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KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day


Happy May 6th KSR! I hope you’ve survived Derby weekend and Cinco de Mayo with your body and mind largely intact; welcome to today’s top tweets! We will focus most of our attention on relevant Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as per usual, there are no limits to our madness. You, the KSR fans, can also participate in our top-10 tweet countdown by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTopTen, or by tweeting @KySportsRadio.

Sidenote: Who would you like to see guest host for Matt during his vacation time in June? Sound off directly on Twitter. These comment sections can get crowded/insane… I’m on Team Erin Calipari.


#10 J.R. Hopkins

Kids these days.



#9 Ashley Scoby




#8 netw3rk

Narrow it down to just Indiana–more porn + Christian Watford + Tom Crean slander.



#7 Fake Barney

Fake Barney–you’re the hero we want, the hero we deserve.



#6 Aaron Torres

Totally support this.



#5 Michael Lee




#4 Richard Deitsch

ESPN employs Colin Cowherd AND Skip Bayless. Let that simmer.



#3 Thomas Beisner

He’s a Willycolleystine man.



#2 Jeff Goodman

This is why we love Parrish. And not….



#1 Drew Franklin

KSR commenters FOR THE WIN.


@BrennanKSR + Funkhouser

Article written by Brennan English

Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. @BrennanKSR

8 Comments for KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day

  1. usefulijit
    8:50 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Cinco de Mayo adds up to only 99.5%

    • Brennan English
      8:54 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

      Arianna Huffington and those dunderheads at HuffPostComedy don’t know how to use slide rules.

  2. That's right Drew...
    9:19 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Didn’t Calipari tell you Drew? “It’s what you signed up for at KSR, we people are crazy.”

  3. Go Deep
    9:25 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Why is Jeff Goodman’s avatar Cal and Pitino whispering sweet nothings to each other?

  4. Chris
    9:44 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Hey Drew , U forgot fat!! Ive seen post on here saying that u are getting to fat eating that fast food crap!
    Id have to agree.. Be the funny guy Drew not the fat funny guy they unfortunately dont last long..

  5. Wizards Win
    9:44 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Wizards Picking Up Where They Left Off

  6. Hangin In
    9:50 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    I always thought Cinco de Mayo was to commemorate when that shipload of mayonnaise went down in the Gulf. I’m sure that’s why Mexicans don’t use the stuff on their sandwiches.

  7. Neil Young
    9:56 am May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Hey Drew:

    Don’t let it get you down
    It’s only castles burning
    Find someone who’s turning
    And you will come around