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Matt Elam’s Saturday News & Views


The time has finally come. Tomorrow afternoon during the US Army All-American Game, everybody’s favorite defensive tackle from Elizabethtown, Matt Elam, will be making his collegiate selection. The five-star prospect according to 247 Sports has narrowed his list down to two; Mark Stoops’ Kentucky Wildcats and Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide. Just a few short weeks ago, it looked as though ol’ Nick was going pull a Calipari and convince yet another five-star prospect to play his college ball in the confines of Bryant-Denny Stadium. The 247 Sports crystal ball gave these reports legitimacy as the predictions shifted to 55-45 in favor of the Tide. However, a late push by Stoops, his staff, and the current UK commits have shifted the odds back in Kentucky’s favor, 61-39 to be exact.

It goes without saying, but landing a commitment from the 6-foot-5, 350 pound Elam would be quite the haul for Mark Stoops and his staff. Not only does pulling the 9th ranked overall player in the 2014 class boost the national perception of the program, but it also gives some much needed depth to Kentucky’s defensive front. It’s been a long and winding road leading to this point, but thankfully for everyone involved in the recruiting process, it all comes to a close tomorrow around 1 pm ET on NBC. So here’s to you Mr. Elam, enjoy the rest of your senior year and good luck regardless of which school you select tomorrow.

In the mean time, here’s a photo of him making two very large men look not so large.



A highlight clip of what’s to come for Kentucky? We can only hope.


News & Notes

-Erick Smith caused quite the stir yesterday when he took to Twitter and said that he and his friend Marshon Lattimore would surprise everyone with their college picks. The since deleted tweet was replaced with one that said “Me & Marshon Both Are Committing Tomorrow, We Had A Plan A Long Time Ago & We’re Sticking To It.”  The very likely meaning of this statement is a commitment to Ohio State. Despite this news, Marcelys Jones is apparently still in play as he signed non-binding financial aid paperwork with both Kentucky and Ohio State.

-Speaking of recruiting, according to Chris Fisher of 247 Sports, John Calipari was doing some of his own tonight in Wheeling, West Virginia. Calipari ventured over to the Mountain State to view a trio of 2015 five-star players, including Stephan Zimmerman, Carlton Bragg, and Chase Jeter.



Jayson Taytum, a 6-foot-7 shooting guard in the class of 2016, will be in Lexington tomorrow to play in the Goodfellas Pizzeria National Shootout hosted by Lexington Catholic. The #4 overall sophomore in 2016 and his squad will be playing the host of the tournament, Lexington Catholic, at 6:30 pm. He currently holds a scholarship offer from Kentucky.

-After two-a-days for nine consecutive days, the basketball Cats finally enjoyed a day off today after a brief, hour-long meeting to discuss schemes. John Calipari was happy to give a day of rest to his players after the work they’ve been putting forth during the past week. “They deserve a day off. I’m proud of the progress,” Coach Cal tweeted Friday morning. “They’re all learning to deal with the grind of becoming a better team and a better player.”

-Speaking of Coach Calipari and Twitter, he later logged on to share his vision of what this team can become by season’s end. I, for one, am glad to see free throws becoming a key focus for this group.



-I’m sure you know this, but Kentucky Sports Radio isn’t the only Kentucky sports blog in the world, not by a long-shot. But every once and again, someone else around the Kentucky blogosphere knocks one out of the park and we must tip our cap and acknowledge their work. Today’s tip of the cap goes to Dakari Johnson who blogged his thoughts on Topics included the victory over Louisville, the environment in Rupp Arena, and how the team is coming together.

-Finally, current Kentucky commit Stanley “Boom” Williams took home the overall MVP honors at the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. He took to Twitter after the game to give Big Blue Nation a message it desperately needed to hear.



Article written by Jonathan Schuette

11 Comments for Matt Elam’s Saturday News & Views

  1. Lil c
    11:16 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    I like how gets off the blocks. Eyes always in the backfield. Once he gets those big meat hooks on you, you are stuck like fly paper. But…. He won’t be able to manhandle most of the Centers in college like he does in H.S. Well, at least I think he won’t. He’ll definitely have to shed a few pounds and get a little quicker. I bet he’s naturally strong. With that said, it’s hard to teach 6’5 350lbs!! Be an awesome pick up if he commits tomorrow! Go Cats!

  2. Will See
    11:30 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    A guy I went to H.S. with was a shtud linebacker. Way before all this ranking stuff….and KSR….and, frankly, both Louisville and Kentucky were relatively weak. He was not a student. Congenial fella who, like Elam, appears smug. And, in school, he was progressed – to graduation. Then, he promptly flunked out, actually quit football. Every Elam photo I’ve seen reminds me.

    Matt Elam, good luck – wherever you sign. And dig.

  3. Brett
    11:49 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    “Pull a John Calipari”? If anything, Calipari “pulls” a Nick Saban. Last time I checked Cal was the one who has asked Saban for recruiting advice on multiple occasions.

    • Plenty
      12:18 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      That’s him being humble if that actually happened. They are in two different sports that are totally different when it comes to recruiting. They also recruit totally different, Saban running it like a business and Cal treating it more like a close knit family. Saban has no personality and Cal is all personality. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Jonathan Schuette
      12:36 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      Number of five star players landed by Calipari and Saban in 2013’s recruiting class according to Rivals:

      Saban – 4
      Calipari – 6

      Maybe ol’ Sabe should be asking for the advice.

    • ^^
      2:40 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      You can’t be serious.

  4. Mark
    1:14 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

    @Plenty: cal repeats the same 2-3 points over and over again in literally every single interview he does. “we’re everyone’s super bowl”, “if you want to shoot 30 balls a game don’t come here”, “anthony davis took the 5th most shots on the team and he was the 1st pick and michael gilchrist took the 4th most shots and was the 2nd pick.” not exactly mr. personality and not exactly keeping things fresh. I agree on saban though. i remember listening to cal on espn radio and he said that saban was “like a laser” and his focus was unreal. i mean the guy forgot his own birthday because he was prepping for lsu for crying out loud!

    • Pawn star
      1:44 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      What else does he need to say that would get the same points across??

    • Plenty
      1:57 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      I’m sure that isn’t all he says, but they are quality points. He lets them know first hand before they come that they aren’t going to be THE superstar here, but they don’t have to be. They just need to show progress and will compete. I’m not knocking Saban, but Cal recruits nothing like him. He plays a father figure to the kids, Saban plays a boss type role to the players. Honestly, with the difference in number of players, it probably works best that way. They are both great recruiters, but are nothing alike. Cal is doing just fine without Saban’s advice.

    • Plenty
      2:01 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

      And, I have met him in person and listen to him speak all the time. He spoke to a small class of mine at UK. He definitely has a lot of personality. Pure swagger. Listen to Saban speak! He sounds like a robot, he doesn’t seem to enjoy life. The win the NC and he is still even kill.

  5. Do whut?
    7:50 am January 4, 2014 Permalink

    Couldn’t Smith’s and Lattimore’s long time plan just be to commit together regardless of school. Maybe just a pipe dream but I’m holding out hope.