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Making History’s Saturday Night News and Views

Photo UK Athletics

Photo UK Athletics

Photo UK Athletics

For the first time in school history, a Kentucky men’s basketball team has started the season with 12 straight double-digit wins. A few weeks ago, the Cats took down a top-10 Kansas team, a program rich with history and tradition, and completely annihilated them by 32 points in which was before today the best performance of a team this season. We all thought we wouldn’t see a performance like that again this season, but here we are tonight, coming off a 39 point win over another blue-blood powerhouse, UCLA. The Bruins have the most national championships in the history of college basketball, but today the Cats made them look like a 6th grade JV squad.

Experts around the nation are now calling today the most impressive performance of a team this season, as the Cats jumped out to a 24-0 lead (yes this looks like a football score, no this is not a typo). With UK continuing to look like a team leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, the question arises: just how great is this Kentucky team, and how many historic performances like this will we see this season? These games against Kansas and UCLA are games that will talked about decades from now, and with Louisville the most talented and hyped-up game remaining on the schedule for Kentucky in the regular season (sorry SEC), what will we see next week against the Cards?

With a rivalry game on the road, I wouldn’t personally expect to see such a beatdown, but this version of the Cats seems unlike one I have ever witnessed. Intense. Consistent. Athletic. Talented, and just downright scary. Only time will tell, but savor this moment right now Big Blue Nation.

Wildcats Dominated in Epic Fashion

It was over from the moment Aaron Harrison swished in his first 3-pointer. Kentucky completely out-classed the Bruins from UCLA almost instantaneously, and didn’t even look tired doing so #platoons. You all know the stats by know, many of which are hard to even comprehend when you read about them on paper. UCLA was held to record-low SEVEN points at halftime as Kentucky strengthened their bid to be the best defensive team in college basketball history.

An Actual Shot of UCLA During Today’s Game

Coach Alford Praised Kentucky

UCLA’s Coach Alford joined the Kentucky praise train today, because if ya can’t beat em: join em, right? In his post-game press conference Alford put UK on high, saying “I don’t know in my 20 years coaching at the Division I level that I’ve coached against a better team that what this team looks like.”

In regards to the whole undefeated discussion? Count him in. “If they continue to play at that level defensively, I’m a firm believer they’ve got a chance to run this thing out. They’re that good. They’re that talented.”

Kentucky Women Face Tough Test on the Road

The 8th ranked and 10-1 Kentucky women’s basketball team plays a nationally contested road game tomorrow afternoon as the Cats are in Durham to face the 13th ranked Duke Blue Devils. Duke got the best of UK last season in Rupp Arena, in front of the largest crowd for a women’s basketball game in school history. Led by Elizabeth Williams, the Blue Devils are a monster team, with big post players inside that tower over Kentucky, but they are just 7-3 on the season, losing to both SEC schools they have played: Texas A&M and South Carolina. With senior leader Bria Goss out 4-6 with a broken thumb, Kentucky will have to step up defensively to control the Blue Devils in the paint and speed up the tempo against a talented team on the road. You can watch at 3:00 on ESPN2. 

Louisville Was Typical Louisville in Win over WKU

With the Cardinals next on the docket for Kentucky next Saturday, UofL struggled on the road against in-state rival Western Kentucky this afternoon. The Cards pulled away late for 76-67 win, but the real drama occurred late in the first half as Montrezl Harrell got involved in an on-court skirmish with a few Hilltoppers and ended up throwing a punch, resulting in a Flagrant-2 foul and ejection from the game. This led to Rick Pitino running out onto the floor, screaming at Coach Harper from WKU and also getting involved in a few arguments with WKU fans in the crowd. #L1Classy? Next week should be interesting…

Michigan State Shocked at Home

In what seems to be a common theme of Big 10 teams being upset at home, the 23rd ranked Spartans of Michigan State were beaten tonight in overtime by the previously 1-8 Texas Southern Tigers. As other schools have been up and down this season, Kentucky just keeps on rollin’…

Stay trill.


Article written by Wilder Treadway

KSR Alpha Class '12 #holla

11 Comments for Making History’s Saturday Night News and Views

  1. Rixter
    10:39 pm December 20, 2014 Permalink

    How far does Louisville drop in the polls next week after an 18 point home court loss to UK?

    • BigBlueSkyDog
      8:45 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

      Just 18? Even with Harrell, Louisville did not impress.

      There are teams UK fans dislike (Duke, North Carolina) but respect. Then there are programs (Louisville, Indiana) whose coaches, players, and fans are so beneath contempt you can’t even respect them. I’m often asked by people out of state why I’m not a UL fan and pull against them no matter who they play. I respond that if they lived here just one year, they’d know why. Well in the last month, their thug football players start a fight in the pregame warmups after being egged on by their deranged coach and now this incident with WKU shows that Fiftino is equally deranged.

      A UL fan once tweeted me that he was “embarrassed to share the state with a bunch of inbred hicks” like me. He has no idea.

  2. Casper
    11:15 pm December 20, 2014 Permalink

    with Trey starting are we not the tallest team ever? College? Pro? this defense is fun to watch!!!

  3. Casper
    1:41 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

    Making History: with Cal’s Cats starting to make a major NBA impact and Cal perfecting the ten super player platoon system, well you just have to wonder how much higher Cal can take us… He is a genius.

  4. syrin23
    1:46 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

    Willis deserves to be the 10th man in the platoon. He’s not much of a step down from Poythress. he’s a better shooter, much better passer, equal rebounder, and a worse defender. All in all it’s about the same. He had 3 blocks today in 11 minutes. HE’s earned his spot.

  5. millertime98
    4:46 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

    Wow, just wow. I really don’t know what can be said about that game and this team…but it’s 3 am and I’m wide awake and The Big Lebowski just started on IFC so I’ll take a shot:

    First, this team is awesome to watch and a lot of fun. It is amazing to see how all these guys have sacrificed for each other and for the good of the team. It is awesome to see guys like Wilbon and Gottlieb have to moonwalk their statements back and realize these are good kids who care about winning at the college level and trying to improve their draft stock. I think the biggest reason for this unselfishness and togetherness is the influx of Towns and Ulis. If these guys were ball hogs or had bad attitudes the whole dynamic changes. Having a stud freshman and future lottery pick come in and not only mesh with his teammates but by all accounts be a fantastic human being is something that does not come along very often. And Ulis, hold on “OVER THE LINE!!!” I love this movie. ok, having a backup point guard like Tyler be able to come in and change the game so dramatically and yet accept his role is amazing and doesn’t happen often either. The point guard is often the coach on the floor. This is something that can be tough for a freshman, especially when coming into a team coming off a run like UK did last year AND returning so many players from that team. This is a huge factor. The players around him have to trust the point guard like a quarterback. They seem to love him because they know if they hustle, he’ll get them the ball in the best chance to score.

    Second, everyone wants to compare this team to other teams. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s just to say that “well if they are like the 96 team then they will for sure win the title!” The 96 was better, in my opinion but it was a different time. Players stuck around, not only at UK but everywhere. Think about the big men we faced in that tourney: Marcus Camby, Tim Duncan, John Wallace all upper class men that today would have already been in the pros. Also, we had some pretty good upperclassmen to go with some stud freshman that season as well and I’d love to see a battle of of backups with Turner vs Tyler but I digress.

    Also, I haven’t enjoyed watching a team play defense since ’03 team. That team is one of my all time favorites because of how they played together. The funny thing is it almost all unraveled for me that season. Coming off of Team Turmoil and having watched Prince graduate without a FF even I, the staunch supporter of TUbby was not too optimistic. Then, over Thanksgiving they lost to Virginia in Maui. A few weeks later they beat UNC and I thought they turned the corner only to find out after the game that a player (Hayes?) told Fitch to forget what the coach called and just shoot. Even in victory it seemed Tubby couldn’t win. Then, they lost at home to an average Michigan State team while wearing shorts with belts. Shorts. With. Belts. A week later they beat Indiana in a crazy ending and the following week is when it hit the fan: Marvin effing Stone (RIP) and the Cards destroyed the Cats by 18 and it wasn’t even that close. Watching that game with my family over the HOlidays (in Indiana no less) made me furious. Not only did we lose but Rick Pitino took a former McDonald’s All American of Tubby’s and turned him into a jump shooting, rebound hungry player who looked a million times better. It wasn’t that Tubby didn’t win enough, it was that he didn’t develop players and his style of play was boring. I had to admit it. I didn’t know who would replace him but like a 10 dating a 6 without a job, I finally had to admit it wasn’t worth it anymore. Of course, that team decided to not lose again while becoming one of the best TEAMs I’ve seen play and I was back to defending Tubby and pretending the 2 and a half weeks between Louisville and the Vanderbilt game when UK put it all together didn’t happen. But I continue to digress.

    That team was smooth. That team executed to perfection on both sides of the court. They had fun players, they blew teams out without a lottery pick. This team is better. From day one this team is better.
    “Nice marmot.”

    Finally, This team may not win the title. They may not go undefeated. But I am going to sit back and enjoy this team like a squad that only comes around once a decade if we’re lucky even at a program like UK.
    Rejoice BBN!
    My coffee is getting cold and I have presents to wrap so I’ll stop writing. There is no way anyone who started reading this actually made it this far but if so I reward you with this: NSFW one bad word

    • rainman
      10:03 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

      Are we supposed to read all of this?


    • blubo
      10:44 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

      can i get this in cliff notes?

  6. 25OR624
    8:15 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

    DESTROY …….LOUISVILLE !!!!!!!!!

    • rainman
      10:05 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

      Hate to pck, but you misspelled LOSRVILLE!

      Your Welcome!

  7. gottodoit
    9:28 am December 21, 2014 Permalink

    Best comment I found regarding UK’s quick 24-0 start yesterday:

    “Look, I realize Kentucky’s up 24-0 on UCLA but it’s early. Still a three-possession game.” – Steve Greenberg