opposite.

  3. KYCat4EVER
    11:39 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    SPOT ON points and a good read!

    • CoachCat
      12:31 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      Lol. Spot on he says. Like you’re oblivious to where we get most of our players from. Ohio and Florida have some notable teams. And you’re concerned about West Va. ? Seriously? Give us all the underrated and unnoticed recruits. Worked out pretty well for us this year. Go Big Blue

  4. Smyrna_Cat
    11:40 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Isn’t this true of most coaches in neighboring states?

    • JerryCat
      12:15 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      Schools in neighboring states don’t necessarily recruit Kentucky hard unless they have ties to the state like Brohm and Brown do.

    • Smyrna_Cat
      12:30 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      That is true. Kentucky usually doesn’t have a ton of high-end talent, so those schools are better focusing on other places.

  5. Smyrna_Cat
    11:41 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    But if we can’t recruit in KY and build upon this incredible season we shouldn’t complain if other schools do. Get er done!

  6. UKinIN
    11:56 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    If Brown hurts UK recruiting defensive players, or offensive linemen, that would be a very bad sign. Brown’s offense will be more interesting to offensive skill players. UK will probably lose QB’s and WR’s to WVU. It’s the nature of Stoops’ and Brown’s offensive philosophies. UK should not fear any coach at any school. If UK can recruit in Ohio, against Ohio State and Urban Meyer, Stoops and Marrow shouldn’t fear Brown at WVU.

  7. gasman01
    11:57 am January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Don’t sell Marrow short. He can recruit with the best!!

  8. Headhurts
    12:08 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Finally this year their were a few more div1 type players available in KY, but your not gonna build a program with KY players, that being said we’ll get our share here and mostly Ohio kids and sprinkle in GA, Fla kids.

  9. kjd
    12:28 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    “Given Brown’s style of play…..”
    You’re saying our offensive style of play hinders recruiting, and I would agree.

  10. Realme
    12:34 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    Maybe we should wait and see. I’ll take the Big Dawg in any battle.

    • StillBP
      1:44 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      KSR is not about waiting to see. I wonder if Matt will throw out anymore football transfer rumors soon 🙂

  11. Jiminy Crickets
    12:51 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    West Virginia has to cover more airline miles than any team in the country. Having to fly to Oklahoma for an away game, has to get old. West Va will ALWAYS get decent talent, especially offense but no one in Big 12 plays D. That being said, if you’re an offensive guy, it would be hard to turn down for the same reasons.

    • shelby
      3:19 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      If we can’t out recruit WVU in our own stat with our recent success … we in big trouble anyway

  12. zoupman
    2:31 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    He will hurt us in players from Boyle Cointy. Other than that, I think we will be fine. Hope he does well, just not if he plays Cats.

  13. ClutchCargo
    4:32 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

    I’m sure he will do fine, but I’m not worried. Even if he signs all the top recruits out of KY, we’re getting most of our talent elsewhere anyway.

    • W1ldCats4Life
      6:44 pm January 7, 2019 Permalink

      Elsewhere? Most of our talent? Really? Let’s see, Kash, Drake, Logan….that’s a lot of talent. Darn sure glad they’re in Lexington over anywhere else.

    • JASUN74
      3:13 am January 8, 2019 Permalink

      Three out of one hundred? Really. He’s right man. This year was the most talented group in forever from Kentucky and we did very well. But he is 100% correct!! We are getting MOST OF OUR TALENT ELSEWHERE!! There’s plenty wrong post to argue here but this isn’t one of them.

  14. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    12:15 am January 8, 2019 Permalink

    How to recruit Boyle County is simple. Just remind them no matter what bs Brown tries to feed you even he was smart enough to sign with Kentucky.