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Article written by Robert Cunningham

18 responses to “KSR Voices: I Am Tiger Woods”

  1. mcayce

    I like Tiger and he has been dominant for most of his career But his off course activities have lowered him a notch for me. Not the greatest ever

    1. Ridge Runner

      But I think that is what connects him to many as well albeit not intended of course. It shows he’s not invincible and the mistakes made shows he’s human. Not condoning as well, but just mentioning that is a factor.

    2. J. Did

      Good points. When he was, he wasn’t. When he wasn’t, he was. Now, he’s gone through what most of us can only dream of, or read about….or wished. Without the drama. He has been through an incredible journey. I’m sure he’d say he doesn’t wish that on anyone. I’d agree. Yet – he’s had a ton of success with challenges. And- he’s overcome many – but they came at an huge price. Which the winnings and accolades may or may not ever assuage.

  2. CahillsCrossingNT

    Is there a point to all of this? I learned nothing, and I know more about golf than anyone I know. Plus it’s KSR, not the Tiger Woods channel.

    1. henderblue

      I’m pretty sure the point to all this, according to the writer, is that you, and I, and all of us need to find redemption in Jesus Christ. And that Tiger Woods is his golf hero.

  3. Ridge Runner

    I know living here in Augusta, the town itself is captivated by him. Store Posters, small talk from locals, etc.. He has this aura about him obviously but to implant himself into a relatively small southern town rich in golf lore is quite amazing on a few levels.

    1. Ridge Runner

      In fact, the 1997 win where he obliterated the competition by (I think 12 strokes) is a reoccurring topic of old golf fans here in Augusta still today. Many haven’t picked up their lower jaw from amazement when that happened over 20 years ago. They identify that as unheard of still. It is a story that resonates all the time when you bring up the Masters here.

  4. dcarlinf1

    I am thrilled for tiger and I don’t care about his personal issues he battled. He is the greatest there is in golf. But this post totally omitted his desire to do Army Ranger type stuff because of his dad being in the green beret. That is where his injuries most likely came from. Not golf practice. Read the massive piece done by sports illustrated a few years back. Huge part of his story.

    1. BlueInVA

      Not sure if you are old enough to remember Jack playing. I am. His last Masters win in ‘86 was transcendent. I was 18. When Jack moved into contention on Sunday people started hearing about it and drove home to watch it. I did. He shot a back nine of 30! A freaking 30 to win.

      Jack is Ali, Tiger is Mike Tyson. Jack the greatest ever, Tiger the most dominant stretch ever.

      As a teenager I would only watch golf if Jack was contending at a major. Same now for Tiger.

    2. dcarlinf1

      Tiger is Ali

  5. banderson_louky


  6. JATR4

    Jack has 18 majors, 19 seconds and 9 third place finishes in majors. Tiger not even close!

    1. jmac1962


    2. dcarlinf1

      The field was not as deep when Jack played. Not even close.

  7. Tango98

    Tiger Woods has 15 major wins, 6 seconds, 4 third place and an admitted 120 mistresses. I think we all know who the real winner is…..

  8. tfordstyle

    My man Robert is my favorite contributor on Ksr, but way off here. People get so excited in the moments of greatness that memory loss sets in. (see the terrible lebron goat arguments for details) Stats matter, and he doesn’t have them. The same people who argue he would have the most majors if he didn’t lose his way for a few years also argue he’s a great guy for taking full responsibility for his mistakes. No excuses, folks. When/If he catches the true GOAT, we’ll talk again 😉

    1. wyatts1

      Who cares!! It’s freaking GOLF!! Not even remotely related to UK sport’s. Hate to point out the obvious but if he was white I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t had received half of the media attention that he’s received.

  9. USMC Cat

    I believe he’s the greatest, most skilled to ever play the game. But Jack had the greatest career. But it’s a silly argument because it was a different game then. it’s like comparing Lebron to Bill Russell or something. They are generational players. The very best of their time.