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KSR Guide to CATlantis

There’s a lot to know about traveling to the Bahamas. A trip to Atlantis to watch the Cats with KSR will be awesome, but make sure you read this to stay safe (we don’t recommend the Drew Franklin experience), avoid the frustration of extra costs like Ryan’s $14 mini-bar Diet Coke in Vegas, and enjoy all the amenities and food.

Our family has been a fan of KSR for years and also has a passion for traveling all over the world! Sharing new adventures and different experiences together while traveling is one of the best ways we’ve strengthened our family. We started our site, Traveling Graces, and YouTube Channel earlier this year with the hope of inspiring others with our own travels and making it attainable for them as well. Hopefully, what we have put together will allow you to enjoy Atlantis to the fullest! Our first big tip: there’s water everywhere, be cautious to not fall into a reflecting pool at night. Let’s get on to the details!

Upon arriving at the airport, there are a few options for getting to Atlantis. A cab for two people will cost roughly $40, much cheaper than the per person rate of using the Atlantis shuttle service of $33/person. If you are traveling in a large group consider taking a “limo” – they aren’t super nice but could get 6-8 people to the Atlantis for cheaper per person. Make sure your cab driver is legit and has a taxi license, and negotiate up front if you want to make a quick stop at the liquor store or grocery store (expect to pay an extra $20). Liquor prices are reasonable, but you are able to bring in 1 liter of duty-free liquor or wine per person. So if you want to avoid the hassle or want specific liquor, pack it in your checked luggage. Expect to pay $15/drink at Atlantis bars, so consider that when forming a stragedee. However, shots of air are typically free. Don’t rent a car, it cost $20/day to park at the Atlantis and you won’t want it.

Paradise Island, home to Atlantis, is generally safe, but even when on-site it is best to stay in at least groups of two. We also wouldn’t recommend going walking across the bridge at night, unless you’ve got JRock and Darryl with you. Then do whatever you want. Otherwise, feel free to walk to the Poop Deck (15 minutes) or the grocery store (20 minutes) during the day in a small group. For the adventurous spirit, the “Drew Franklin Experience”: buy a case of beer and wait on the boat docks for strangers with a boat to take you a couple miles out in the ocean. NOT RECOMMENDED. Also, be cautious when holding the elevator for extended periods of time.

The tap water is “safe” to drink. When we were there we brushed our teeth with tap but drank bottled water from the grocery store. Also, remember to notify your bank or any credit cards that you’ll be traveling.

Atlantis Tips: the terms and conditions for staying at Atlantis are longer than Ryan Lemond’s driving record. You’re welcome in advance for our time reading it. While there is a lot of potentially annoying fees, if you know what to expect, budget accordingly, and use our tips, you should be able to simply enjoy the trip. Also, check out how we have an amazing trip every time here.

— There is a $53.70 resort fee per night while staying at the Atlantis. However, the aquariums, pools, and all 11 slides are included. You also get Wi-Fi, gym access, local phone calls, and two bottles of water in your room per day.

— Expect to have 15% gratuity and a 12% VAT (value added tax) added to everything. Just think of it as a tip that is earned, not given.

— Ask a bartender to fill up your water-bottle; they’ll do it with filtered water for free, tip a buck.

— Do all 11 water slides while you are there, they are awesome. Beach towels are provided.

— Review a map of Atlantis before you go, it’s huge and worth exploring it all. There’s really no reason to do activities off-site.

— If you get to Atlantis early and your room isn’t ready, they have transit hospitality rooms where you can shower or change right into your bathing suit to hit the pools. This is also an option to use for late departures. You have access to the full Atlantis grounds from the day of check-in through the day of check-out, use it!

— Ask the casino hosts for a promotion to get $50 in free slot play after spending $25. However, if you trust Bahamian slots, then as Ryan Lemond would say, “I’ve got a house I’ll sell ya!”

Money Saving Food Tips: Don’t buy the Atlantis meal plan, unless you’re Daddy Fat Sacks and you already did – then enjoy it! The reality is that it is expensive and, while doing a few of the on-site restaurants will be fun, you can save a ton of money with the following tips:

— Harborside at Atlantis has a one-hour round-trip shuttle to a nearby grocery store for $7/person

— Pack breakfast and snack items in your suitcase. $15 at Aldi gives you a pretty great breakfast your entire trip without having to worry about doing anything but rolling out of bed to the pool. It’s not necessarily even about being “cheap”, but not spending time at restaurants allows you to experience else Atlantis has to offer. We ate one large meal a day at restaurants, then supplemented with snacks and/or happy hour appetizers.

— There are several reasonably priced lunch options on site (think $20 for a burger and fries), but at dinner-time the only on-site cheaper option is the pizzeria, Anthony’s Grill. A 16” pizza is only $16 and they do happy hour appetizer specials from 4-6 p.m.

— There are several reasonably priced lunch options on site (think $20 for a burger and fries), but at dinner-time the only on-site cheaper option is the pizzeria, Anthony’s Grill. A 16” pizza is only $16 and they do happy hour appetizer specials from 4-6 p.m.

— If you make dinner reservations on site, be aware there’s a $50 no-show charge.

— There are several places to eat in the Marina Village, basically across the street but still on Paradise Island.

— Dominos is in the shopping center with the grocery store and will deliver.

— Montagu Gardens has great food, reasonably priced, and will pick you up from Atlantis so there’s no taxi fare: swish!

— The Comfort Inn and Suites is directly across the street and has a restaurant that’s considerably cheaper than Atlantis, $17-40 entrees.

— Poop Deck is a local favorite, and not far enough to need a taxi; when Patrick Sparks visited Atlantis, he walked.  They have $20-30 dinners and cheaper lunches.

— Of the Atlantis restaurants, Carmine’s seems to be the best deal from a value perspective.

Packing reminders:

— Bring all the sunscreen you’ll want – it’s very expensive on the island.

— Bring a bathing suit cover-up; Atlantis requires it for everywhere except the pools and waterpark.

— Bring food items – crackers, Lara/Cliff/granola bars, Pringles, and other grab and go snacks.

— Tennis shoes – you’ll want them for longer walks.

What are your favorite Atlantis tips?  Let us know via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest!

Article written by Traveling Graces