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KSR Does The Republican National Convention


Cleveland will be the most dangerous place in America over the course of the next week. With the Republican Convention in town to name its party’s President and Vice President nominees, there will be mayhem along the streets outside Quicken Loans Arena as protestors, demonstrators, activists, Trump lunatics and the like, gather in one common area to voice their varying views and beliefs, all while carrying firearms. Not to mention, terrorists; they have eyes on the RNC, too. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned the city of violence and terror throughout The Land.

So, we are going.

Kentucky Sports Radio is getting in there, because we go where the action is. Are we crazy? Maybe, probably. But crazy makes for good radio and web content, and we were put on his planet to do two things: produce good radio and web content.

With that goal in mind, I hope you will join us over the next five days via radio and online as Matt Jones, Ryan Lemond and I report from the scene in Cleveland. I can already hear some of you shouting “STICK TA SPORTS” while reading this, but I can assure you it won’t get too political around here. We’re in it for the absurdity of the whole thing, not the politics. (Besides, Ryan and I don’t know anything about politics.) We’ll be the only sports show inside the arena — which is funny in itself because we have no idea why they credentialed us in the first place — and we will definitely be way out of our element the entire time. Hell, I didn’t know what a delegate is until I Googled it this morning; I can’t even wrap my mind around a super-delegate.

Our coverage will begin tomorrow morning with, hopefully, a radio show from inside the arena, although we tend to have complications whenever we stray too far from home base. Matt has already scouted the scene inside Quicken and he anticipates it to be a huge cluster-you-know-what come showtime. We’ll be there, though, ready to give you the Republican National Convention in the ridiculous manner possible.

Follow our travels through the show, the site and our social media platforms:

Matt: Twitter – @MattJonesRadio; SnapChat – @kysportsradio
Ryan: Twitter – @ryanlemond
Drew: Twitter – @DrewFranklinKSR; SnapChat – @drew_franklin

Again, I hope you enjoy this crazy, stupid idea and understand that it’s in no way, shape or form political. We’ll be doing it again next week from the Democratic Convention to keep it balanced for those of you who can’t grasp that. We just get bored in the summer and the two conventions sounded like some fun to get into. Let’s hope it turns out that way and we escape unharmed with a lot of souvenirs and memories.

Wheels up to The Land!

Coming in hot!!!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

29 Comments for KSR Does The Republican National Convention

  1. whack0001
    9:40 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

    A huge number of these protestors, demonstrators, and activists have incited violence and openly called for the murder of trump, conservatives, and whites during their “peaceful” protests and on social media but Trump supporters are the “lunatics”.

    • scorpiocard
      9:55 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

      Now, please link to these huge numbers of people you are talking about. I’ve not seen it at all.

    • DelrayCat
      10:20 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

      You are a complete and total liar… just like the many many lies that have come from the Donald himself. Two peas in a pod.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:28 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

      Delray: If you watched news coverage, even on a casual basis, you would have seen Trump supporters assaulted in California; you would see BLM “protests” where they chant, “WHAT DO WE WANT….DEAD COPS, WHEN DO WE WANT IT…..NOW”. Even the Dallas shooter said he was “inspired” by the BLM movement to kill police officers. Now, this very day, we have three more DEAD COPS in Baton Rouge.
      Any objective person can see that the incendiary hate speech and rhetoric are directly leading to sedition, insurrection, and anarchy. Ostriches don’t really hide their heads in the sand, but you must.

    • Steady
      12:48 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      Next week is the “freak” convention.

    • whack0001
      8:39 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      I made the comment I made because the wording of this article implied that the activists, etc. are the “good guys” while trump supporters are causing all the problems. I’m not saying trump supporters are perfect but the left has some seriously sick people that call for tolerance and then turn around and call for murder. I don’t have the time or the know how to search through social media and link it for you. A simple Google search will yield you plenty of results on videos of violent leftists at rallys. I recommend you do the research yourself because you are clearly ignorant to the ways of the regressive left. I’ll be waiting for my apology for calling me a liar.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      9:01 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      Certainly, the hateful bigots in Black Lives Matter need to dramatically tone down their rhetoric. They have gotten eight cops killed in the past week, and at least seventeen more shot. It is literally criminal to incite people to murder, and the fact that they are just making stuff up to intentionally misdirect the hopelessness of poor communities toward the group who are among their only friends is just evil.

    • chimichanga
      2:31 pm July 18, 2016 Permalink

      ” the group who are among their only friends”

      Ignorance is bliss, eh? You must be one happy mofo.

  2. mikeintn
    10:04 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

    You are right whack0001, DF said they wouldn’t get political, he couldn’t even get though the first paragraph. lol

  3. hweathers
    10:05 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

    Keep the politics out of it but I bet you can’t. I’m not a Trump fan but as for the protestor, demonstrators, etc, all you would have needed to do is watch the news to see all that whenever he was making his primary speeches, one even cancelled because of the demonstrators. not going to link to it but you can easily find in ay search engine.

  4. leon singleton
    10:13 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

    The lunatics will be the flag burning Hillary supporters.

  5. runningunnin.454
    11:41 pm July 17, 2016 Permalink

    Drew, if you fellas go to Cleveland, seriously, watch your six.

  6. Bobbum Man
    12:05 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    Well this should make for an Interesting comment section….that being said, you could t pay me enough to be anywhere near Cleveland next week… You sir are braver than I. Just remember…Safety first, then teamwork

  7. Angelo
    3:04 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    You guys are nuts!!! Wear helmets and body armor! If you need help, don’t call Hillary.

  8. bosshogg24
    6:57 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    You 3 guys are out of place in Cleveland, you need to move on to Philly where you will feel at home!

  9. nicky
    7:16 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    Probably not the greatest idea to continue to thrust politics onto the KSR reader… does nothing but divide the fanbase which could lead to a fall-off in KSR viewers

    • RealCatsFan
      7:40 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      Nicky, you have touched on the affliction that is the root of so many of the problems in our government – the ridiculous divisiveness and the “my team against your team” attitude when it comes to politics. Our two main parties have completely lost the art of compromise, which is key to getting anything done when you have different viewpoints involved. It has become so bad that I am starting to think the politicians and the media like it that way. The media get the ratings, and the politicians get to laugh all the way to the bank while they spend ALL their time raising money and getting absolutely nothing done. Wake up America! The joke’s on us.

  10. ekywildcat
    8:12 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    Drew, if you need help with your E-mails call Hillary, I’m sure Matt has her number. Go Trump!!!!!!!

    • secrick
      9:42 am July 18, 2016 Permalink


    9:03 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    You are about to be part of something historic.If you can give an unbiased report of what you actually see, it would sure be helpful. We all know the mainstream news is pro Hillary. FOX will be pro TRUMP. You have an opportunity to be real news people. Earn This.

  12. Sentient Third Eye
    9:25 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    The ironic thing about American politics is that, based on my own unscientific survey, about 60% of Republican voters and about 75% of Democratic voters can’t even successfully explain the very arguments that they so passionately defend. So, on average, two out of three don’t even understand what THEY believe, let alone what the other side believes. We’re living in a sad era where the masses lack the political sophistication of our forebears, and that may be fatal for our republic.

    That’s why anything that educates them on how it all works is a good thing. If we cannot regain the knowledge we have lost as a people, they we will lose our American birthright completely and become property instead of people.

    • LigginsLoveSAT
      9:44 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      Great post. A portion of the voting public is deciding their choice for president based on 140 characters, FB posts, or Instagram. Another section of the masses relies on what they hear from their friends or loved ones. The American public is so dumbed down and it is exactly what the politicians prefer. The uneducated are easier to manipulate thus our current state of governing, I mean fundraising, of our politicians..

    • theWilkman
      10:36 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

      It’s always been that way. Let’s not pretend that the American people were political geniuses. You think your grandfather could explain Wilson’s stance on global intervention? Acting like the American people were overall smarter and more educated in the past is the same junk Trump tries to sell that America was a better overall country 20-30 years ago. The past always looks rosier than it is.

    • LigginsLoveSAT
      7:46 pm July 18, 2016 Permalink

      Not once did I mention the past. I simply stated the delivery methods of political information. I agree with your post.

    • scorpiocard
      9:01 pm July 18, 2016 Permalink

      60/75? LMAO

  13. LigginsLoveSAT
    9:33 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    I am glad that KSR is attending both conventions. Yes, the readers and listeners of KSR know Matt, Drew, and Ryan are liberal however they are also not exactly the political type (minus Matt). Before everyone begins bashing the 3 of them for their coverage, why not give it a chance and judge them after the 2 weeks. WHY get your panties in a wad at the thought of 3 people from our state, that we obviously enjoy or we wouldn’t be here, reporting on the nominations of the potential ‘leader of the free world’ in these trying times both domestically and abroad. I do not see KSR scoring an exclusive interview with Trump or Clinton, more the behind the scenes stories & interviews that no mainstream media member would share because they are too pretentious. I seriously doubt a single person is going to change their opinion of either Trump or Clinton with KSR’s coverage so why not just sit back and enjoy the ridiculousness of our current system of governance with KSR ripping it to shreds.

  14. secrick
    9:41 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    I will check back with you in a couple of weeks. Sports ,Sports, Sports.

  15. sincitycat
    10:55 am July 18, 2016 Permalink

    I was hoping Sarah Palin would speak at the RNC because I wanted to find out if she could see Russia from Cleveland.

  16. scorpiocard
    8:58 pm July 18, 2016 Permalink

    The rednecks had a field day on this one….