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KSR Show Thread 5/31: Matt’s last show before vacation

With Matt Jones set to take his annual three-week vacation, today is the last day you’ll get to hear him on Kentucky Sports Radio.

Ryan Lemond won’t be there, but Drew Franklin and Shannon the Dude will be joining Matt for one final day of entertainment before the break.

You won’t want to miss it.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the KSR Texting Machine at (772) 774-5254.

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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

Follow me on Twitter: @JackPilgrimKSR

61 Comments for KSR Show Thread 5/31: Matt’s last show before vacation

  1. Realme
    10:14 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    I do agree that politicians that pretend to be fans of both teams are the lamest.

    • ClutchCargo
      10:17 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Yep. Also, Matt getting all butthurt over less than great press coverage doesn’t bode well for his ability to handle the political spotlight.

    • Realme
      10:20 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      No, it sure does not. I am so sick of hearing about it before it even begins. I may vote against him just for complaining so much about a process no one is forcing him to go through.

    • Oh, definitely Realme. I will say that it wouldn’t endear you to SOME fans of the other team if you rip them the way Matt does, but be honest and pull for your team. I vote on issues and I don’t care whose jersey you wear. There are folks here who wonder if Tommy Tuberville should be running for senate because he was Auburn’s coach, and he did have a habit of running his mouth about Bama.

      And yeah, Matt is showing his skin is kind of thin, and it’s always been that way to a point.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:35 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      The Turtle and his minions are salivating at the opportunity to politically assassinate Matt.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:37 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Our governor, The Turtle, and our current POTUS have all shown similar crepe paper skin.

    • ClutchCargo
      10:40 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      The Turtle has been at this long enough that that stuff just bounces off his shell. Unless approached in a restaurant, which is understandable.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:44 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I will agree that MJ can come off a bit conceited at times, but I for one would vote for him any day of the week over an ancient tortoise who has been a career politician for 30+ years and has completely lost touch with the average resident of this state. We need some new blood in there!

    • ClutchCargo
      10:48 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I’m not a fan of the Turtle, either, and he will do what it takes to keep himself in power. We need some new blood that will vote based on the good of the country, and not their political party.

    • Realme
      10:52 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I don’t see him getting beat by anyone, in spite of the fact that most people agree he needs to go. For die hard Republicans, they’d rather keep him than give up his seat to a Democrat. He’d have to do something really awful for them to let things change.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:55 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      And that is where we as a nation have backed ourselves into a corner. We all agree that we need new blood in there and some people who have the interests of the nation at large in mind, but any time someone like that comes along, they can’t get any traction because everyone wants to circle the wagons along party lines. Not me – I am an independent and I don’t care what affiliation they have. If they have ideas that I agree with, they get my vote.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:57 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I admittedly lean slightly left of center compared to a lot of UK fans, but I am not voting for Yardmouth either. IMO he is another established candidate who panders to the same demographic that blocked the East End Bridge in Louisville for decades.

    • RCF, I have a friend who may be even more conservative than me, and we both agree that we don’t like some liberal things that our Senator Shelby does. I think he needs to be “primaried”, but my friend is one of those “Yeah, but because of his seniority that seat wouldn’t be as powerful with a new person”.

      *facepalm emoji*

      That is a huge problem on both sides of the aisle.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:15 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Hah, MJ is too thin-skinned for politics; he would be wise to invest in body armor.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:17 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Or a hard turtle shell like Mitch. 🙂

    • RealCatsFan
      11:19 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Term limits and campaign finance reform are two of the most important things that can happen in American politics. Also two of the least likely things to ever get passed, thanks to people like Mitch.

    • Realme
      11:30 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I won’t change in our life time. People will stay on their teams and continue to perpetuate the myth that their side (whichever of the 2 they’re on) is the good and intelligent side and the other is evil and dumb. I used to be a Republican who was more left on plenty of issues. Then they nominated Trump and I no longer wanted to be associated with them at all.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:41 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I’ve been a registered Dem for longer than most of you have lived; however, if you think the cabal of Reid, Pelosi, and Shumer are different, you’re mistaken.
      Look at their last Pres candidates, A crook, a traitor (if he had pulled his Nam stunt in WWII, he would have faced a firing squad), …and a buffoon.

    • runningunnin.454
      12:32 pm May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Ugh, sorry for the rant; but, yeah, I feel betrayed by my party; and, yeah, both sides are the same.
      Nothing but snide remarks, obstruction, and “my team” over the good of the country.
      The situation in D.C. is a joke, ..and it’s on us.

  2. RealCatsFan
    10:16 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    Read an interesting (but long) article about Matt and his decision whether to run against The Turtle on If I can figure out a way to cut and paste the damned url I’ll put it on here.

    • Realme
      10:21 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Ha ha no thanks.

  3. Welcome to politics MJ. Haha.

  4. RealCatsFan
    10:18 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    Well, today my first-born turns 17. Just one more year as a non-adult. I have to admit that this one isn’t settling with me real well. Sniff…

    • ClutchCargo
      10:21 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Tomorrow my 17 year old first-born graduates HS. {sob}{ugly cry}

    • Realme
      10:22 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      You are clearly a close family. She will still be around as an adult.

    • My girl starts high school in the fall.

      I have to tell you all this since we talk music. She’s gotten into Bon Jovi a bit, and of course I love 80s music. She thinks Jon is good looking, and I said “You know he’s like my age right?” She doesn’t care. lol

    • All the while calling me an old man BTW. Haha.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:41 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I wish I could get either one of my kids into some of the music I like. Their cousin was at least a fan of the Beatles. They just immerse themselves in what I like to call “disposable music”. Guess I am just an old fuddy duddy.

    • No, today’s music is horrible. The video I linked that time proves it scientifically. I’m not even a fan of the contemporary Christian stations because it all sounds so much like what you hear on Mix 103 or Y-102 (the latter is a pimples & braces pop station here).

    • RealCatsFan
      11:16 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Yep, most of what my kids listen to is absolutely annoying to me. 🙂 I’m sure my parents thought the same thing when I cranked up Led Zeppelin.

    • But there’s a difference between “That’s TOO LOUD!” and “That’s garbage music that is being played on an automated drum machine and auto tune and whatever”. Just my opinion, which is worth nothing.

    • RealCatsFan
      12:04 pm May 31, 2019 Permalink

      cg, your opinion is in lock step with mine. Like I said, disposable music.

  5. ClutchCargo
    10:55 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    I remember when there was a cloud of cigarette smoke hanging over the court in Rupp. I don’t think smoking was allowed in the seating areas, though.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:00 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Yeah, I can remember going to rock concerts and seeing huge mushroom clouds of bong smoke going up over the crowd in the lower arena. Today they have fog machines to help the colored spotlights show up, but they didn’t need anything like that back then! That’s where the term “contact buzz” originated! 🙂

    • It’s hard to believe now, but I’m pretty sure I can remember walking into a bank and the teller putting her cancer stick down to wait on me. I’ve also been reminded by someone that used to be a nurse that “We used to smoke at the nurse’s station”. Egads!

    • RealCatsFan
      11:15 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I dated a nurse years ago, and she smoked, along with all her friends who were nurses. It always underlined just how addictive and pervasive tobacco is when the people who are at the front lines of the health risks were still hooked on it. She had several patients she would visit who were end stage emphysema and heart failure patients on O2 who were still puffing away.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:18 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I remember attending Ky Wesleyan vs Evansville College games in Owensboro, and the smoke hung over the Sportscenter like a cloud; you could barely read the scoreboard…quite eerie, actually.
      However, it seems our government is determined to outlaw tobacco, and legalize marijuana, which is not exactly free of carcinogens.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:21 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      You make an excellent point, rg. When someone tokes on a joint, they might as well be drawing on an unfiltered Marlboro. You are getting the same toxic, carcinogenic byproducts of the combustion. I guess we should all just make pot brownies.

    • ClutchCargo
      11:23 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I guess you will still get cancer, but be much less stressed out about it when it happens.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:24 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Also, the extended amount of time they try to hold the mj smoke in their lungs…they hold it til their face is red, and they’re about to choke.

    • Realme
      11:25 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I don’t want anyone smoking anything in my face, but roll my eyes the hardest at vapers. Huge plumes of candy scented vapor coming out of your face makes you look like the biggest tool.

    • Exactly RG. It’s so out of balance. I don’t think any thinking person is against actual medical use of marijuana, but some people act like tobacco is the worst substance ever and that there’s nothing wrong with the dooby. I’ve heard that pot really affects brain development in teens in particular.

    • Realme
      11:33 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      My position on weed is that it can actually help people, and does less harm than alcohol. But there’s also a difference vs. tobacco smoking, because you inhale a lot more smoke as a pack a day smoker than you would as a joint a day pot smoker. But one can also vape that, or use a bong or ingest a tincture or whatever. I don’t partake, but have loved ones that do, and I’m fine with it.

    • J-Dub421
      11:41 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      You can vaporize weed though, which eliminates carcinogens because you aren’t burning anything. Grilling meat causes carcinogens, but I doubt any of you are going to advocate giving up your grills.

    • It’s a Biblical thing with me too though. It falls under drunkenness which is condemned in Galatians among other places. Again, I have no problem with true medicinal use. Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach’s sake.

    • Realme
      11:57 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      I don’t disagree in theory with people who are for medical use only. It’s just that “medical marijuana” is a joke wherever it’s instituted. It isn’t prescribed or filled in the same way as other drugs, and anyone can get a card for all kinds of fake reasons. For that reason, I advocate legalizing and applying the same restrictions as alcohol.

  6. ClutchCargo
    11:37 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    C’mon guys, The Guess Who sang “These Eyes,” and “American Woman”, so not that obscure.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:47 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      Not sure when this was filmed, but Randy Bachman was still with the band.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:50 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      The funny thing about the Guess Who is that when their songs were first played on the radio, people said it was the Beatles, and they were playing a joke…never bought that though, totally different musically.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:53 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

      And again, we have Matt displaying his musical ignorance. And C’Mon Shannon, Bachman formed BTO while The Guess Who continued on without him. They didn’t “turn into” BTO.

  7. RealCatsFan
    11:38 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    Shannon with the deep cut! The Guess Who is best known for “American Woman”, but “No Sugar Tonight” is my favorite song by them. Burton Cummings had a set of pipes back in the day – I always loved his voice as a rock singer.

  8. ClutchCargo
    11:42 am May 31, 2019 Permalink

    The thing that this fan hates about that noon kickoff on 8/31 is that it’s going to be crazy hot in that stadium.

  9. Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings from my wife’s home town!

  10. I forgot to ask: I only saw the last few minutes of the game last night. Did any Warrior player go all Barkley on Drake? Maybe Boogie? 🙂