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Mac Jones Flips from Kentucky to Alabama




Ouch. This one hurts.

While climbing the recruiting rankings Mac Jones has decided to take his talents to Alabama. His statement:

Kentucky was only the third school to offer the pro-style quarterback.  As the offers and attention increased, he visited Lexington often and confidently pledged his allegiance for Kentucky, but the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play for Alabama was simply too much.

Best of luck Mr. Jones.  If you change your mind, our arms will remain open.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

88 Comments for Mac Jones Flips from Kentucky to Alabama

  1. KSR Spy
    8:16 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    If you want to know why people refuse to get their hopes up for UK football…this.

    • ^^^^^^ This, unfortunately.

    • WeareBBN
      10:22 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Or you can look at it as this staff knows talent…they offered the kid way before everyone else saw what he could do. Losing a kid t the best program in America is a reason to get your hopes up, never happened this often under other staffs. Only negative is the article wishing him the best….BS…he turned his back on us so I hope he fails miserably, gets recruited over, all bad things short of an injury {would not wish that on any player}.

    • Catphn3
      10:30 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Great comment. This is the most uk football recruitment ever… get your hopes up only to be let down. 2 top recruits in past 2 years to pick Alabama over uk, not going to win more games when your best in state talent continually leaves for alabama.

    • Ricky Blumpkin
      11:46 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Mac Jones is not from Kentucky.

  2. shelby
    8:17 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Gotta win to land the big fish. On the bright side, good chance he’ll get buried on the depth chart and recruited over.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      9:46 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Why would this be “bright”. You are probably a bad person.

    • Han
      11:04 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      While it’s uncouth to wish the kid has a bad career and gets buried in the depth chart, from a recruiting perspective, it would be a positive if he never shines there. Same goes for Damien Harris. Then our coaches can tell our highly-touted recruits not to believe the promises when Alabama comes trying to woo them away. You better believe our basketball rivals use it in recruiting whenever we have a 5-Star recruit who doesn’t immediately shine or who transfers for playing time.

  3. Twick39
    8:19 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink


  4. ky1988
    8:20 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Players need to learn what committed means. And loyalty.

  5. Tucker
    8:20 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    This one really hurts

  6. Well crap, that was quick. Didn’t they just offer a couple weeks ago or so?

  7. nybrasky
    8:29 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Damn. Figured it was likely at some point, but held out hope. Hope it works out for him – it’s still a very long road.

    “In the nine seasons Saban’s coached at Alabama, two of the quarterbacks signed as high school players became starters. AJ McCarron (2011-13) was followed by Blake Sims in 2014. In that span, 13 quarterbacks signed with the Tide.”

  8. DickieZ
    8:30 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    You’re dead to me.

  9. chicago_cat
    8:32 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Hope he never makes it to the e11

  10. PretendRyanLemond
    8:32 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    I was reading some Bama message boards and most of them aren’t happy. They’re worried that this will cause their other QB, who was the top performer at the Elite 11, to decommit and end up at USC.

  11. First Damie Harris, now this. I’m beginning to really hate the little Nick-tator. Well, I’m a Christian so I can’t hate. Strong dislike. Hate, or something. I don’t know. What’s my name?! (Uncle Leo) 😄

    • Blueblueblueblue
      9:47 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      But you got Elam…..

    • VinDatuk
      11:03 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Bluebkueblueblue you sanctimonious prick, when did you get graduate from Alabama…or Louisville? Move along, boy.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      7:19 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      VinDatuk, do you really use “boy” as a way to demean people? Are you sure you aren’t the one from Alabama circa 1950? Wow.

    • Han
      11:06 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      Just ignore blueblue. He’s trolling.

  12. whatwasthat
    8:43 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Mac will be a good college quarterback, tough to lose one of his caliber, but it is Bama. We do the same thing on the bb side all the time.
    That being said if anything on here was at the spring game they saw Hoak look confident in the pocket with quick feet and a good arm for a kid that was supposed to be in high school. Still sucks though, but it’s going to be up to Drew and the rest to change the perception, we just have to hope the coaches put them in a position to do so.

  13. ghost of whackamo
    8:55 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Now we know how other fan bases feel when Coach Cal swoops in and steals a recruit. Really can’t blame a kid for wanting to play with and for the best. UK football is what it is and when other higher profile schools come calling this can happen. Wish the kid luck and have faith Stoops and company will continue to recruit at a high level and we will start to see the fruits of their labor on the field.

    • chicago_cat
      9:10 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Idk, cal or basketball in general doesn’t seem to have the poaching culture that football does

  14. keiths
    8:57 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Who didn;t see this coming? we need to get back to recruiting Rich Brooks type players. 3 stars that are physically tough.

    • Corder
      9:08 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      He was a three star when he committed

    • Blueblueblueblue
      9:45 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      That requires developing players which Stoops has yet to prove he can do.

  15. hweathers
    9:06 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Knew it was gonna happen, but kids, well everybody, needs to look up word commitment and see what it really means. But with today’s society, all it means in any situation is “I’m with you until something better comes along”. And not just in sports.

  16. 3 fan
    9:19 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    I hate being a UK football fan. Disappointment is a way of life

    • ClutchCargo
      8:47 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      UK Football fan and Reds baseball fan here. Outside of UK basketball season, my life as a sports fan sucks balls.

  17. bcat
    9:30 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    I’m switching my commitment from some UK football to all UK basketball.

  18. BoogieDMC
    9:38 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Good for him. Now he’ll get recruited over ever year and we’ll land somebody we’ll like. Systems make QB’s.

  19. Blueblueblueblue
    9:41 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    First of all, to all you guys talking about what commitment means, do you not get that Coaches flip on players all the time during recruiting. Scholarship offers magically go away, kids get gray shirted, scholarship players get run out of programs. Talking about commitment in college football is absurd.

    Second, UK OC just subtweeted this kid a really weird quote. This is a really bad look for UK football. Ask the Texas A&M WR coach how this works out. Terrible.

  20. Tej
    9:55 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    It’s not hard to believe the tradition of Alabama
    turned this kid. UK does it in bball all the time.

    It’s impressive that UK’s coaches identified his
    talent before anyone else. I wish the kid well. Commitments
    mean little until signing day occurs. We’ve
    learned that.

    I would think the coaching staff did not put all
    its eggs in the Jones basket. There is probably
    a contingency plan.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      9:56 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      The very immature and sour grapes tweet from Hinshaw suggests otherwise. Other recruits will see this aggression and look elsewhere, ask Texas A&M.

    • Ricky Blumpkin
      12:01 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      How was Hinshaw’s tweet immature and sour grapes? Please expand on that comment.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      7:22 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      He is criticizing a 17 year old kid for changing his mind based on what he thinks is best for him and his future. Outside of a kid’s ability to chose schools, players have almost no control while they are playing college sports; they can be cut at any time, they can’t transfer without penalty, etc. For a coach to attack a kid just because he picked someone else is gross, especially given that there are a bunch of kids up at Cinci that Hinshaw recruited currently playing for someone else. I bet when they committed he told them he was committed to them. How’d that work out?

    • Ricky Blumpkin
      2:12 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink

      I saw no criticism. He posted a quote. And didn’t mention Jones, anywhere. Wrong again.

  21. WIN
    9:56 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Too skinny, no muscle at all…this kid is gonna get KILLED in the SEC no matter who he plays for. He will end up sitting back-up for Bama and he could’ve started for us, so we are better off in the end and he isn’t (because he will be a bench warmer).

    • Blueblueblueblue
      9:58 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

      Again, give me a kid that wants to compete for greatness and isn’t scared of being big time. If he had come to UK, I’d assume he was entitled / unwilling to compete (See: Elam / Barker)

  22. Ricky Blumpkin
    10:02 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    I hate football recruiting, I hate it.

  23. r-mel
    10:04 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Who cares we don’t need him. We will find a QB that bleeds blue and he will go sit the bench when the next 3 “QB all Americans” sign with Alabama. We are on a diff level we need to support the kids and QB that want to be at UK. Alabama is someone we should ignore we will never be Alabama and Who in BBN wants to be?! Best of luck to the kid but let’s move on.

  24. UKinIN
    10:04 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    A kid doesn’t start getting recruited for real until he commits. It’s the reality of college football. He doesn’t want to be here so let’s move on.

    11:25 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    Ul is still a lying, cheating, lowlife, hooker and drug infested armpit for losers.all their players, students and fans suck ass and smell of cheap whores.

  26. CATilactica
    11:49 pm June 7, 2016 Permalink

    What does it matter that UK got on this kid early? If the big dogs are calling he’s going there. It’s human nature. UK football is UK football, always will be. Just like last years class, fell apart drip drip drip. Score a touchdown from the 1 yard line and maybe we can keep a recruit.

  27. Linda Schnitz
    12:48 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Keep calm, Kash, Landon, and Drake is on there way

    • Blueblueblueblue
      7:25 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      Landon Young will be an All American. The other two are overhyped and are unlikely to turn into big time players.

    • BoogieDMC
      8:43 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      You obviously haven’t seen them play. Go back to you U of L board.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      2:39 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink

      Time will tell. I’ve seen all three play. Young is head and shoulders better than the other two or any other play on UK’s offense.

  28. Angelo
    1:18 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Bring back Bear Bryant!! Dig up his DNA and clone him.

  29. scorpiocard
    6:54 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Why its not such a big deal to hold onto a recruit when Bama comes calling, U of L did it with Puma Pass. uk did it with Fatt Elam. I guess if they are really any good they would absolutely not go to uk though. You have to not suck to hold onto the really good ones like Pass when Bama comes around.

    I see a lot of posts wishing the kid ill will. Such a large portion of the uk fan base are such losers as people. You don’t see that on U of L sites, or sites of other schools for that matter (yes I read football news on other schools web sites too). What a sorry bunch so many uk fans are. Sad.

    • Booby Petrino
      8:30 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      This sad sack of sh*t trolling again. You know what’s pathetic? That you think the KSR comment section is a large portion of the UK fan base. UK has more fans than the 50 or so who comment on here. Most UK fans don’t even read KSR, yet alone comment. Most don’t tweet recruits, most don’t Facebook recruits. You’re dumb enough to think that the majority of an extremely large fan base uses social media to bash recruits or other players. Good lord, get a life. We don’t know what the hell UofL sites are talking about because we don’t care. Your concern for everything UK would be nice if it weren’t so pathetic.

    • Booby Petrino
      8:33 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      btw, if you’re going to generalize the UK fan base by the actions of a few, then your UofL fan base is no better. You idiots threatened a high school kid’s life because he posted a pic with L’s down. Teddy bear wearing a UK shirt with a gun pointed at him and some stupid threat…remember that? Louisville is the only fan base who would get that trashy.

    • scorpiocard
      8:51 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      Booby probably unlike you, I actually went to uk. Back in the 70s. I grew up in Louisville as a fan of both schools. Going to uk is what cemented me as a U of L fan. I could not fathom the hate and racism I heard directed at U of L when I was a student at uk (I am caucasian), and they were not even playing each other back then. It wasn’t as much from the student body, although it happened with them too, as it was the uneducated rednecks in Lexington. In addition to that I owned and ran a very popular sports bar in Louisville for 11 years. I know more about the uk AND U of L fan bases than you could dream about.

    • scorpiocard
      9:03 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      And I never said it was “most” uk fans. I know most uk fans are good and reasonable people. The problem with uk is that minority that is not is rather large. Geez man your fan base has a national reputation for it. Just look at any of the half dozen polls on ridiculous fan bases. Yours is ranked in the top 5 in all of them. Often #1. And no its not because people are “jealous” of uk. You all need to get over youselves. For most of the country football is the #1 college sport. Not basketball.

  30. meeksfor3
    8:14 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Well this probably shocked no one. With that said Saban and Kiffin can kiss my pasty white rear end.

  31. Sentient Third Eye
    8:24 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Mac Jones is using the recruiting system that was dealt him, and he should not be criticized for using it to his own perceived benefit. If he should be criticized for anything, it’s hyperbole. His months of endless “I’m committed 100%” is what set UK fans up for a fall.

    Perhaps the key is to get rid of commitments entirely. Coaches could still get unofficial “pledges” from kids (which would be worth about the same as today’s commitments), but it would be a more honest system. Calling something a “commitment” without any strings is dishonest. As Freddie said yesterday, fault the system.

    • ClutchCargo
      8:58 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      Well said. In all honesty, this decommittment doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when a kid strings us along right up until signing day and then says that he has known in his heart for months what he was going to do, all while accepting free UK basketball tickets on visits and basking in the fans’ attention.

  32. dshwildcats
    9:07 am June 8, 2016 Permalink


    “Landon Young will be an All American. The other two are overhyped and are unlikely to turn into big time players.”

    Thanks for your analysis! You do realize that the “overhyped” Kash Daniel had Louisville as one of his three finalists (Kentucky and South Carolina were the other two) when making his decision, don’t you?? So, apparently Petrino and the Louisville coaching staff thought that Daniel was good enough to play for an elite program Louisville!

    • scorpiocard
      9:26 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

      dsh I agree Kash would seem to have legitimate potential, but it’s hard to tell with him playing in eastern Kentucky. No real competition.

      But what about the horrible track record of player development in Stoops’ system? There seems to be no discipline or accountability for the players. Howe does a player like Elam stay so fat and out of shape? Why is he not told to commit to personal discipline and development or lose his scholarship? Why are so many uk players getting in trouble? You lIke to call U of L players “thugs”, but U of L must have the most well behaved “thugs” on the planet. And uk must have the worst behaved choir boys on the planet. LOL!!!

    • Blueblueblueblue
      2:41 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink

      I think it’s more likely that Petrino offered him as a way to get a foot hold in eastern ky and not alienate that section of the state. I’m sure he’d have taken him if Kash accepted, but I think it’s clear that UofL didn’t push that hard to get him.

  33. CB3UK
    9:09 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    I’d much rather we got the football commitments than the basketball ones.

  34. onsides
    9:27 am June 8, 2016 Permalink


  35. ukkatzfan
    9:37 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Are you 100% committed to this team? to a junior or senior in high school is not a fair question. What do you want them to say? No, I am only committed to Cinn unless UK has an offer for me. Or I am only committed to UK unless Alabama has an offer for me. It is the students equivalent of “Do these jeans make my butt look big?”. Why did this happen? Our recruitment is so good that other coaches set back and let our coaches do the hard work. Then they swoop in and try to steal the ones who made emotional decisions. There is too much media ($$$) coverage of recruiting to expect change.

  36. dshwildcats
    9:43 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Booby Petrino,

    If I were to generalize the Louisville fan base by the behavior/actions of a segment of their fans at a college football game, I would come to the conclusion that all Cardinal fans are drunk, obnoxious rednecks, that attend a football game because they are there to socialize and party, not to actually watch the game on the field. I’ve taken my 14 year old son to several SEC stadiums over the past few years. We’re going to Bryant-Denny Stadium in October. But, there’s no way I’d take him to PJCS!

    As far as fans wishing ill-will on people, don’t believe for a second that Louisville fans aren’t right in there with every other fan base. I’ve heard/read of their fans wishing ill-will on opposing coaches (Cal in particular) and players on numerous occasions. After the basketball game in December, wander over to Card Chronicle and look at the comments from many Cardinal fans on their “Game Thread”. You might actually be shocked by the pure venom spewed by many of these fans (especially if Kentucky wins the game). And the language–it would make a sailor blush!

  37. dshwildcats
    10:02 am June 8, 2016 Permalink


    You make some valid points about player development. I have been very disappointed with that aspect of Stoops and his staff. As you said, Elam is the perfect example of that. When he came of the tunnel for the spring game, I was shocked that it appeared he hadn’t lost a pound over the winter/spring! As much of a “slimeball” as I think Petrino is, I will give him credit for developing players. He has taken some very average kids, and helped them develop into big time players.

    As far as players getting in trouble, that has been a little concerning with this staff as well. But, players that get in trouble at Kentucky (i.e. Hatcher) are just potential Louisville players somewhere down the line! Lol!! Devonte Fields, Josh-Harvey Clemons, Zeke Pike, Willie Williams, Michael Dyer, etc. I could go on ad nauseam! Heck, a starting OL on your 2006/2007 Orange Bowl team (Jeremy Darveau) was kicked out at Kentucky for helping to set his dorm on fire!

    The jury remains out of Kash Daniel. Yes, he didn’t play the competition that a lot of 4 and 5 star kids do. But, he was apparently good enough to be selected for the U.S. Army All-American game, along with Drake Jackson and Landon Young. Any Cardinal fan who says that they wouldn’t like to have any, or all, of those three kids is just someone that hates Kentucky that much.

    • Blueblueblueblue
      2:42 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink

      I’d take Kash and Young. You can keep Jackson. Undersized, entitled, overhyped.

    • scorpiocard
      7:14 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink

      I would be shocked to see Hatcher end up here.

      As far as transfers go, most of our transfers that got dismissed from other teams were done so for “violation of team rules/policies”.


      Fields smacked his girlfriend. Abhorrent behavior for sure, but apparently also an isolated one time occurrence.

      These transfers are vetted very thoroughly by TJ himself. Not all are accepted.

      Bottom line is we have had great success with a lot of kids who made not very serious mistakes in there lives, and were successful here and continue to be successful in life. Sometimes good kids screw up. Have you ever screwed up? With any luck none of your own kids will make any serious mistakes.

      The worst that has come of it for U of L from all these years now is Willie Williams tried to eat some weed and got arrested for forgetting the brownie mix 🙂

      Lastly…on a personal note, I have always found it disappointing that despite being a teacher and a parent, you have a looong history of taking shots at U of L players who have made normal mistakes normal people make, in the interest of getting a shot in at U of L. Just one of the many reasons I consider you full of BS when you whine about how you are treated by U of L fans on message boards. Humans make mistakes. I am sure you have made a few in your life. Does that make you a “thug”?

  38. UK Fan In Nashville
    11:43 am June 8, 2016 Permalink

    Why not say, “I have decided to de-commit from the University of Kentucky and re-open my recruitment.” Just all of the sudden flipping is a shi**y thing to do. That being said, I don’t wish any ill on him. I just hope that Stoops can have a winning season, beat Florida, and set in motion a domino effect for future classes that will remain committed because of our success. If we had two more wins in the last two seasons combined, Mac Jones would still be committed. Teams that go to bowl games and seem committed to winning can get recruits up against the big dogs, especially when they are involved early on like UK was with Jones. If UK had gone 7-6 with a bowl victory, I think Jones stays committed even after the Alabama offer. Seeing us collapse down the stretch two years in a row paints the program as a miserable place to be in the late fall. Whereas Alabama is winning National Championships. Joining a stagnant losing program is tough when you become a major talent. Joining a program that the whole nation recognizes as being on the rise is an exciting prospect.

  39. dshwildcats
    7:33 pm June 8, 2016 Permalink


    “You can keep Jackson. Undersized, entitled, overhyped.” You’ve got me questioning your football acumen now, Blue.

    Jackson was 3rd rated offensive lineman in the nation for the 2016 class, according to Rivals. Scout rated him as the #1 Center in the nation. He is listed at 6′-2″ by both recruiting services; but Rivals lists his weight at 307, and Scout has him at 284. So, lets average those, and that would put him at 296. Tell me how 6′-2″, 296 lbs is undersized for a college center. Centers are generally smaller than Guards and Tackles. Louisville’s Center last year, Tobijah Hughley, is listed at 6′-3″, 289. Is Hughley undersized as well??

    Your hate for Kentucky clouds your thinking, brother!

    • Blueblueblueblue
      7:27 am June 9, 2016 Permalink

      Then why do I like Landon Young? I just don’t think Jackson will be very good. He is much closer to 284 than 307.

  40. dshwildcats
    10:13 am June 9, 2016 Permalink


    Very nice job of making yourself look like some kind of “choir boy”! Lol!! Anyone that spends as much time on a rival’s website putting down, making fun of, instigating, etc., as you do, really has no right to be lecturing anyone else.

    Let me address your personal attacks first. I coach the middle school football team that my school. This is 4th year overall, and my 3rd as the head coach. I have several kids on my team that have some big time behavioral issues. Many coaches would boot these kids in no time. But for some of these kids, football might be the only positive thing in their lives. Football can be a way for these kids to excel at something. A way for them to be proud of themselves. Sometimes football is an escape for kids that have really bad home lives. So, don’t lecture me on throwing kids aside just because they’ve made some mistakes. The people who really know me (not you), will tell you differently, pal!

    My problem with Louisville is not the fact that they take an occasional kid that made a mistake somewhere. Its that this has been a pattern that goes back to Schnellenberger’s days. And yes, some of them haven’t had any more problems after coming to Louisville; but, others obviously didn’t change their ways. Michael Dyer was a “changed kid” after coming to Louisville. But, he doesn’t get to play in the bowl game because he was academically ineligible. Willie Williams, a kid that was arrested 11 times before arriving on campus at Miami. But, Louisville is willing to take a chance on this kid. How’d that work out, scorp? Zeke Pike is a PR nightmare at Auburn. Louisville takes a chance on him. How’d he work out? The jury is still out on Devonte Fields. He’s only been at Louisville a year. The big problem with the Field’s kid is that Petrino pulled the scholarship offer on a kid from South Carolina (South Carolina’s “Mr. Football”) two days before NSD to make a scholarship available for Fields.

    As far as the “dismissed from a team just because of ‘violation of team rules/policies'” claim, I think you know college sports well enough to realize that violation could be anything from smoking weed, to beating someone up in a bar, etc., but the school doesn’t elaborate on the violation. You try to make it sound like all these players that ended up at Louisville were let go from their respective schools for breaking curfew by 30 minutes. What a crock! Lol!! Of course, what should we expect from an AD and fan base who welcomed back their former football coach with open arms. Years and years of well documented cases of him screwing over family, friends and employers, but Jurich telling Cardinal Nation he was a “changed man” was good enough for them! You publicly question my character, but at the same time, wholeheartedly support Petrino. Hypocrite much, scorp??

    You, and many other Louisville fans, like to talk about how arrogant Kentucky fans are. Yet you and many of your Louisville brethren are just as bad as the fan base you continually trash. I’ve been to games at Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan, etc., and outside of the Ohio State fans, I haven’t come across a college football fan more arrogant than you. You’ve been constantly bashing Kentucky football fans since I met you, and many of us have been following/supporting this program for years. Yes, Kentucky Football has had just a handful of good years since Bear Bryant left for College Station in 1954. And yes, the administration hasn’t really financially invested in the program until just recently. But many of us have stuck with this program through a lot of lean years. Let me ask you where all of the “hardcore” Louisville Football fans were back in the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s?? Louisville’s program was even worse than Kentucky’s (insert your defense “Louisville was just a private school until the early 70s! lol!!).

    I can remember sitting in Old Cardinal Stadium on a Saturday night in the mid 70s watching Louisville take on Drake, West Texas State, Chattanooga, etc. Maybe 10,000 people in the stands on a good night, and most of them there courtesy of free tickets from the local “Convenient” stores! But now, so many of the “bandwagon” Cardinal Football fans are loud and proud. Until the program falls on hard times, of course! Go back to 1991 season (the season after the Fiesta Bowl). Louisville goes 2-9, and Old Cardinal Stadium was a “ghost town” by the end of the season! Look at Ron Cooper’s last season. A little over 12,000 in the stands for his final game as the Louisville coach. And then look at Kragthorpe’s last couple of years. You were trying to get Cardinal fans to boycott those home games, although I don’t think they needed any encouragement from you to stay away! Lol!!

    The fact that you spend so much time on this “Kentucky” website should tell most people everything they need to know about you. Running across you on here just reminds me why I stopped associating with you in the first place. A guy that believes himself to be better, smarter, having more class, etc., than those around him. A guy that is not content with the success of this own program, but needs to enjoy the failings of someone else in order to be happy. The next time you want to lecture me on character, compassion, class, etc., save yourself the trouble, brother.

  41. dshwildcats
    10:46 am June 9, 2016 Permalink


    I can’t answer your question as to why you like Young, but not Jackson. I didn’t see either one of the kids play in person. All I’ve seen is their highlights. Plus, I don’t make a living evaluating the talent level of high school football players. That is why we have Rivals, Scout, 247, ESPN, etc. All I can go by is what the recruiting services say about these kids. Is Jackson a guaranteed, can’t miss college star? Absolutely not! There are so many variables that can influence how a kid’s career turns out. Only time will tell. But, that “undersized” claim is inaccurate on your part, if you look at the average size of a college center. The “overhyped” assessment is purely speculation on your part.

    If Jackson were going to Louisville, would you question his measurements, heart and the hype surrounding him? I highly doubt it! Why don’t go over and ask all of the Louisville fans on Card Chronicle what they think of Drake Jackson. I’m sure that they will concur with your “undersized, overhyped” assessment of this kid, simply because he chose to attend Kentucky.

  42. dshwildcats
    12:03 pm June 9, 2016 Permalink

    Hey scorp,

    Since you have no problem questioning my character and judgment, I’d be interesting in getting your take on the “stripper/hooker” scandal at your school. For an athletics program that likes to claim, in the words of their AD, “We’re doing things the right way!”, this must be a hard pill to swallow.

    I think it’s the height of hypocrisy that Cardinal fans like you and Blue can spend so much time pointing out the many bad coaches, fans, players associated with the Kentucky program; but when someone wants to point the finger in the direction of the Louisville program, we get the whole “He’s a changed man, changed player”, “We’re doing things the right way!”, “You guys don’t have all the facts!”, defense from Cardinal nation!

    You’re always telling Kentucky fans how their fan base is so hated nationally. But, what do you think the national perception is, of not only your athletic program, but the entire university, right now? A “stripper/hooker” scandal within your basketball program. A football coach that two other SEC schools besides Kentucky (Auburn and Tennessee) wouldn’t touch when he was looking for a job. A university president and his “foundation” that is under investigation. One sordid action after another coming from that campus.

    In response to your “the rest of the nation recognizes how bad Kentucky fans are” argument, I talked with an Auburn fan before Kentucky’s game with the Tigers back in October. We got to talking about their game with Louisville in the Georgia Dome to open the season. Needless to say, he was very unimpressed with your fan base, and their behavior down there that opening weekend of the football season. I believe “obnoxious” was the word he used to describe many of your fans. Wow!! You mean Kentucky doesn’t have a monopoly on obnoxious fans?? Imagine that!! Of course, I’m sure that many of the fans nationwide that hate Kentucky that you constantly speak of have never attended a football game PJCS. I’ve got friends that won’t return to another Kentucky-Louisville game at PJCS. Their reasoning–the most vile, obnoxious fans they’ve ever encountered at a sporting event.

    So, spare the Kentucky fans on here your whole “You guys are the most obnoxious fan base in the nation” crap, brother!