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Matt Elam gets advice from former Alabama star

matt elam with coaches

Matt Elam tweeted about talking to a former Alabama star this afternoon.

Matt Elam T Cody

Terrence “Mount” Cody currently plays nose tackle for the Ravens and he played for Alabama for the 2008 and 2009 season. The 6-5 and 372 pound Elam has been a prime focus of Alabama football because they want to groom him to the player they once had in Mount Cody.

No one knows what is going on it Elam’s mind but him, so take the tweet however you will. However, I can tell you he hasn’t forgotten about Kentucky fans either. Elam retweeted a few Kentucky fans afterwards.

One thing is for sure, Elam has perfected the art of playing mind games.


Article written by Courtney Hessler

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58 Comments for Matt Elam gets advice from former Alabama star

  1. ibleedblue
    6:23 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Go to bama quit playing games

    • BamalovesElam
      11:16 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      Yes come to BAMA. I cant understand why ya’ll are hating on this kid because hes enjoying the recruiting process. Why wouldnt he? He gets treated like a king every were he goes. Id take full advantage of it if i was him too. I dont get why ya’ll really care its not like if he comes to Kentucky that ya’ll will win more than 6 or 7 games !!!! Ya’ll are basketball not football. So whats the big deal? Alabama is football. Almost to a semi pro college. Let him come to a football college win a nat. Championship and be in the NFL in 3 years. Everybody cant be a football powerhouse like Alabama is. And Alabama aint a basketball powerhouse. I could careless about Alabama basketball recruits leaving the state for a better college state. So why do ya’ll care that Elam leaves a non football college to come to Bama. If he does he does. If he dont he dont but one things for sure we want him in Tuscaloosa. Come on Matt. Mount Matt. We love you. !!!!

    • Mr. Self Destruct
      11:32 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      Um, bama dude, we really don’t care where he goes. Did you read any of these responses? We are all just tired of his drama. We were fine with whatever until Jan. 4. Thats when he effed up. UK football won’t miss him, neither will Bama. Know why? He’s not a game changer.

  2. brandon
    6:23 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Elam would be a HUGE get and have a massive impact during his time here. I rarely get sick of hearing about upcoming recruits but I have reached the point where I could care less what goes on in his daily swing of bs recruiting info! He is nothing like every other great recruit who has waited until the last minute to decide. All he does is take one night of pics in full gear raving about one program and then changes clothes and does it again with the other program. Yes I want him here but I could seriously care less about stroking that ego anymore. He is the first recruit I HAVE EVER made a comment about so blast me if you want but I’ve heard enough info on him that means absolutely nothing.

    • Elwood Blues
      8:25 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      Oh? You COULD care less?

  3. Grammar Police
    6:23 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    I Could Really Do Without Elam Capitalizing Every Single Word In His Tweets. Does He Realize How Painful This Is To Look At? Tweets Are Not Book Titles.

    • BamalovesElam
      8:46 am January 21, 2014 Permalink

      ELAM WOULD BE DOUBLE TEAMED EVERY SNAP. JUST LIKE CODY!!!! WHEN OUR STRENGTH COACH GETS THRU WITH HIM. Was that all caps? Dang ELAM you got me doing it. Come on down to BAMA and get that #16 Nat. Champ. Ring !!!!!! Can i get a AMEN Kentucky Folk??

  4. Kristen Geil's Abs
    6:34 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Alabama is probably going to get him, and he’s a great kid and a hell of a player. Having said that, this is getting old.

  5. Big Dave
    6:39 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Matt Elam takes trolling to a whole new level.

  6. Catlogic15
    6:46 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    I assume Mount Cody didn’t tell Elam to go to Kentucky.

    Way to rub it in, Drama Queen.

  7. Is Matt Elam bigger than Jesus?
    6:48 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    No? Then quit treating him like he is, KSR.

    • L1C5
      8:20 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      I don’t know, Jesus doesn’t look a pound over 160. Elam is like 370.

  8. dj
    6:50 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Well 4 I’m willing to agree and concede on all points. If he wants Alabama then go there. Either way make a decision. Besides if he was really that great of a person he wouldn’t be dragging this out like he has. Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I think kids should stay in state if they can. I was never good enough in any sport to wear Kentucky blue but I’d gave anything for that opportunity at one time. Just saying. He has the opportunity to go represent his state. I don’t understand the hesitation. Doesn’t matter where he plays he’s still going pro someday. And he needs to talk to Tim Couch. About how UK takes care of there own and the fact he can’t play football forever.

  9. Shooter
    6:55 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Am I the only one that thinks this guy is just a big softy?? Just watch his highlights not athletic at all..

    • mashburnfan1
      12:57 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      I agree and have said same thing on here may times. Also to the post comments actually he has perfected two things.
      1. playing mind games 2. buffets

  10. Mike13w
    6:57 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Dear KSR Staff,

    Please read the comments and realize that your entire readership is sick of hearing about the overweight DT from recruit from KY. Just stop giving the kid extra publicity.

    • L1C5
      8:22 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      Dear Mike13w,

      If you don’t like a post, it isn’t difficult to scroll past it.

    • Elwood Blues
      8:28 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      L1C5, there’s a comment section for a reason. People voice their opinions here. It’s a Hell of a lot easier to scroll past a comment than it is a post, so why don’t you take your own advice.

    • Ukfan
      12:57 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

      ditto elwood

  11. NBAjam
    6:57 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Unlike Barker and the rest of the great recruits we have this year, Elam seems to be ALL about himself. I don’t know the kid, so I don’t want to be a hater (go where you’ll be successful kid), BUT all that he does seems to show that in the long run he may not be the kind of kid you want on the team. Athletic freak-Head case. And we know where Head Cases end up-Carruth-style.

  12. kes
    7:01 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    im about sick of this 400 pound drama queen. go to bama, kentucky, notre dame, new mexico wherever the hell you want. just do it and STFU

  13. Rod Rhodes
    7:01 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Someone please create a Matt Elam parody account on twitter. So much material to work with — would be comedic gold!

  14. Hal
    7:04 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    if you think elam is 370lbs in that picture than marrow, peveto & schlarman are all over 300 lbs too…..

  15. coldspringmike
    7:11 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    A rude awakening awaits no matter where he ends up. When he starts butting heads with guys just as big, just as good and more athletic. Funny what his initials spell. ME.

  16. Insider
    7:17 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    You all are way over analyzing this recruitment. There are way better players we are recruiting and have already have committed, yet we give so much attention to this one player that arguably could be a working process. Now every Kentucky fan thinks that since he has this much hype, much like our basketball players, that he will come in and immediately make an impact and be a stud. That doesn’t happen at the nose tackle position and especially not this specific nose tackle. I will go back to one moment and that is Nick Roush’s fighting Colts of DeSales held Matt to very few tackles and beat his team… DESALES. Carry on.

  17. party doll
    7:17 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Um, he’s not playing mind games with me. I don’t care what he does, says, or where he plays ball. I was done with him two weeks ago. I wasn’t going to post, but KSR, please stop telling us every time this kid farts. Don’t care.

  18. LA
    7:18 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    He’s goin to alabama with a banjo on his knee, he wont go to kentucky cause we aint good in the sec…….

  19. bobofky
    7:21 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    He’s a big overgrown kid, so what do you expect? Obviously Ky people are already tired of his antics. So be it.

  20. SP
    7:57 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Just dont hold it against him when he comes home on breaks from Tuscaloosa.

    This site helped run him off.

    There is no way Alabama internet nerds are smothering him the way we have. Hes just a run of the mill prospect down there.

    • L1C5
      8:24 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      That’s ridiculous to blame this site. That makes zero sense. If you haven’t noticed, the kid craves attention. No way he wants to me a run of the mill prospect.

    • L1C5
      8:25 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink


  21. BBN
    8:03 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Man a week without comments about Elam would be nice. I’m sure the kid is a good player, but there are also several other good players out there. Does anyone remember Dennis Johnson back in the 90’s? He was supposed to be the second coming, and did have a decent career, but not near the acclaim he came in with. Big believer in level of competition in high school player goes against. Playing against 200 lb linemen in high school kid should dominate at that size. Care more about o-linemen we get. Best of luck to him wherever he goes, but this is downside of social media. Sometimes it would be nice to go back to old days of paper cats pause with weekly updates instead of daily updates when player posts every 15 minutes, and then a site posts about it.

  22. bigblueincincy
    8:04 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    who really cares where this guy ends up? He’s soft, non athletic and a dime a dozen player. Really hoping he goes to Alabama.

  23. Kindergarden Not High School
    8:11 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    No doubt “Bama” has been a dynasty in football, but as history has shown all dynasties at some point fall. Is this the beginning for the “tide” to lose its “roll”? After all look at the last 2 games. If fans had their way a game should never be lost. (Note: Look at the faces of those Bama fans in the last 2 games). So if this “dynasty” is do great, why would a coach leave for a lateral job at another school? Texas and Charlie Strong vs Bama and Nick Saban, guess the coaches can sense this as well. Its been 1 yr since Mark Stoops arrived in the #BBN, and look at the job he has accomplished. Of course in building a dynasty, you will have ups and downs and will take time, Cannot think of a more exciting time to be a part of something so dynamic and exciting and a part of home. A tweet last week asked to check the number of Bama players in the NFL. Surprisingly its only Bama 30 to UK 11. and considering the program UK Football has had shows perhaps its the player not the school the NFL signs to a contract. I agree with several of the other comments this drama is getting old, but sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side….just be nice to be a part of a begining dynasty instead of wiping up after one falls apart

    • What are you talking about?
      9:49 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      “If this dynasty is so strong why would a coach make a lateral move?”
      -Uh, Saban didn’t leave Alabama. And what does Charlie Strong have to do with that? Texas is a huge step up from Louisville, so that’s not a lateral move.

      “I guess the coaches can sense this as well”
      -Can sense what? You aren’t making sense. Try again

    • Kindergarten not High School
      8:00 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

      What am I talking about?…If you follow the current news

      -Uh, Saban didn’t leave AL…..No one said he did…

      1.Alabama defensive line Coach Chris Rumph has left AL to join Charlie Strong’s staff at Texas
      Yes I agree Texas a big step up for Charlie Strong…but for Coach Rumph to have a lateral
      job replacement from Coach Saban to Coach Strong…makes you wonder WHY

      2.OC Doug Nussmeier left for Michigan
      Another lateral move…

      3.Sense What?…That AL may be on a downward spiral, as I previously said.Every Dynasty comes to an end sometime…is now the time for AL?

  24. 2 and 10
    8:50 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    If winning matters, he won’t go to doormat U.

    • BBN
      8:56 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      Get off the site troll – petrino’s bent you all over four times and he’s going to do it again.

    • Question
      9:46 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      The entire college football world thinks UK is a joke. Why do you billies always assume it’s a Louisville fan making fun of you?

    • BBN
      10:07 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

      Only tards and Hoosiers troll this site. Go back to petrino – he wants some more sloppy seconds with you.

  25. Ohh
    9:36 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    Yeah Elam his words of wisdom r u need to loss 80 pounds to fat f. U c ker

  26. dan
    9:44 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    You’re right SP. It’s all KSR’s and UK fans fault. We ran him off. And if that’s really the case and he really goes to Alabama based on this site and the fans comments then good riddance.

    • big dave
      10:44 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink


  27. JBCat
    11:05 pm January 18, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t think SP is that far off base.
    KSR is the only site I know of that freely allows “disguised” or open fans of enemy schools come over and lob insults, misinformation, flames, etc. on their comment boards with very little consequence.

    I mean, we are talking about a highly rated lineman–many of which KY does not possess–that Nick Saban is heavily recruiting. So the best coach in college football has it all wrong here, huh? This is a guy from the state that has a high interest in our program that we traditionally would have a hard time even getting an official visit from.
    Then our “fans” turn their noses up at him because he is a”drama queen” or “overweight”?! Come on. This is a 17-18 y.o. kid we are talking about. It’s stupid and obvious mudslinging.

    Matt isn’t a fool. He knows 80%-90% of these negative posts are Alabama or UL fans, and that another 5% are spoiled KY bball fans that think we can get any player we want.

    • Beavis
      10:27 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      Well done. You can almost tell which posts are UK fans and which are the trolls. If Saban wants him,,,,then we need him big time.

  28. bige
    12:05 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    He’ll be moved to OLine if he goes to Bama. They just want him for another 5star backup that litters their sideline and he won’t have a chance to get good playing every down like he would at UK.

    He will play a lot of DL at UK but won’t be effective until his 2nd or 3rd year. Great feet, terrible technique, and very stiff.

    • mashburnfan1
      2:27 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

      that fat body could not play every down in the SEC anyways

  29. Move on
    8:33 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Elam is a social media glory hound. We don’t need this type of prima doña at UK when we’re trying to build a foundation for the future. This guy is all about feeding his gut and his ego.

  30. Steve
    8:34 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Fat doesn’t equal muscle, ever notice how his knees cave in when he stands. His feet are spread out wider than his knees. I don’t think he’ll last 4 years before his knees give out. I think he is too lazy to hit the gym. I see another Mister Cobble, who doesn’t seem to do a whole lot either. I say best of luck to him, but there is more to this class than him.

  31. Paladin
    9:02 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Elam spells MAN with two N’s?? I wonder if he has a CATT or a DAWGG?? He loves the spotlight, and will second guess himself wherever he ends up.

  32. rex wore 3
    9:38 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    First, I do hope Matt Elam picks UK in the end. But, he has to do what is best for his career. He will undoubtedly have an opportunity to win a championship and develop with other highly recruited players. We live in a age of twitter, 24/7 news cycle, and other media formats. The media has altered how a h.s. player is recruited. So the process has made a recruit more available to the public than in the past. However, these guys are young and sometimes immature. Yes, some like the attention and spotlight. So I’m not necessarily faulting these players, but the parents need to step in and monitor how their kid is “handling” the recruiting. That includes visits, phone calls, e-mails, twitter and the like. Good luck to Matt and I hope he chooses wisely.

  33. Ambassador
    11:17 am January 19, 2014 Permalink

    I just elected myself President of the I hope he goes to Alabama club. Maybe the uk coaching staff can quit kissing his a..
    you don’t see any current players giving a da.. About him.
    He is a cancer to the future of our program.

  34. Jess Sayin
    12:52 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Cody is an overweight, overrated cretin whose defensive production has decreased every season he has been in the NFL. So yeah, I can see where he and the Elam kid would have plenty in common.

  35. UKSoCal
    1:10 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Weird, when I was in college, any contact with a recruit, beyond just saying “hello”, by an alumni or booster during a recruiting trip was a violation.

  36. Wilbur
    1:22 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

    Elam!s mind needs to catch up to his body if that’s even possible. Go to Bama fool most Kentucky fans are tired of your bullshit and no longer care. Take your coaches and groupies with you.

    • Tripod
      2:41 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

      A story about the former uk players playing in playoff games are on the same page as this guy. Quit insulting the bbn. Go south to Alabama!

  37. DerbyDemon
    2:37 pm January 19, 2014 Permalink

    This is kinda’ like when UK (and lots of others) ranted about the other big guy (at the time) from Harrodsburg, a/k/a Dennis Johnson. He supposedly had it all, but in the end he was as big a bust as I can remember. I (and MANY others on this website) have stated before: he was never ours to lose in the first place.

  38. Justafan
    1:13 pm January 20, 2014 Permalink

    If Elam doesn’t want to be at Kentucky with all his mind and heart, let him go and don’t worry about it. He wouldn’t be any use to us anyway, people who are there for selfish reasons won’t stand tall when the pressure is on anyway. Doesn’t make him a bad person, but we need everyone who suits up to be 100 percent Kentucky football. Its like being a little bit pregnet, you are or your not.