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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

It’s time again for KSR’s Top Tweets of the day. You can participate by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTop10 or just by simply tweeting @KYsportsradio. We will focus most of our attention on Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as usual, there are no limits to our madness.

#10 Richard Deitsch

Am I the only one creeped out by this portrait?




#9 Not Jerry Tipton

At least they got the school color right.




#8 Adam Wilson

I am hoping there is a children’s advice hour for the 24 hours of Ryan Lemond Radio.




#7 Jon Hood

Hood always has the best advice.




#6 Blake P

I wouldn’t worry about that line of cars behind you. This is the perfect place to listen to the show.




#5 Devin Booker

Don’t worry. You won’t have to talk when you play in front of 23,500 basketball fans at Rupp.




#4 Allison King

Did you not wear your bug repellent today?




#3 Bucky Small Hooves

Oh come on. It’s not like one vote ever mattered……..




#2 Andrew Harrison

I guess Lanter is the team Grandpa now that Hood is gone.




#1 Dick Vitale

The Kimye wedding just lost some swagger. Big mistake.



Article written by Courtney Hessler

Ashley Judd is my spirit animal. Follow me on twitter at: @Hessler_KSR

4 Comments for KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

  1. Cats, Cats, Cats
    11:42 am May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I think maybe the ATM tweet/reference flew right by you,

  2. outRAGEous02
    12:23 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I have to, for the first time, defend the Cards fans in Tweet #9 (which has no intended relation to the # of titles we’ll have at the end of next season), but Cards fans don’t consider themselves to be part of the state of Kentucky, (a few have actually said that to me) and are therefore okay with making/wearing such clever tee-shirts to demonstrate their angst, reason being that they believe the city of Louisville to be a state, not understanding the difference between a city and a state because when they look around nothing looks any different. The previously mentioned also consider a Big East Tournament title the same as a National Title, (again, their words, not mine!) #LittleBrother

    • SuperCat
      7:08 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      Hey, take it easy laddie… I live in Louisville and it is a wonderful city. In fact, to be completely fair, the CITY of Louisville is what makes Kentucky what it is. without Louisville, Kentucky would not have The Kentucky Derby, Bourbon, The Hot Brown, The Louisville Slugger, KFC, Etc..
      Be sure to make that distinction between University and city because Louisville the city is what puts our great state on the map.

  3. outRAGEous02
    7:49 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I know that it is all of those great things…I was just saying that i’ve actually had a few “Cards fans” tell me that they, as Cards fans, actually consider Louisville to be it’s own state because they don’t want to be associated with anything named Kentucky. I am not bashing the city of Louisville at all, or the Cats fans that live there, it was more to try and explain the mindset behind the “Kensucky” shirts and the countless other clever things they like to call our team and University.