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‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown opens up to Kentucky Sports Radio

(Photo: USA Today)

Jason Brown of Last Chance U fame was a special guest on today’s Kentucky Sports Radio radio show. The former Independence Community College head football coach gave a fantastic interview — honestly, one of the best the show has ever had — and stayed on for another 10 minutes when asked to stick around. We can’t thank him enough for his time and his honesty.

In the interview, Brown revealed so much of what Netflix didn’t show in its eight-episode, fourth season of Last Chance U. For instance (and spoiler alert), one of Brown’s worst on-screen moments is when it appears he cut one of his players, Bobby Bruce, without telling Bruce before announcing it to the team. In the show, we are led to believe Bruce found out via his teammates and not his head coach, but Brown told KSR he and Bruce had a 2 a.m. conversation in his office, in which Bruce confessed to his mistakes and was tearful with regret.

“You guys believe everything you see, huh?” Brown told KSR. “Fellas, it’s Hollywood. They’re trying to get ratings.

“Two in the morning, I snuck his butt in my office so the cameras didn’t follow him. He knew what he did wrong. So you know, Bobby Bruce came to me crying in that meeting, came to me crying, saying, ‘Coach, I screwed up again and I know I gotta go.’ That was like my son.”

It is the exact opposite of what we saw on the show. When asked why he is okay with Netflix twisting reality, Brown said, “Why do I need to tell everybody that? I owe nobody nothing, fellas. I owe no one nothing. You guys don’t know me. You don’t understand, I owe nobody nothing but those kids. Those kids are all I care about and they know the truth. So that allows me to sleep at night, not you guys ridiculing me. I give two squirts what you think.”

Brown said he agreed to do the show for the publicity it gives his players and staff. “Who am I to take that platform away from a bunch of young coaches and young kids, opportunities to show themselves?” he asked.

And his language?

“Their mothers talk to them much worse than I do — and remember, 200 kids in my program every year, there was two kids that had both parents in the home. Two out of two hundred. So where’s the father figure at?” It is a crazy statistic, and why Brown is very clear to his team in that he will not tolerate the word b*tch in reference to a woman — due to all the single mothers who raised the majority of his players.

Listen to the two-part interview below to hear Brown explain his coaching and how his tactics appear one way on Netflix, but are out of love in real life. The interview also provided an all-time line when Brown said, “I love being hated. It turns me on, to be honest.”

Brown also has a new book out: Hate Me Now, Love Me Later.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

20 Comments for ‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown opens up to Kentucky Sports Radio

  1. cats646
    1:22 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    Unpopular opinion, I’m a fan of this guy.

    • NYCCatsFan
      2:21 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Why unpopular? Sounds like teh KSR crew loves him

      Me? He sounds like an a-hole

      The kind of jerk who equates football with war

    • Based God
      2:22 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Less unpopular than you would think. I like him.

    • cats646
      2:51 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      I guess it is less unpopular than I thought lol. Good to know.

    • Trinity45
      3:35 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Listen to the interview, he had pulled up a pod cast of KSR and was totally prepared, took the offensive against Matt, and Matt did not really grill him. Still say you can be a tough coach and not be a foul mouthed ass about it. Never watched the netflex series.

  2. SCOTTdavis12
    2:38 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    He is a damn good coach Gotta have tough skin

    • J-Dub421
      2:55 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      If he was that great a coach, he wouldn’t be coaching juco.

    • cats646
      3:04 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      There are great coaches at every level of football J-Dub. From little league to the NFL. Just because he’s not a y’all of fame D1 coach doesn’t mean he’s not a great one.

    • cats646
      3:05 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Lol *hall.

    • nocode96
      5:11 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Y’all of Fame needs to be a thing in Kentucky. There’s a few local legends over in Eddyville that deserve to be in.

    • J-Dub421
      3:30 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      He committed blackmail and identity theft, and called himself Hitler. But sure, let’s pretend like he’s a good guy/coach.

    • sram
      3:57 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      The guys is a lying POS

      I do not believe he told that kid he cut the night before. That is a liars lie! …… “Only he and I know what happened”…… BS

      He is a $#@^&* big mouth blow hard! I hope he goes to jail and gets what he deserves. F that guy!

    • 2andToodleLoo
      5:00 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

      Not sure a “great coach” is bouncing around juco world and getting fired for things mentioned above.

  3. looking4number8
    5:06 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    Hard to believe he didn’t watch the show. How do you know what misconceptions to clear up if you don’t.

  4. A_Blue_Wildcat
    5:25 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    How anyone could like him or consider him to be a good coach after all the info that’s been out on him is incredible. The guy had horribly dysfunctional teams even by JUCO standards, and under performed significantly despite having some of the most talented teams in all of JUCO. Not even mentioning the fact he’s a garbage human being who just got arrested for blackmailing. Also can we please stop supporting convicts on this website, I know Katrina Powell helped take down Loserville but seriously 10 articles later it’s gotten old.

  5. Ez21
    6:30 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    I wanted them to ask him what message he thought having a drink in his hand ,every single scene that u saw at his house, was sending to his players. I think he’s a good coach I really do but you don’t need to be calling your players fat asses.

  6. Irish son
    7:32 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    Screw this guy. He’s a Moron and a Crook

  7. Glock
    7:33 pm July 30, 2019 Permalink

    I cant imagine any college ever hiring him in the future

  8. MoscowMitchtheB!+(]-[McConnell
    8:27 pm July 31, 2019 Permalink

    Who created a University for convicts?

  9. DonnieW8652
    9:53 pm July 31, 2019 Permalink

    What a HYPOCRITE !!! He asks his players if any of them has a mother and tells them to NEVER use the “B” word because it is so disrespectful of women. Then he goes on an yells at them and uses the vulgar term “MF” countless times as if it nothing. What does he think the “M” stands for in “MF”? How is this not the most disrespectful slang that could ever be used about mothers? I think the overwhelming people in this country find the term highly offensive, but he thinks he is teaching them something by not using the “B” word. Give me a break.