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KSR’s 2018 Black Friday Wish List

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will line up in the wee hours of the morning to take advantage of Black Friday sales. The KSR crew will likely still be snug in our beds, but that didn’t stop us from putting together wish lists in case anyone wants to give back to their favorite bloggers.

Drew’s Wish List

Amazon Echo Plus

Because sometimes I feel like I’m the last person on Earth who doesn’t talk to Alexa. The Echo Plus looks like it’s good for music too.


I love KSBar and Grille with all of my heart, but it will be the death of me if I don’t work in some exercise with my food and beverage consumption each week. I’m there way more than any one person should be there, and the time spent socializing with restaurant patrons really cuts into my gym time, which, at the moment, is around zero minutes per week.

There is one obvious solution: Put a treadmill in KSBar and Grille, specifically upstairs in the office. With the treadmill and all of the fun in one place, I can balance gym time with fun time and, hopefully, live to see 40 years old. The Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill will do.

New York City skyline print

I love New York City. You can say I’m a little obsessed with it. If it were up to me, I’d live there right now, but I’ve been unsuccessful in getting the KSR NYC office approved in our budget meetings. Maybe next year. A print like this Manhattan New York Skyline Wall Art by Sami Eymur would at least make me feel like I’m there when I’m sitting on my couch in Lexington. If the print is too much, this Homesick Scented Candle, New York City will make me feel better too.

Gift ideas for others:

For Ryan Lemond: AXE Hair Gel

Now that Ryan has long, flowing locks attached to his head, it is time he adds some style. I can name several trusted hair products for a variety of looks, but I think Ryan needs the AXE Spiked Up Look Hair Gel, Extreme Hold. It says it is suitable for short hair types wanting a spikier look, just like Ryan. It’s also sweat-proof, which is nice.

For Josh Allen: Trophy Case (Several of them)

Given the amount of awards Kentucky’s Josh Allen has received this season, he will need a nice display for all of his new hardware. The Design Toscano Country Tuscan Hardwood Wall Curio Cabinet: Walnut Finish looks to be an affordable option. He needs at least five of them.

For Big Blue Nation: Men In Black Neuralizer

Kentucky basketball fans are way too obsessed with Duke and the 34-point loss Kentucky suffered in the opening game of the season. Some of you are acting like the world ended that day, and that UK will never win another title. One person said to me Kentucky could go on to win the title this year but it wouldn’t matter because of the Duke loss. (That’s really stupid.) So, we need the neuralizer from Men In Black to zap the memory of all of those fans who cannot get past the Champions Classic. I don’t know if it will work, but let’s order the Men In Black: Neuralizer with Sound and Light Effects and see what happens. It’s worth a shot.

Tyler’s Wish List

Waterproof speaker

I plan on spending as much time as I can next summer on Barren River Lake, so I need a Waterproof Speaker to keep me connected to the radio show and podcasts. What’s more American than floating in the lake and listening to John Short snoring on hold? Nothing, that’s what.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Did I mention there’s no cell service at the lake? If Matt Jones wants to call and tell me to put something on the website, he’s going to need to shell out for a Signal Booster.

On second thought….

Power K Flag

What better way to show our neighbors that not only do we bleed blue, we have the best taste in UK logos than the Power K Flag?

Gift ideas for others:

For Nick Roush: Now That’s What I Call Music: The 90’s

If you’ve listened to Kentucky Roll Call with Nick and TJ Walker, you know Nick knows nothing about 90’s music, which pains my Gin Blossoms-loving heart. Plus, what’s more (late) 90’s than a Now That’s What I Call Music CD? I’ll even throw in an Amazon Music gift card so he can download the album instead.

For Matt Jones: Stainless Steel Foldable Straw

By clipping this Stainless Steel Foldable Straw and Case to his keychain, Matt will never have to use a paper straw again. It even has a cleaning brush, which he’ll never use.

For the Louisville fan in your life you actually like: Noise cancelling headphones

Not all Louisville fans are horrible (I think). Treat the one you actually like right by giving them Noise Canceling Headphones to block out the drama on Floyd Street?

Nick’s Wish List


Sometimes it’s tough to fight through writer’s block.  The KSR Offices need a Rawlings Hoop Set to clear the mind during down times.  Besides, it’s hard to watch a game if you can’t get up a few shots in-between commercials.

A Dog Jersey

I have two dogs.  Each college football Saturday, Wubbie has to wear an Ohio State Buckeyes’ jersey.  Its good luck has saved them from a few bad losses (but one unnamed person was smart enough to hide it before the Purdue game).  Now Jag needs a lucky Wildcat Footbal jersey.

Kentucky Flask

It would be nice if my brother-in-law didn’t know that I already lost the Kentucky blue flask
he gave me last Christmas.

Gift idea for others:

When you aren’t enjoying some light reading on KSR, The Last Great Game is the perfect read for every UK fan, especially those who weren’t around in 1992.  I always knew I hated Laettner.  This book explained why and gave me a greater appreciation for what Rick Pitino accomplished while he was at Kentucky.

Jack’s Wish List

Apple MacBook Pro

As a blogger, your laptop takes a beating in terms of overall use and travel. You’re on it more often than not, pumping articles out night after night to get the job done.

Unfortunately for me, heavy usage has led to my device’s inevitable death likely coming sooner rather than later, and it’s time to prepare for the worst.

I’ve been thrilled with my MacBook Pro, and you better believe I’ll be using the incredible Black Friday deals on Amazon to buy the latest and greatest edition.

Because I’ll have to splurge a bit for the new laptop, that’ll be the only thing I need for myself. The rest can be gifts for the Big Blue Nation.

Gift idea for others:

Weighted Security Blanket

Between the Duke blowout in basketball, the Tennessee loss in football, and some recent misses in basketball recruiting, things have been a bit stressful for the Big Blue Nation over the past few weeks. As a result, the hot takes have been flying.

With a weighted security blanket, the entire fanbase can have the comfort necessary to take a deep breath and relax a bit on the couch or in bed.

It’s even Amazon Prime-eligible, meaning you can sleep the (hopefully temporary) sorrows away in two days or less.

Pitino: My Story

Pitino: My Story

Are you in the mood for a good laugh? Or maybe you want to test your English knowledge by counting how many spelling errors you can find?

If so, Pitino: My Story is the book for you.

In this nonsensical fantasy novel, you can read all of Pitino’s excuses as to why he’s innocent and how the “NCCA” (seriously) screwed him over.

It’s a treat. Buy it for you and your loved ones.

The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino: A Story of Corruption, Scandal, and the Big Business of College Basketball (Michael Sokolove)

Looking for something more serious to read over the holidays? Maybe a bit of insight into the downfall of UofL athletics?

If so, Michael Sokolove’s edition filled with facts, statistics, and concrete evidence highlighting the corruption in college basketball is the one for you. And as a little teaser, they even go after Duke’s shady business a bit, so it’s basically two for the price of one.

Coming in with a 4.5-star rating and solid reviews, you know it has to be good.

With Pitino’s side of the story, you get comedy and fiction. With Sokolove’s version, you get a non-fiction filled with drama, history, and crime.

Whatever genre you’re feeling, we’ve got you covered.


Article written by KSR

2 Comments for KSR’s 2018 Black Friday Wish List

  1. zoupman
    8:38 pm November 22, 2018 Permalink

    My wish is we put 50 on Lou Sat. and Benny gets 200 plus.

  2. bofkentucky
    12:42 am November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Tyler, get on Verizon, cell coverage for Barren River will be best with them, followed by ATT. T-mobile and sprint will be iffy at best.