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KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

It’s time again for KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day. You can participate by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTop10 or just by simply tweeting @KYsportsradio. We will focus most of our attention on Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as usual, there are no limits to our madness.

#10 Jared Stillman

John from Kentucky is going to be ALL over this.




#9 Richard Marshall

Ha. That’s punny. I love puns.





#8 Patrick Towles

Even math majors hate math. Ask Jaleel Hytchye.





#7 Michia Stewart

You need better co-workers. Or to at least convert the ones you have now.





#6 Megan Calipari

At least her car  will be in shape.





#5 terri tucker

One does not lose Drew Franklin. He gets lost on his own.





#4 Travis frizzell

Nailed it.





#3 Tod Lanter

Getting dropped off like in Kindergarten. Wait…does this mean there will be naptime?!





#2 EJ Floreal

I am glad the basketball players are still into Spongebob. It makes me feel more cool since I still secretly watch it too. (Don’t tell anyone.)




#1 Cal Mane

Theory: Danny had some awesome life insurance policies for his wife.


Article written by Courtney Hessler

Ashley Judd is my spirit animal. Follow me on twitter at: @Hessler_KSR

6 Comments for KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

  1. Ken
    8:41 am August 28, 2014 Permalink

    Who is Jared Stillman?

    9:25 am August 28, 2014 Permalink

    Jared Stillman is a chubby little troll numbnut who is on the Drew Deener show. He is a complete ass clown who thinks he knows everything…when in fact he knows jack shit. He is a cartoon character blow hard and even UL fans think he is a disgrace.

  3. Bobby's secretary
    9:57 am August 28, 2014 Permalink

    Think of the worst louisville fan you’ve ever had to listen to ramble about the dumbest crap ever and that is jarrod stillman. A worthless Loserville lover whose IQ is as low as his lack of sports knowledge

  4. Jared Stillman is fat
    11:03 am August 28, 2014 Permalink

    I never knew what Jared Stillman looked like before today. It looks like he is trying to become the next Howie Lindsey in terms of fatness. He’s well on his way. You just keep it up Jared, you’ll get there.

  5. Jared Stillman is fat
    11:06 am August 28, 2014 Permalink

    So I guess according to Jared we should expect Auburn to start stomping us and run off 4 straight Final Fours since our streak was snapped in 2013. Bruce Pearl is better, right Jared?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Pearl is a good coach and I actually like Pearl but you would really rather have Pearl who’s been to 1 Elite 8 than a guy who has gone to 6 Final Fours, has 2 runner ups, and 1 title? Sure, Pearl is better.

  6. GrumpyOldDude
    4:12 pm August 28, 2014 Permalink

    Cal Mane is spot on about SF real estate. That house is easily seven figures there.