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Marques Bolden plans to announce Sunday


According to Krysten Peek of, Marques Bolden will announce his decision on his 18th birthday this coming Sunday. He told her TCU is still in the mix with Kentucky and Duke.

It’s almost over, finally.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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25 Comments for Marques Bolden plans to announce Sunday

  1. Twick39
    11:00 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

    Is it just me or does it always seem like we miss on the kids who wait till the last minute when they are deciding between big schools? I hope I eat crow on this, but just an observation.

    • BigBlue420
      11:29 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

      I completely agree with the exception of Murray and probably forgetting one. Even Jones picked Washington originally

    • StuckinLville
      12:14 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      5/14/07 Lucas commits to Florida
      5/16/07 Patterson commits to Kentucky
      5/06/08 Bledsoe commits to Kentucky
      5/20/09 Wall commits to Kentucky
      5/20/10 Jones commits to Kentucky
      4/12/12 Muhammad commits to UCLA
      4/12/12 Noel commits to Kentucky
      4/15/13 Wiggins commits to Kansas
      4/16/15 Zimmerman commits to UNLV
      4/27/15 Ingram commits to Duke
      4/28/15 Diallo commits to Kansas
      5/2/15 Brown commits to California
      6/24/15 Murray commits to Kentucky

      Minus Igram, the rest clearly made the wrong decision.

    • StuckinLville
      12:14 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      And Wiggins

    • Twick39
      8:00 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Big blue 420 I wouldn’t consider oregon a big basketball school

    • Sarahvah
      8:30 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      I forgot it took Murray that long to announce, dang.

    • @CaytsCaytsCayts
      10:11 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Oregon went further than we did this year

    • StuckinLville
      12:36 pm April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Yeah but its Oregon and they should have not been a 1 seed. You think Murray would have been prepared for the NBA if he went there? I doubt it.

  2. billybobthorton
    11:28 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

    who cares? remember all the articles about where will andrew wiggins go as i remember ksr wrote over 200 articles on him and you know what he didn’t come to kentucky

  3. kennycat
    11:43 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

    This kid is struggling with his decision, I think that is good for us. Watch his interview at the beginning of the Jordan Brand Classic. I believe he may go with his gut and not with mom. A man can hope! He sorta looks like a Dookie though, Ughhh! Come to Kentucky!

    • Bobbum Man
      11:52 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

      Agreed… I think he is kinda torn, Will be interesting to see but I won’t get my hopes up.

  4. Loother
    11:53 pm April 15, 2016 Permalink

    My sources say Dook…

    • Ken Grizzle
      10:25 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Bath Room stalls aren’t very reliable s

  5. RealCatsFan
    12:13 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    Nerlens had us on the edge of out seats until the very moment of his famous announcement. A lot of people thought he was going to Georgetown.

    • Megan
      11:31 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Being from the Georgetown area, I can certainly vouch for that. And like Maryland knowing they were going to get the Harrison Twins, Georgetown fans had a ton of arguments to support getting the player they wanted.

      All the speculation was a waste of time. As it is now with Bolden. We’ll know with certainty tomorrow, so let’s be patient and find something else to waste our time on.

  6. GroundControlToNumber9
    1:06 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    If he comes to Kentucky he’ll know half ‘The League’.

    If he goes to Duke he’ll know half of Durham.

    • Patches
      9:26 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      Not sure what you mean here by ” The League”.

    • Sarahvah
      9:54 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      the NBA you nut. 1 year of “education” at Duke (or anywhere else) doesn’t amount to jack. Remember Okafor’s favorite class was analyzing Disney movies.

  7. Patches
    9:25 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    This is a kid making a judgement on where his future is to be shaped. If the NBA is his main goal in life he comes to UK, if he wants a great education for 1 yr. he goes to Duke. If he wants the recognition and fame of a big time player he goes to Duke, after all playing in the SEC is nothing like playing in the ACC. If he wants a crybaby for a coach he goes to Duke and if he wants the best developer of talent in the college game he goes to UK. The choice is clear to me but again he is a kid being influenced by others.

    • donjohnson
      10:04 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      I agree with everything you said….except going to duke because ACC. the sec is weak……however no one gets more coverage than uk . With that all said he should be able to start at uk. The ONLY reason to go to duke is better education unless he feels like their recruits are better than ours and he has better chance of winning in his one season there

    • Megan
      11:44 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

      What is the difference between a star basketball player’s freshman year of education at Duke and Kentucky? You’re taking a certain number of credit hours in subjects that make up a core curriculum and spending the rest of your time with a basketball. I believe Duke generally has a smaller student-teacher ratio, but I reject the notion that players are better educated in any material way if they attend Duke for a year.

      If you want to talk about four years of education and graduate school, I’ll agree because Duke is one of our nation’s top schools. Not that Kentucky isn’t in certain areas.

  8. KevinM
    10:21 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    The only question Bolden has to answer is does he want to play in everyone else’s Super Bowl?

    I can’t imagine ‘his’ choice would be to play with the ‘tripper’?

    Jackson getting hurt last night sure didn’t help Duke’s chances with him.

  9. Ken Grizzle
    10:38 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    Better Education?? He will be in school one year!!! Last time I checked a “better education” at dUKe or anywhere else, for that matter, takes at least 3 years. Going to Durham ensures him a broadcasting job with ESPN after his playing career or makes it worth his while in other ways. He seems like a fine young man who is really too good to be a pUKie.

  10. Megan
    11:50 am April 16, 2016 Permalink

    Bolden has no bad choice here. He’s deciding between the two best programs in the country. There is no wrong answer!