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NBC In Trouble For Not Giving Enough Credit To Husbands Of American Athletes


Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

The 2016 Rio Olympics have kicked off with American women dominating the medal stand, thanks to their husbands and other men that have taught them about sports, but these American men just aren’t getting the credit they deserve.  NBC sportscaster Dan Hicks now famously gave credit for Olympic Swimmer Katinka Hozzu’s gold medal to her husband Shane Tusup, and many Americans seem to be up in arms about the comment, as he’s yet to make similar comments for our American female athletes.

Not all the problems with Olympic coverage can be blamed on NBC, even the Chicago Tribune has been in trouble for their coverage of American female medal winners.   They recently posted a tweet saying “Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics.” It’s like Chicago doesn’t even want to talk about the husbands of American athletes that are winning Gold medals, or at the very least have the decency to publish the lineman’s name.

However the bulk of the blame for poor Olympic coverage does lay on the shoulders of the NBC executives, as most Americans can’t watch the Olympics live on Chicago newspapers.  The NBC executives in charge of how America experiences the Olympic games have been under fire since the beginning of their coverage, when one executive John Smith made some comments that alluded to viewers of the programming being largely female.  “In a broad sense, the broads who watch the Olympics are not big sports fans but they love reality shows.  So we try and model our Olympic coverage after that, I mean we even got Ryan Seacrest as one of our sportscasters, just so these lady viewers aren’t too confused”.

Smith continued to mansplain, “The olympics are kind of like The Bachelor, except instead of roses they give out medals, and instead of engagement rings there are Olympic rings, and instead of letting women do their natural thing of just wearing dresses, we make them swim during the bathing suit competition.”

Resident NBC sports expert and late night Olympic coverage host Ryan Seacrest also refused to admit the network’s coverage was in any way out of line, “We’re not grading these women on a scale of 1-10 like misogynists, no there is a panel that grades them on a maximum score and deducts points for imperfections.”

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Article written by Harold Leeder

6 Comments for NBC In Trouble For Not Giving Enough Credit To Husbands Of American Athletes

  1. babeejames
    10:03 pm August 9, 2016 Permalink

    These posts are dumb beyond belief.

    • Billy Hill
      10:57 pm August 9, 2016 Permalink

      Aww, are you pouting?

    • No, they’re just not funny. To each his own though.

    • Billy Hill
      11:30 pm August 9, 2016 Permalink

      Says the guy who links to a website that delves into the validity of “the gay gene”, believes dinosaurs and humans coexisted a few thousand years ago, and has articles expressing the outrage of a Muslim in Congress.

    • Nahforrealdoh
      12:46 am August 10, 2016 Permalink

      Hey there, Billy – It’s equally embarrassing to defend someone who uses a term like “mansplain”, a cheap, pedantic, and tactically brilliant concept (in the sense that Joseph Goebbels was brilliant) literally designed to stop half of the population from ever defending their opinion when challenged by the other half.

      It goes right along with the lazy thinking behind “microaggressions” (I want to censor you from saying something I don’t like, but I can’t actually quantify anything wrong with it), “manspreading” (I’m a privileged western white girl whose quality of life metrics are pretty much identical to a western white male, but I need to keep finding petty things to b**** about so that I can act like I belong in a group with actual disadvantaged people like black males), “cultural appropriation” (allow me to demonstrate my piousness by screeching “bigot” at your 5 year old daughter for finding beauty in pocahontas’ clothing style on halloween, all while I blithely incorporate the deepest held religious beliefs of Eastern cultures into my own “spiritual” life into a dumb white girl buffet of ignorance).

      So yes, you can take one little hint of idiocy on the right and run with it, but you can do the same with the left. Some righties think the earth is 5000 years old, and that humans are incapable of changing the climate.

      …and some lefties believe that human beings are magically the only mammals without behavioral dimorphism… or that all genetic modification of food inherently produces “toxins” (when it could actually be saving vast populations in 3rd world countries if allowed through)…. or that homeopathic medicine actually works.

      And if you’re with those latter groups of numbskulls, then you’re no less ignorant.

    • chimichanga
      8:28 am August 10, 2016 Permalink

      Impressively clueless false equivalencies there, “Nah”. Lazy thinking indeed.