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Kentucky middle school substitute teacher arrested for taking shots of vodka on the job

(Scott County Detention Center)

One Kentucky substitute teacher had a rough day at work on Monday.

Brook Ellen West, a 32-year-old substitute at Royal Springs Middle School, was arrested yesterday morning after she admitted to authorities she took four shots of vodka around 11:00 a.m. while on the job.

According to the arrest citation, West blew a .317 on a breathalyzer test, smelled like alcohol, and was heard yelling and cursing at students.

In a statement given to WKYT, Scott Count Schools said:

“On Monday, April 15, 2019, a substitute reported to Royal Spring Middle School to fill a half-day opening in the afternoon. The substitute demonstrated erratic behavior. School staff acted immediately upon learning of this behavior. Scott County Sheriff’s Department escorted the substitute off school grounds later charging her with alcohol intoxication. The individual is no longer employed by Scott County Schools in any capacity.”

West has been charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place and endangering the welfare of a minor.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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71 responses to “Kentucky middle school substitute teacher arrested for taking shots of vodka on the job”

  1. michaelb

    I don’t think they should do anything to her . Teachers are underpaid and under appreciated.

    1. StillBP

      lol they are those things but that doesn’t mean they can get drunk on the job without repercussions. I imagine sanitation workers and restaurant servers feel they are underpaid and under appreciated too. Let’s just let everyone drink on the job if they feel they are underpaid and under appreciated!

    2. Bruce Dickinson

      I’m not so sure they are underpaid. I know it’s a tough job and your hands are tied in a lot of situations, but being off in the summer would be a huge benefit.

    3. peaches76

      Bruce, off in the summer??? That’s laughable. Not off. And don’t get paid for being “off” anyway. Good grief

    4. cats646

      I know three teachers in my high school who actually tried. The rest of them did nothing, showed us movies and told us the answers to tests so they would look good. Teachers are NOT under payed. Also, I have personally seen alcohol in several of my teachers desks, and even caught one of my teachers smoking pot behind the gym. He offered me a couple hits if I wouldn’t tell anyone. (I was in high school, what the hell.) This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Our education system is failing.

    5. J-Dub421

      Cats646, it’s underpaid – one word, not under payed. Perhaps you should return to school.

    6. Middy


    7. cats646

      J-dub, how many times have I told you not to correct grammar or spelling on here? It’s just so damn petty. I’m typing on a phone, not trying to impress anyone with grammar on a sports blog. Also, let’s say I actually didn’t know how to spell UNDERPAID. Guess who’s fault that is? Yes, the teachers you’re so hellbent on throwing more tax dollars towards so they can make more money to fail at their jobs. It’s their fault. Go solve world hunger or something J-dub. No one gives a fuk about grammar on here.

    8. StillBP

      cats, Obviously J-dub doesn’t take orders from you. It’s not the teacher’s fault that you didn’t pay attention in school, so no one is buying the argument that it’s their fault you don’t know how to spell. The only people who don’t give a “fuk” about grammar are the ones who don’t know grammar.

    9. peaches76

      Preach it BP. It’s always someone else’s fault. No personal accountability

    10. J-Dub421

      I care about grammar. Even if you didn’t know how to spell underpaid, Bruce Dickinson spelled it correctly in the post above yours. I type on my phone all the time, it doesn’t suddenly make me forget how to spell. That was a lazy excuse. If you can’t spell or have bad grammar, that’s your fault. It’s not your teachers’ fault. Take some personal responsibility for your writing.

    11. J-Dub421
    12. 4everUKblue


    13. whatwasthat

      Teachers are not underpaid, one of the biggest lies going, average salary is 52k for 9 months of work. Teachers that don’t give a rat’s arse is probably at a all time high, in it for the pension.

    14. speaksthetruth

      I love how people on here think they know what other people think. Are a teacher? Then you don’t know why teachers go into education!! You think 18 or 19 year olds get out of high school and think about the jobs with good pensions. Where did you get your information on the teachers who don’t care?? That is such a bonehead comment. You have no idea about the stress level or the planning and dealing with parents. Try managing 25 elementary kids all day. Most people are commenting about high school teachers and I can’t say anything about them or middle but I have had 20 years in elementary schools and you are clueless. And the underpaid part is relative. It ranges from 30 to 65 depending on education and years experience. Before you run your mouth about something you have no experience with talk to someone who actually teaches younger kids and does care. It shouldn’t be hard just go to any elementary school.

    15. cats646

      Lol I’ve got the “lady dream team”coming at me cause I misspelled a word on a phone. Look, stillBP and J-dub, I respect both of your opinions that teachers are underpaid. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a stupid ass opinion. Base salary for a teacher in my town is 30000 a year. And they have 3 months off work plus sick days and vacation days. They also (for the most part) don’t do a damn thing. And again, couldn’t care less what you all think about my grammar on a sports blog. Now if you want me to mail you a hand written sentiment then so be it, I’ll spell correctly. I bet both of you gals are the type of people who think you have to go to college to make something of your life. Smh

    16. henderblue

      I know 4ever..their cracking me up. Or is it there? I think it’s they’re…anyway some funny stuff..

    17. J-Dub421

      All the time I hear people say, “I want to get rich, so I’m going into teaching!” Oh wait, no one says that.

    18. cats646

      Exactly, people that want to get rich, go out and do it. People that are lazy and want to find a decent paying job without having to do much work, teach. Now I’m not saying that all teachers are lazy. There are certainly a few great teachers out there. A FEW. But some of my buddies from high school and even some of my family members went to college for a couple of years, stayed drunk the whole time, then graduated and said ” I guess I’ll just teach, that’s pretty easy. “Now they just sit there and show their classes YouTube videos on how to multiply then hand out a “test” and put the answers on the board. Most of them are just lazy people who are there for a check. If they weren’t, and they really cared about the kids and what they’re learning, they would’ve been in school doing their jobs instead of screaming wildly at the governor. It’s sad really.

    19. Danny McCoy

      And let me find a job that entails dealing with a room full of kids with raised by parents with poor parenting skills who grow up to be haters and trolls on KSR… . That’s the job I want.

    20. StillBP

      “that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a stupid ass opinion”…now I see you don’t know the definition of fact. Yours is an opinion too. $30,000 is a terrible salary, especially for the crap teachers have to put up with. They don’t typically just work 40 hours a week, they typically work many more than that. They also typically spend a lot of money on their classroom and don’t get reimbursed for it. Sure, there are some that don’t care about their job. There are also tons who do care and are willing to sacrifice time and money they aren’t required to use, just to improve the lives of their students.

      “lady dream team” isn’t scared of you boys

    21. syrin23

      Not only are teachers not overpaid, they are lazier at any point in history. Each teacher has on average 2 aids to help grade papers, whatever. Back in the day, one teacher could handle a class of 40 students alone. Not only that, the kids would then LEARN the subject material as shown on testing. Now we pay much more and test scores are actually FALLING as we teach about trans anal fisting instead of the fact that 2+2 actually equals four, and it doesn’t matter why you thought 9+10=21, it’s still wrong, and you don’t get partial credit for being fully stupid.

      Look for yourself:

    22. StillBP

      Also, cats, I guess you had some crappy teachers but not all of us had bad experiences with our teachers. Also, I have a lot of friends who teach and they aren’t lazy and didn’t take time off to scream at the governor. You use your small experiences and apply those to thousands of teachers, that’s what’s sad. Such generalization and small mindedness on your side.

    23. J-Dub421

      Lol, if you weren’t born rich, you are very likely not ever going to be rich. I’m not sure where you went to school, but we almost never watched movies in class at any grade level. I know 40-50 teachers, and none of them show movies in class. You are making a lot of huge assumptions based off of almost zero information.

    24. syrin23

      How many of you went to school where they have a “teaching” degree? At my school, the only people who would get that degree typically bombed out of what their preferred subject what. So you can teach? How is that a degree? Do you want to learn science from someone with a degree in teaching or a PhD is chemistry?

    25. cats646

      30000 is a decent salary for south eastern Ky. And that’s a base salary. Which means they start at that and it goes up from there, in case you didn’t know. And you don’t have to be scared, sweetheart. You just have to understand that I’m right, it is indeed a FACT that your opinion is a stupid ass opinion. I’m sorry, was I “mansplaining” to much?

    26. cats646

      J-dub, if your mindset is that you can’t be rich unless you were born rich, then you’re right, you’ll never be rich. Take it from someone who has been there and done that. You have to believe to acheive. Guess where I learned that? Not from a teacher.

    27. J-Dub421

      Since teaching is oh so easy, and pays so much, why aren’t you a teacher? You also misspelled “friends” in another post, genius. But please, keep telling me that you’re right and so smart.

    28. Ridge Runner

      Y’all calm down and take a drink, relax.

      Oh sorry.

    29. cats646

      I’m not a teacher because I skipped college and decided to not blindly follow the rest of the world, but instead go against the grain and make something of my life. I now own three businesses have a nice farm (yes it’s already paid off) and just bought a brand new truck. Guess how I did all of this? It wasn’t by being a lazy ass teacher. Reprograming my subconscious mind and learning how to manifest is the single greatest thing I ever learned. Again, wasn’t taught that from a teacher. One of my teachers did have an affair with my buddy while we were in high school so that was cool I guess. Lol. And I would just like to point out that I’m not trying to brag about what I have, just explaining how I came from nothing to something.

    30. henderblue


    31. 4everUKblue

      Perhaps the decline in GPA can be attributed to the deterioration of the American Family and so much teachers who don’t care or whatever, if you search the topic you will find that the American family is nowhere close to how it once was. With the growing problems with addiction and other issues, the challenges are far greater than they were back in my day.

    32. 4everUKblue

      *not so much

    33. cats646

      That’s true 4ever

    34. J-Dub421

      What do you manifest as? Is it your spirit animal?

    35. 4everUKblue

      The moral decline of this country makes it unrecognizable to me. Is it just me or does anyone else notice it?

    36. cats646

      If my spirit animal is a successful businessman then, yes.

    37. whatwasthat

      Didn’t say it wasn’t tough job in today’s climate, cell phones in schools, unruly kids, but a teachers salary in KY is not 20k. My sister was my first and second grade teacher a different and better time long ago.
      Spoke to a school bus monitor not long ago and the dread this woman had going to work was truly sad, she was one of two monitors plus the driver, our tax dollars at work trying to monitor kids with little character or morals. I’m Sure the KEA will fix it all.

    38. 4everUKblue

      Seems a lot of it starts in the kid’s home, parenting isn’t what it used to be. These days parents are happy to buy them smart phones, iPads, video games, etc to keep them entertained, pacified and out of their hair instead of spending time teaching them discipline, etc. Children have smart phones at really young ages these days. How does that help face to face communication skills?

    39. cats646

      @speaksthetruth, I’ve tried talking to a good teacher, it’s just so damn hard to find one.

  2. StuckinLville

    Hell kids these days will drive u to drinking lol still totally unacceptable though

    1. Ridge Runner

      I admit stuck… thinking the same thing. Heh.

    2. Luether

      My sources confirm that she’s a Democ Rat…


    I know quite a few teachers and the vast majority of them partake of cannabis. Not during school hours, but before and after. Many of them started out taking antidepressants and eventually found a more suitable fix with cannabis. Definitely an under appreciated occupation.

  4. 3Goggles

    I blame Bevin. Not sure how, but I bet he’s responsible.

  5. sprtphan

    Not excusing the alcohol but I can only imagine what a day in the life of a middle school substitute is like nowadays. No thank you to that job.

  6. chris43

    It’s a shame and they did what was necessary. But I’d say chances are that she’s an alcoholic. I can’t see anyone being stupid enough to think “woooooo baby! 11 am party call in the classroom! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Lol

  7. michaelb

    I just saw 3/4 people say teachers are NOT under paid … do you realize they just went on strike last year for being under paid . Ask anyone besides yourself & see what answer you get . They get paid like 28 k to put up with know it all smart asses like well… yourselves . Gotta suck , I mean it sucks putting up with y’all for like 2 seconds on here .

    1. michaelb

      Ky teachers make a salary that’s in the 20’s . Substitute is even less. Try actually knowing something before you type it . Then again 20k is LOT to someone that’s 15 yrs old (which I’m guessing y’all are by the reasoning you display)

    2. BBNnCLE

      Like 2 people disagreed with you. Chill

    3. BBNnCLE

      Aren’t you the same person who was bashing Ja Morant two months ago? Before you complain about people you might wanna make sure you’re part of the solution and not the problem.

    4. Bruce Dickinson

      The average classroom teacher’s salary in Kentucky is $64,279. That is according to the Kentucky department of education. I’m sure it is less if you come right out of college.

    5. speaksthetruth

      Closer to the $40,000 range until you get your masters and rank I and have about 13 years experience.

    6. cats646

      Lol Michaelb just told us a absolutely false fact, all while telling us to know the facts. Fuk off kid daddy and his freinds are talking about grown up stuff.

    7. henderblue

      I know one thing..I could use a raise..

    8. BBNnCLE

      Same here hender you wanna go on strike? According to this guy that’s all you have to do to be considered underpaid.

    9. BBNnCLE

      Funny that you called everyone 15 years old yet you’re defending a teacher being drunk and cussing out children. I’m not sure how old you are but there’s no way you have kids and if you do, tell them I said sorry.

    10. cats646

      Lol hell yea BBNnCLE

    11. BBNnCLE

      Son: Dad we had a substitute today and she was drunk and called me a little b****

      Michaelb: Well, son, teachers are underpaid so you deserved it.

    12. Ridge Runner

      Dad: DAMN, Honey I’m calling the school board and pour me a drink!

    13. cats646

      Omg you’re killing me! Lol

    14. 4everUKblue

      I’m with Henderblue, I need a raise.

  8. Big Bry 1

    There’s no way that four shots ALONE got her BAL to .31. She had to be liquored up when she arrived at school… and why didn’t one of her colleagues or administrators stop her?

    1. Ridge Runner

      Bry, cuz many of them were finishing off Jim Beam.

  9. michaelb

    lol u ppl are complete biches. It’s funny to watch u squirm . Someone got mad at me calling them 15 . Must have hit it right on the head .

    1. JoeMoney333

      There is nothing more embarrassing than watching someone brag about their online forum post.

    2. BBNnCLE

      Lol you can’t even read. I didn’t get mad at you calling everyone 15 I just pointed out how hypocritical you are.

    3. BBNnCLE

      Nothing was hit on the head except maybe you when you were a baby.

  10. michaelb

    I typed 2 instead of 3

  11. eyebleedblue

    Eliminate teachers pensions the state cannot afford.

    Only time they make the news is for protesting, sleeping with their students and now for being drunk.

    Heaven forbid it’s for their product(students) being great.

  12. SaltyGoat

    The way brats are today I can understand her pain. I’d be in jail for smackdown I’d put on the little bastards.