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KSR’s Unofficial CFB Playoff Drinking Game

You should use something a little stronger than Dr. Pepper while playing this game.

You should use something a little stronger than Dr. Pepper while playing this game.

You should use something a little stronger than Dr. Pepper while playing this game.

Tomorrow might as well be called “National Alcohol Day” instead of New Year’s Eve.  To get you prepared, my friends and I have assembled a drinking game to keep you occupied during the College Football Playoff Games.  With the Orange Bowl (Oklahoma/Clemson) at 4:00 and the Cotton Bowl (Michigan State/Alabama) following at 8:00, we know very well this game should be used strictly for pregaming purposes.  We’ll take it easy on you, after all, you’ve gotta make it to midnight.

Disclaimer: You know how this goes.  Don’t be a total idiot with your alcohol, and stay away from the wheel after enjoying your beverages. 

— Drink whenever the phrase “Clemsoning” is used.

— Drink every time a replay of Dabo Swinney dancing is shown.

— Finish your drink if they mention Stoops’ brothers, especially Mark.

— Two drinks whenever you see the Clemson tombstone from the last time they played Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

— Drink if Herbstreit mentions Ohio State.

— Drink anytime “Heisman” is mentioned or shown on screen with Derrick Henry.

— Chug if Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban get in a yelling match on the sidelines.

— Drink whenever they show a quarterback’s hot girlfriend/wife or Mom.

— Drink whenever they show the Michigan State kicker’s post-Ohio State celebration.

— Anytime a mascot is doing something strange (more than just cheering with the cheerleaders), drink.

—  Drink every time Mack Brown brings up the Glory Days.  Finish your drink if it involves his National Championship season, because you have no right Mack.  Vince Young did it all, you were a spectator, just like the rest of us.

— Finish your drink anytime Mark May does something Vine-worthy (you know it when you see it).

— Chug for every bad targeting call (if you’re wondering whether it’s a bad call or not, they all are).

Drink every time you see the Dr. Pepper man, Larry Culpepper Sorry, but if this rule applies you won’t make it through the first half.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

7 Comments for KSR’s Unofficial CFB Playoff Drinking Game

  1. BluKudzu
    10:29 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    little brother putting a beat down on A&M. They are loaded with players, younger than UK.

    • cats paw
      10:35 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

      wrong,,, they are loaded with a real COACH.

  2. BluKudzu
    12:32 am December 31, 2015 Permalink

    Watching the Bowl games this holiday season, I realize we are no closer now than we were 3 years ago. We are at least another 10 years away from ever playing in a bowl again.

    • Catsby80
      8:27 am December 31, 2015 Permalink

      10 years? I usually think you bring quality substance with your comments, but how in the world could you possibly predict that we’re 10 years away? Judging on the time stamp of your comment, I’m going to guess you were tipping back the sauce a little last night, eh?

  3. BluKudzu
    9:13 am December 31, 2015 Permalink

    Sadly, no. I started thinking about quality depth for the line, on either side of the ball, and we are a very long way from being close to having talent to win 6 games. Then I started looking at QB. We are in dire need of quality SEC QB that will be a leader for the team. This person has to be a true leader, not a head case. Not a person that gets in bar fights and dances in an end zone after a score, he needs to be mature, and able to hold others to task. We are woefully suspect there.
    Line backers were another area. We are without speed, size and toughness. We need to be 2 deep. We are nowhere close.
    Our defense is miles away from being adequate.
    I do hope Stoops gets his stuff together, but from what I have watched thus far is not giving me confidence we are going in the right direction. The bowl season has shown that there are programs out there that have turned it around in a couple of seasons, granted, they are not in the SEC, but they were done. Franklin, while at Vanderbilt, built that program, in a hurry, so it can be done.
    I was reading the comment section on an article of the LSU-TT game. The comment was pointless by someone concerning conference strength, derogatory towards the SEC. They stated the SEC had favoritism in bowl selection, being unevenly matched. Whatever. The one thing they said, which really stung, referring to their schedule, “it is not like we get to play teams like Kentucky” or something similar to that point. It just shows how inept UK is perceived to be nationally. Face it, Jokers last three years, and Stoops last three years, the last 6 years of teams scoring over 50 on us have not swayed opinion from fact.
    We are no closer to being competitive than we were 6 years ago.

    • Catsby80
      9:53 am December 31, 2015 Permalink

      Here is the way I see it. The last 2 seasons we have finished 5-7 both years. In 2014 (year 2 of Stoops), we legitimately had a chance to be 7-5 (OT loss @Florida and loss @UofL). This past season we legitimately had a chance to be 9-3 (loss to Florida, Auburn, @Vandy, UofL). I know you could just as easily say that we could’ve been 3-9 or whatever number you’d like to throw out there… But my point is that we are legitimately a handful of plays here or there from back to back 7-5 seasons or possibly even better than that. 1 win away from bowl eligibility in back to back years does not require 10 seasons to get over the proverbial hump. I legitimately think that this team will finish next season at 6-6 and go to a bowl and the momentum will continue from there. That is simply my opinion, though.

      I appreciate your insight and I also appreciate having an intelligent & thoughtful conversation with you on this matter – something that seems to be a rarity these days on the comment boards. Happy New Year.

  4. BluKudzu
    11:32 am December 31, 2015 Permalink

    I too appreciate the opportunity to discuss UK football with those that have a sense of what it takes to be a viable football program. Perhaps you are correct, we may not be that far out. After watching A&M last night, losing two 5 star QBs to transfer, and watching Louisville put a beat down on them, it just made me think, how far we have to go, just to get to the Music City Bowl again.
    I remember going when Brooks was the coach. That place was filled with fans. Last night it was almost 50% of capacity, if that.
    The support would be there if UK decided to get serious. Trying to build a program is difficult, maintaining the momentum is even more so. I am hopeful Stoops will get us there and keep us there. Chip Kelly’s is now available.