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KSR County Spotlight: Pulask-me About Pulaski County!


Welcome back everyone!  Hope you all are having a relaxing week.  You’re going to need it with where we’re heading.  Let’s jump on 75 south for a couple hours and pop over to my home away from home, (What Up Woodson Bend!), Pulaski County!


Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia


Founded in the winter of 1798, Pulaski County was named after Kazimierz MichaÅ‚ WÅ‚adysÅ‚aw Wiktor PuÅ‚aski, or Casimir Pulaski as he was commonly known for obvious reasons.  This guy was a boss.  Born in Poland, he spent his early years fighting in the Polish military against Russia.  After being recruited Calipari-style by one Ben Franklin, Pulaski came to America to help fight the British in the American Revolution. He was the father of the ‘American cavalry.’  He was a General in the Continental Army.  Heck, one time he saved George Washington’s life.  I mean come on, you can’t get away dressing like this without being a beast …


Eat Your Heart Out John Snow.  Also from Wiki.

Eat Your Heart Out John Snow. Also from Wiki.


Pulaski’s largest city is Somerset.  While I’m sure there are other great stories involving Somerset, my favorite has to do with Jesse James.  As many of you so ‘kindly’ reminded during the Adair County post that Jesse James robbed his first bank in Columbia, it’s said that his original target was the First National Bank in Somerset. However, when his gang arrived at the downtown bank, they were allegedly scared off due to a large number of young men standing around the town square, holding shotguns.  Why?  Because ‘Murica, that’s why.   Now a days, Somerset is another one of Kentucky’s family friendly cities where there’s a lot to do for everyone.  My personal favorite is catching a Cats game in the Wildcat Fan Cave at Sully’s.  You all can go get wet and wild at Somersplash Waterpark during the day, and catch a movie at the 27 Twin Drive In at night. They’re still showing The Fault In Our Stars, so grab some tissues at the Walgreens down the street.  OR, you could just hit Somerblast this upcoming 4th of July weekend, and visit both places!


I Don't Even Know How This Slide Works

I Don’t Even Know How This Slide Works


But we all know that Pulaski County’s biggest draw is Lake Cumberland, which nets the county nearly $150 Million each year.  Spanning 6 counties in Kentucky, Lake Cumberland is America’s 9th largest ‘reservoir’, holding enough water to cover the entire state 3 inches deep.  Also, Lake Cumberland has more shoreline mileage (1,255) than the entire state of Florida (770).  The more you know, because knowledge is power!  Anyways, two of the lakes biggest marinas are located in Pulaski County.  Both Burnside Marina and Lee’s Ford Marina offer water enthusiasts multiple boating options.  You can grab a jet ski and jump some waves, or rent a houseboat and tour the Houseboat Capital of the World.  Whether you’re skiing, tubing, or lounging, Lake Cumberland is the best way to leave the real world behind.


Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor


So there we go, another one down.  If you need me on the 4th, I’ll be on a double decker pontoon out of Lee’s Ford.  All I need with me is some good tunes and my bourbon.  Hmm, where can I get some good bourbon? Ok, Nelson County it is!

Article written by Corey James

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  1. I don't wanna be that guy but...
    8:24 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink

    Florida’s shoreline is much longer than that. Not sure Lake Cumberland’s is that big either, but I’ll give u that one.

  2. Matt
    8:55 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink

    You’re doing a really good job, Cory. Hopefully your employers have given you some feedback.

  3. Bevo
    9:13 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink

    Bourbon??? Try Apple’s Wine and Spirits, First Stop, or Wildcat Wine and Spirits for your bourbon Drew…

  4. Preacher
    9:19 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink

    Surprised there is no mention of local sports legend Cole Draughn, the “Cole Train”.

  5. Brown
    9:51 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink

    Bevo is that you Skaggs…And as a fellow Pulaski county citizen I would strongly disagree with the assertion that Somerset has so much to do…It’s boring if I must say

    9:54 pm June 25, 2014 Permalink


  7. BlewHareToo
    12:43 pm June 26, 2014 Permalink

    The lake photo is in Russell County, looking from the dining room at Lure Lodge.

  8. fireants25
    9:24 pm June 26, 2014 Permalink

    growing up there with the lake was great but nothing much else going on. Definitly didn’t know those facts esp about the founder…what a beast…whole new respect for Pulaski after beingrecrited by Franklin and saving Washington’s life…dang!

    • fireants25
      9:24 pm June 26, 2014 Permalink