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Moving forward after Louisville’s implosion

I sat down at Magee’s Bakery around 8:15 am Tuesday for a business meeting, ordered a nice coffee and connected to the Wi-Fi for a casual morning of normal. Little did I know, I would spend the next four hours at Magee’s after the FBI dropped an unexpected bomb onto the college basketball landscape, leaving me trapped at the computer, trying to find out what the hell was going on, much like everyone else.

What was supposed to be a regular day on Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com (maybe with a little more Florida game hangover), turned out to be pure chaos after we learned Rick Pitino’s Louisville was at the forefront of the new scandal. Once Pitino and Louisville were identified in the mess, Tuesday became one of the longest and busiest days I can remember as we covered, and celebrated, the fall.

Then came yesterday, the day after the website saw almost a million hits in a single day (it would’ve been a million if our server hadn’t passed out from exhaustion), and the KSR radio show went live for almost four hours to cover the day of reckoning. UofL interim president Greg Postel finally held a press conference and announced the fate of the university’s athletic director, Tom Jurich; and its head basketball coach and hooker-hirer, Rick Pitino. Much like Tuesday, yesterday was another long and blurry day of piling on the Cards’ misery, which is one of our favorite past times.

That brings us to today, Thursday, and it’s time to move on. The past two days were tons of fun, but we’re a third of the way through what could potentially be a very special football season for the University of Kentucky. The Florida game is in the rearview mirror and Big Blue Nation has slowly come to accept it happened, and now a sneaky-talented Eastern Michigan team comes to town to try to upset the Cats coming off the disappointing loss. Our focus shifts to that game now, with an occasional update from Louisville or the FBI’s investigation as a whole, when necessary.

Let’s get caught up on what’s been going on while we were busy watching Pitino proclaim his innocence in his third major scandal at UofL.


The new KSR Football Podcast will come out today.

Nick, Freddie and I recorded our post-Florida/pre-Eastern Michigan show yesterday, but we were unable to upload it until this morning because the site has been crippled on the back end with all of the Pitino traffic. I believe Nick will have it for you by the time the radio show is on, so you can start it right at noon when KSR goes off the air.

I apologize for the late delivery.

Matt and I are recording the Free Money Podcast this afternoon.

As I said up top, the last couple of days were pretty hectic and that meant the Free Money Podcast was put on the back burner. We will record it today and release tonight, this week’s final picks included.

The Big Blue Madness campout is going strong.

Tonight’s the big night when the players stop by to pass out pizza and UK provides entertainment with a special show to entertain campers. Last I heard there were about 300 tents already set up around Tent City, and more are likely to join for tomorrow night’s ticket distribution.

Mark Stoops to address the media one last time before Saturday.

It’s Thursday, which means Mark Stoops will give one final update for the week before a new game. Stoops is expected to chat with the Lexington media following Thursday’s late afternoon practice, so check back here for his comments while you’re waiting for the dinner bell to ring. Nick Roush will relay everything you need to know.

Romeo Langford dropped Louisville from his list.

Langford’s father sent out a text message saying, “Due to the current allegations associated with the University of Louisville men’s basketball program, a family decision was made that Romeo Langford will no longer be considering U of L in his recruitment.”

Louisville, which lost both of its 2018 commitments Wednesday, is going to have a hard time getting any highly-ranked players to sign in the coming years.

Jarren Williams to visit Alabama this weekend.

Alabama will host 17 players who are already committed to other schools, including Williams. The Kentucky commit will be one of three QBs in the bunch to watch the Crimson Tide host Ole Miss.

I don’t know what’s normal, but 17 seems like a lot of already-committed players. Maybe back off a little bit, Saban.

Alabama and Miami are two basketball programs to watch as FBI probe continues.

A men’s basketball administrator at Alabama resigned Wednesday night after Bama’s internal review of its program revealed the administrator, Kobie Baker, is a person of interest in the FBI investigation. Expect more on this very soon, maybe even with some shadiness around star freshman point guard Collin Sexton.

Down in Miami, the school president released a statement saying the U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating one of its basketball staff members.

The list of programs this whole thing touches is likely to get very, very long before it’s all said and done.

Rest in peace, Hugh Hefner.

Hefner passed away last night, but let’s be real: he’s been in heaven for decades.


More to come throughout the day; hopefully nothing more from the FBI…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

10 Comments for Moving forward after Louisville’s implosion

  1. BTownUKFan
    8:53 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    Great coverage yesterday on the UL fiasco. I said years ago that Hefner had to sell his soul to the devil to experience the life he had, I guess now the devil gets to collect. RIP Hef ! GO CATS !!

  2. foamfinger
    9:06 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    I thought Jarren Williams shut down his recruitment after re-committing over the summer? This doesn’t sound good at all.

    • ClutchCargo
      9:35 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Yeah, I’m really not okay with this at all. But he has already been offered by all the big boys and still re-committed to UK, so there’s that.

    • maximumscott
      9:38 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

      As long as we have a good season and show progress Williams will committ. SJ will be gone and after that there are 3 QBs (1 has game experience, thats not great) that are gonna be viewed as equals and a competition will occur. Williams has to look at the situation and say I could come in and start right away (especially if he is that talented). Bama is Bama, but they will have Hurts another year maybe 2 years. Which means he wouldnt see field until Jr season. Possible but Williams is too good to be on the bench for 2 years. He will want to play right away. He stays UK. Starts next year. I hope Barker transfers so we dont have to hear the “start Barker campaign”. The fact of the matter is that Barker hasnt been good at all. Dont give me the he hasnt had time to show it. SJ came in 2 games last year when we were down 14 pts and brought us back with a few series. Jack Fromme came in and made an impact right away. Barker is not confident and unsure about defensive schemes. Please go to another school.

  3. Sentient Third Eye
    9:13 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    Can’t we enjoy it one more day and then move forward? Please?

  4. Bozferatu
    9:40 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    I know we are moving on, but CBS just reported that Pitino was Coach-2 from the indictment… so slick rick might be facing some jail time for wire fraud.

  5. bankerbh
    9:48 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    If Adidas was doing this, wonder what Nike and Under Armour were doing. Seems there was quite a bit of money flowing and does it seem logical that the other companies weren’t chasing the star athletes as well?

    • Booby Petrino
      10:17 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

      As long as the coaches at the universities didn’t get involved, it’s not going to be major trouble for the schools, but will be for the shoe companies and maybe the athletes.

      I do not think any of our coaches would be this desperate to get an athlete for one year, and I think Sandy Bell is kick-ass at her job.

    • EagleCat
      10:21 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Naive to think otherwise. Reminds me of the proverb regarding glass houses and stones. I think maybe we should chill about this some. Gloating always has a way of biting back.

  6. meowmeow
    11:04 am September 28, 2017 Permalink

    Well that’s a pretty low view of heaven :/