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BIG DEVELOPMENT: NCAA “generally agrees” to provide more autonomy to five major conferences

The five major conferences received some very good news from Indianapolis today, where the NCAA took a break from tap-dancing on the skulls of student-athletes to hold an actual meeting with real life progress. Sitting at a conference table made of gold, in a room filled with mountains of cold hard cash, the NCAA “generally agreed” on the autonomy of the Atlantic Coast, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences.

Among the areas in which the NCAA generally agrees to allow the conferences to be self-governed: financial aid, including full cost of attendance and scholarship guarantees; insurance, including policies that protect future earnings; academic support, particularly for at-risk athletes; other support such as travel for families, free tickets to games and expenses associated with events, such as parking.

The board is seeking feedback and will vote on the final recommendations in August.

John Calipari, your thoughts?


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

29 Comments for BIG DEVELOPMENT: NCAA “generally agrees” to provide more autonomy to five major conferences

  1. We Hang Banners
    4:18 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    About time.

  2. imac
    4:21 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    oh my god is this real life…. someone pinch me

  3. Boob Knight
    4:25 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    The is the down fall of mankind. Go IU, we do it the right way.

  4. UKfan
    4:27 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Beginning of the end of the NCAA as we know it.

    • bmt22033
      4:36 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

      Agreed. An out-of-date organization struggling to find its place in the world.

    • Luther
      6:48 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink


  5. 49 Chevy
    4:31 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    I believe there are many reasons for this to be happening. One of the biggest reasons is the UNC academic cheating scandal.

    • serdi
      4:45 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

      Its got to be a major reason they have finally caved on allowing the big boys to break away. Emmert and the others made a big decision…they are not going to hammer the biggest cheater of all time with the worse academic scandal of all time. If it had been an institution that was not one of the favored, it would have been worse than the death penalty. But they made the choice that they were not going to enforce the rules and burst the bubble that is the Carolina Way. By making that choice, they realized that they could no longer enforce ANY rules on anybody. Like Cal said. It was like the Soviet Union. It is crumbling because scum decided to protect scum.

  6. TrinityPills
    4:32 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Maaaaaannnnn, I can’t wait until there are enough posts to push the autoplay video of Cal and Colbert to the second page.

    • Axe Cop
      4:49 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

      Use Chrome. Doesn’t autoplay for me.

  7. NCAA
    4:40 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    So how do you like me now? I am still richer than all of you &[email protected]?

    • schwing
      5:14 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

      and that’s the problem.

  8. Duke
    4:42 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    About time! Now we can pay our players(legally) 😉

  9. John Ellis
    4:43 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    You know you have to give Cal credit. With how badly most of the national press treats him – both as a coach and in policy matters, the disrespect, he could just take the big money and shut up. They’ll never admit it but his pushing for reform is having great impact. I hope the changes won’t be abused, but they will, so I do hope there will be reform of the reform when that happens.

  10. Big East
    4:43 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    I am sure it was a mistake not listing us as a super conference. It will be corrected soon.

  11. Peanut Butter and Jelly
    4:44 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Be afraid very afraid!

  12. Chicago Manny
    4:57 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    That pic tho haha!

  13. Tom
    5:01 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Man, Cal sure can get s*** right. This was all done in response to his book release. His predictions are proving true once again! The man’s a genius.

    5:17 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    The sad part is the media will find someway and twist it so Cal is still an a$$. I hope not, these are the arguing points he’s been using for at least the last three years. I think it will make a huge impact on CBB and I hope Cal gets the recognition he deserves.

  15. Bledsoe's Biceps
    5:18 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    I sure hope this makes it through the full vote in August. But the teams from the “lesser” conferences may gather enough votes to stop it. They will scream they can’t afford it and it gives the “big 5” conference schools an unfair advantage. But the truth is, for decades, they have been reaping the financial rewards while contributing little to the pot. It’s way overdue to separate the “haves” from the “have nots”. Many of the schools in D1 athletics should really be D II.

  16. Mark Liptak
    6:12 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Better late than never I guess. The monkey wrench though is will it get voted through. Once before it was tried remember and the smaller schools had enough votes to table the measure.

  17. OldUkFan
    6:24 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    I thought my response was very good but it has been ‘moderated’.

  18. yargamel
    6:26 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    If this is about how much money the kids bring to the university, should we also start paying the brightest kids who go to the school in the hope that they’ll become millionaires and continually give back to the university over time?

    • Bledsoe's Biceps
      6:36 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

      That’s a complete apples to oranges comparison. 1) Many of the brightest kids are already paid to attend universities. 2) The NCAA does not forbid them from earning any pay from their skills and/or notoriety. 3) They often get earning opportunities thru the university by being part of studies funded by grants and/or internships. 4) The universities do cater to these types of students, in hopes they will give back to the university, if and when they become successful.

  19. Megan
    6:47 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Wow, that is big. It should make college life, and the decision to return to college, a little easier for some players. And it should make Cal happier in his job, because he’s changing not just the lives of his players, but the lives of college players in general.

    We’re proud of you, Coach. If 2 & toodle-oo ever comes to pass, hope you stay around for a good long time.

  20. Catlogic15
    6:50 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    John Calipari is a man amongst (NCAA) boys. He is an advocate for what is right, and what makes sense. Some people have a hard time comprehending this.

  21. Chaz
    6:57 pm April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Seems the level of public esteem for the NCAA is almost the same as that of Congress these days.

  22. C
    12:45 am April 25, 2014 Permalink

    As i look at the picture called the NCAA Headquarters, I think it looks very small in comparison to the Nation’s Capital. It should be bigger…..