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Kentucky governor Matt Bevin is quick to block on social media

Kentucky governor Matt Bevin, a proud member of the Republican Party, is also a proud host of a block party on Twitter and other forms of social media.

Want an invite to Bevin’s block party? Write something the governor does not like, and you too will get blocked like the many others who dared to challenge or criticize him on the internet. (Or made fun of his selfies.)

Charles Ornstein of ProPublica — which describes itself as ‘a nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest’ — took a closer look into Bevin’s blocking of his followers and found that there is a long list of folks who can no longer read and/or comment on the governor’s social media accounts. Ornstein and his New York-based organization filed an open records request for the Twitter and Facebook accounts blocked by Bevin and it returned 90 pages of accounts. Thin-skinned much, Govna?

A very quick glance at the long list shows some of the Twitter accounts blocked by Governor Bevin include: Aaron Yarmuth, the owner and editor of Louisville’s LEO Weekly and son of Congressman John Yarmuth; an account called @iReadDaily, which once tweeted, “FIGHT FOR YOUNG WOMEN LIKE ME” at Bevin, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul; at least three fake Matt Bevin accounts; and my personal favorite, someone called Atomic Fart Cyclone.

If it’s okay with you, we’ll save the debate on whether it’s right or wrong for Bevin to block his constituents for another time. But if you would like to see if the governor, a pretty good name-caller himself, has swatted you or someone you love on social media, scroll through the 90 pages of blocked accounts here. It may just inspire you to deliver actual blocks like this disabled Army vet did to her congressman in Arizona.

To my fellow Kentuckians, we can now proudly call our governor the Dikembe Mutombo of social media…


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

29 Comments for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin is quick to block on social media

  1. Booby Petrino
    7:59 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    I’ve never been blocked by anyone on social media (that I’m aware of) but KSR mod-bots the hell out of me. Typically when I say nothing bad at all. Censorship is strong on the internet!

  2. Billy Hill
    8:14 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    How any person people have you blocked on Twitter, Drew? Better yet, how’ve many people has Matt ones blocked? Hey kettle, you’re black, signed pot.

  3. Sarahvah
    8:37 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    Bevin is a loon. I wish the GOP had picked Comer to run instead of him.

  4. KYcats11
    8:59 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    I’ve been blocked by Bobby petrino lol

  5. runningunnin.454
    9:18 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    Post says 11 responses….count 7. Speaking of being blocked…ha ha ha.

    • flatliner316
      9:27 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

      Exactly the reason I registered to point this out! Was 11, down to 9, to7, to 12… hypocrite much, Drew?

      Why did you delete the responses here? Ever think Matt Blevin’s team (not Matt) blocks these people to keep trash and possible cursing off the twitter feed?

      It’s Kentucky SPORTS radio not KY Politics Radio. Keep political crap out of this. Sports is usually used to get away from crap like politics.

    • flatliner316
      9:29 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

      oops… *Matt Bevin’s team …

  6. Sarahvah
    9:21 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    That reminds me, DJ Eliot blocked me even though I never said anything to him or @’d him lol

  7. Luether
    9:39 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    Hateful people who post hateful things should be blocked…

  8. hweathers
    10:10 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    I don’t use twitter, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to block some of the trash I’m sure is tweeted his way. And speaking of blocking, I wish there was a way to block all the stupid game ads on the phone app!!!

  9. Sarahvah
    11:20 pm June 14, 2017 Permalink

    regardless of political affiliation, Bevin is shady and bad. not hard to see

  10. dapper1
    7:22 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    Everyone comes here to enjoy a little news on our Cats. But for some reason, we have to be reminded occasionally that the writers are a bunch of little liberal retards.

  11. unbridled
    8:03 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    Your opinion is devoid of logic. Matt Bevin is indeed a Kentucky resident and he will
    end up being the greatest governor this state has ever seen. Not debatable. What the good ole boys and communists have done to the bluegrass is criminal. Bevin is simply trying to reverse the damage those buffoons have done.

  12. unbridled
    8:05 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    *damage those buffoons have caused.

  13. go4christ
    8:54 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    Why did my last comment disappear? hmmmmmm

  14. unbridled
    9:03 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    My comments also disappeared. This is hysterically hypocritical

  15. TeddyBluegrass
    9:57 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    Bea Arthur blocked me right before she died. Guess she got tires of all those dong pix I left in the DM.

  16. kevcat
    10:08 am June 15, 2017 Permalink

    My earlier comment post has been deleted….lol…ha ha. This is too funny.
    Franklin bad mouths our Governor, because he says he’s blocking people on twitter, then Franklin turns around and deletes my comments. You can’t make this stuff up.
    There is hypocrisy, and then there’s Drew Franklin. Unbelievable….not really, that’s the liberal left way.

    • timbo
      12:08 pm June 15, 2017 Permalink

      You’re not alone… Two more of mine and obviously several others… Disagree? Get out. What a hypocrite.

  17. njCat
    3:01 pm June 15, 2017 Permalink

    Drew… are you really deleting comments? If so, why?

    Please respond.