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Mike Tyson says he’s “back.” Would you pay to see him fight?

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is back, and he wants the world to know it.

After posting a five-second teaser video highlighting his new training regimen a little over a week ago, the 53-year old legend released a longer clip to emphasize his anticipated comeback efforts.

“I’m back,” Tyson said to close out the 21-second clip of vicious blows with his trainer.

This comes just a week after fellow boxing legend Evander Holyfield told TMZ Sports that he’s also planning on a comeback at 57 years old.

“The champ is back,” Holyfield told TMZ Sports. “I’d like to announce that I will be making a comeback to the ring. … I will be fighting in exhibition matches for a great cause.”

Holyfield says his comeback will be to raise money for the #Unite4OurFight campaign, which “aims to provide students the resources they need for emotional development and education.”

Tyson said in a recent interview that his goal is to get back in fighting shape for a three- or four-round exhibition for charity, adding that he wants to help raise money for those dealing with some of the same struggles he faced throughout his career and in the time after.

“I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box 3 or 4 round exhibitions for some charities and stuff,” Tyson said, per TMZ Sports. “Some charity exhibitions, make some money, help some homeless and drug-affected motherf**kers like me.”

Tyson hasn’t participated in a professional fight since 2005, but the boxing legend did manage a 50-6-2 record over the course of his career. Meanwhile, Holyfield finished his career with a 44-10-2 as a professional, including two victories over Tyson.

Would you purchase a pay-per-view rematch between Tyson and Holyfield for charity?

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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10 Comments for Mike Tyson says he’s “back.” Would you pay to see him fight?

  1. Dr. Tom
    8:23 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    Did someone bite a chunk out of his head??

    • runningunnin.454
      10:12 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

      Yep, Holyfield; right after Tyson bit off a chunk of his ear…the Bite Fight.
      Yeah, I would watch; but, he’s foolish, going to end up like Ali.

  2. KentuckyBoy
    8:30 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    ? without a doubt yes.

  3. bigblue98
    8:38 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    Absolutely positively No! Would be a waste of money as was great in day, but way, way, way past his prime. Younger guys would pummel him because of speed. Awesome in his day, but we all age and eventually lose to Father Time.

  4. ohiokatfan
    8:44 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    You kidding me? I’ll watch anything at this point. Golden Girls cage match? I’m in. Richard Simmons working out with Tiger King? Absolutely. Anyone who says they wouldn’t watch this is full of it.

    • Dark Soul
      9:01 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

      Exactly. I would watch Tyson Holyfield 3 in a heartbeat. It beats cars running in circles for hours at a time. I dont care if they where both 80 years old.

  5. dan1965
    10:28 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    No,run Evander run, you’ve only got 1 ear left !
    (And does anyone know a way to turn spell check off,its driving me crazy !!!

  6. RealCatsFan
    10:57 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    I’m way too cheap to ever watch a PPV fight on my dime. Besides, most of the time it is a total disappointment and doesn’t go past a couple rounds. There’s an old saying about a fool and his money…

  7. 1stkatman
    12:13 am May 12, 2020 Permalink

    I’ll watch……for free when its on reruns! Not working for hype fights unless it’s a legend. Right now it’s not this has-been that is going to spark the fire.