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Major League Baseball Proposing Fourth of July Return Without Fans

David Kohl | USA TODAY Sports

David Kohl | USA TODAY Sports

Hot Dogs. Fireworks. Baseball. America.

All four may unite in time for our nation to celebrate its 244th Independence Day.

Ken Rosenthal reports Major League Baseball owners have approved a plan that will begin the 2020 season. The plan will be submitted to the players’ union tomorrow. If approved, the Associated Press reports the delayed MLB season will begin “around Fourth of July weekend.”

The specifics of this plan are few and far-between, although there is one certainty: no fans will be in the stands. Major League Baseball’s proposal would restrict the schedule to about 82 games, with teams primarily playing regional opponents, regardless of the league. To even the playing field in a year that could feature extensive interleague play, the National League is expected to adopt the designated hitter rule.

At Kentucky Sports Radio, you’ll rarely hear us say nice things about baseball. I will take back all of the bad things I’ve ever said about America’s pastime if baseball is the first team sport to return from the coronavirus pandemic.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

12 Comments for Major League Baseball Proposing Fourth of July Return Without Fans

  1. Optional Facts
    4:15 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    The return of baseball to it’s glory day is upon us!

  2. 4everUKBlue
    4:46 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    So there are still ways to make baseball even more boring.

    • CrystalBall
      5:44 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

      That’s funny.

  3. ukkatzfan
    4:46 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    Hey Nick, Coach Minge would prefer you talk positive about baseball. Go BatCats Go !!!

  4. jim tom
    5:01 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    Andy won’t allow it

  5. LouisvilleNative
    5:34 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    No fans! So I won’t get to sit in 90° weather at 90% humidity & pay $14.00 for a 16 ounce beer. Dang it!

  6. Lip Man 1
    6:18 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    First off the MLBPA association will never agree to a revenue sharing proposal, not after they have already agreed in late March to pro rated salaries for this season and as the Nationals Sean Doolittle tweeted today until the powers that be can guarantee player (and family) safety there’s no way a number of players would take the risk.

    Like the other sports they are abandoning common sense because of the lust for money…in a 13 BILLION dollar a year industry.

    OK…we’ll see what happens when the first player, coach, trainer catches the virus. No one in MLB seems to be talking about that (which was another point Doolittle brought up)

    Look we can survive without any sports for a season, Christ this isn’t rocket science. Short term pain for long term gain as in the dampening down of this garbage until a vaccine is found.

    • nocode96
      6:32 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

      Could not agree more.

    • Corder
      8:44 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

      What if there is no vaccine? Do we give up altogether if that comes out.

  7. Racerr11
    7:07 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    I say open it up NOW should of never been halted. It’s pretty easy to see what’s going on and there is no proof social distancing does anything at all. Today was the day the governor ( Mr Rogers) ask people to wear a mask, I just came from a Neighborhood Market and it was about 50/50.

  8. espn8122
    8:10 pm May 11, 2020 Permalink

    Coronabros- let’s survive without sports for a season and lock it down.
    #Let’s continue to ruin America daily.
    # Let’s live in fear and hide sheltered daily.
    You pathetic b******* are going to ruin everyone’s life if allowed.