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Michigan State “conceding” Tyler Ulis to UK, according to ESPN

Tyler Ulis may be the only person in America who hasn’t said Tyler Ulis is going to Kentucky. That is expected to change tomorrow night, though, when he announces his college decision at 8:20 pm.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman tweeted Thursday afternoon that Michigan State is “conceding” Ulis to John Calipari and the University of Kentucky. The Spartans have already moved on to the backup plan, “Tum Tum” Nairn, who will visit East Lansing this weekend.

We’ll have coverage of Ulis’ announcement here on KSR tomorrow night.

Come on down.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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35 Comments for Michigan State “conceding” Tyler Ulis to UK, according to ESPN

  1. Brad
    4:07 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    when the big dog comes calling all others must walk away

  2. Jughead
    4:10 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    This does not bode well for Kentucky. Calipari is now courting throwaways from a program located in a decaying and dysfunctional state–Michigan.

    Where will Call look next? Syria?

  3. Shawon
    4:12 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Tyler Ulis is to short anyway…



  4. Louisville1Cal4
    4:12 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I kind of feel bad for Cal stealing Ulis from Izzo, he’s a great guy & coach, but we need him, so you gotta do what you gotta do. Come on down Ulis, bring Booker with you too!

  5. Jughead
    4:17 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Ever notice how the comments slow down when people leave work to go home?

  6. ScottyB
    4:22 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Now we need Coach K to concede Okafor to us.

  7. tooblueforyou
    4:31 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Will rocky and colt also be receiving schollys to MSU?

  8. Louisville1Cal4
    4:37 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    @6 That would be lovely Ha I’d be happy with either Okafor or Turner though.

  9. Richy's cellmate
    4:53 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Much like I have decided to concede Beyonce to Jay Z.

  10. Dave
    4:56 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Didn’t Gary harris choose MSU over UK? So no, don’t feel bad for him. He’s fine.

  11. Bobbysueflay
    5:04 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Sf-Stanley Johnson
    Pf-trey Lyles
    C- Towns
    It sounds like that will be the class coming in to me. Maybe another player. But anyone’s guess is as good as mine

  12. Megan
    5:08 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Conceding after getting word of Ulis’ decision is like trying to quit your job after being fired.

  13. Teddy Bongwater
    5:22 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    That makes 2 recruits for the class baby….keep em coming!!!

  14. Good Coach but....
    5:29 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I can see from the picture that Izzo has not undergone an Anthony Davis growth spurt since last year !

  15. Han
    5:31 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    10) I believe Payne was also Cal’s first choice ahead of Jones (which is not to say he wouldn’t have taken both or also Leslie since he was recruiting all 3 at one time).

    Izzo and Mich St are on the early and often late lists of many of the guys Cal goes after, just like UNC, Duke, Kansas, etc.

    11) Also with the theoretical possibility of a Lee or Young returning (or even a third year Poythress or other returning star), plus Hawkins and WIllis. Not bad at all. Still be rough compared to this year, but I don’t think we ever see another year as rough as last one with Cal.

  16. boshogg24
    5:31 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Some people don’t need to comment at all, whether at home or at work!

  17. Michael
    5:42 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I love Izzo, but I don’t think you should publicly “concede” players. It cheapens the recruiting experience. I can only imagine it is fun to keep an element of surprise at your announcement. More importantly though, WELCOME TO UK! Now lets get Jones, Okafor, Booker, Stanely Johnson, and Lyles!

  18. brain
    5:44 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Come on down is really hackneyed, come with something new.

  19. STEVE!
    5:54 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Still not sure what happened with Vaughn at SG, and when Booker became our top option. Anyone heard any news or rumors? It seems like whenever Cal stops recruiting a player, we hear news shortly thereafter of academic or other issues.

  20. Rick Barnes
    5:55 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I am also taking Texas out of consideration for Ulis’ services. We are not interested, no matter how badly he wants to come here..

  21. Cotton
    5:58 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Cool!!! Great news,..but I’ll wait to hear it from Tyler’s mouth before I celebrate.

  22. barn
    6:19 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I hope our competition for trey lyles concedes to cal or it looks like we could be in deep puddy poo for a power forward, since it seems like he’s the only one cal’s recruiting openly, and most of the other top pfs have committed.

  23. Wild Blue
    6:25 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    How tall are Ulis’ parents? Any chance he grows another five or six inches by next fall?

  24. cletis
    6:26 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    I like this kid a lot. Too short? Bulls pit! Anyone remember Devan Downey at 5 foot nothing taking a 6-4 John Wall and 6-1 Bledsoe to the hoop damn near at will. He looks like that kind of player to me. Think Russdiculous with floor vision and unselfish not quite the 3 pt threat but has that type of quickness. Cal saw something. I don’t know what but he is the coach at UK because he knows basketball.

  25. Parker
    6:45 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Is ALABAMA gunna have to give up a Banner?? should we be worried about ours?

  26. Settling for 1st
    6:52 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Hmmm…since we probably will not get Jones, may as well get the guy who schooled him head to head.

  27. Jordan
    7:01 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Half of me is excited, the other has is bummed about not getting Jones. Matt do you think Jones will still visit us later? They have said they couldnt picture playing together. Jones is ranked much higher than Ulis for a reason. I think Ulis will be good 2-3 years later but we will in all likelihood recruit over him. Mudiay was the big miss but Id love to know where we currently stand with Tyus Jones

  28. Blueblood65
    7:12 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    If it’s true then great…There has been a lot of smallish PG’S that have done well so if he’s talented and I’m sure he is,then Come on down…..

  29. Go Big Blue
    7:58 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    11. I think that will be our class, but I think we have a chance with Blackmon Jr. too.

  30. Ulis
    8:35 pm September 12, 2013 Permalink

    Putin on the Blue

  31. ChiHoops
    4:34 am September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Kentucky not lucky but very fortunate. I have watched Ulis all summer with Meanstreets and he is special. No b.s….Wildcats hold onto your hat…never seen a player this is so good about making everyone else on his team better. Hard to say when you are a BIG fan.

  32. msnthrop
    5:34 am September 13, 2013 Permalink

    #21 I saw Tyler and his folks being chauffeured around campus on Sunday on a private tour…sitting in the buggy they didn’t look any taller then Tyler did…

  33. Married Your Cousin
    9:53 am September 13, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t know the difference between TO and TOO (and obviously didn’t go to college).


    Jughead – is your trailer a single or double wide?

    Michigan is a decaying state? LOL b/c Kentucky has so much to offer…..TOO FUNNY

    Kentucky is such a hillbilly state and university………only Kentcuky has more “fans” that didn’t go to the school (or any college for that matter) than any other university in the world.

    Keep on listening to your country music in your trailers!

  34. bluristhurr
    12:33 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    #33 LOL A blog and the internet the only place where people care about grammar. Freaking loser, half the time I put 2 in for to or too. What do you think about that? What is that called when I do that Mr. Grammar?

  35. Jason
    7:14 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    We’d rather have the fastest recruit with the ball in his hands in the entire class. Tum tum was rated much higher than ulis until ulis exposure in aau this year. Ulis couldn’t handle the pressure it takes to be a michigan state pg. a program that is second to none. Tum tum is faster stronger tougher mentally tougher and a defensive stud over ulis. Oh ulis is str8 outta a willy wonka movie too. Can’t wait to see the midget transfer year 2 as he is gonna be recruited over. Lmao he’s being recruited over right now this year with jones. Ulis your a coward. But I’m sooooo glad izzo didn’t get the ok from you, we have a chance to get according to ALOT of basketball analysts as a steal of a recruit. And one that fits Izzos style perfectly. Ulis is smart going to a WEAK basketball conferences anther than the best in he big ten. Big ten would eat that lil midget up. #Uainttumtum