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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

10 responses to “Justin Rogers lets the world know he’s still committed to Kentucky”

  1. abmorris27

    “I’m 100% committed to Kentucky????”… Why are there question marks at the end of that Tweet… Shouldn’t it be exclamation marks? Seems like good news but the punctuation does leave me a bit confused. Just stay with the BBN, big fella!

    1. AwesomeBillFromDawsonville

      1)Let the page load properly.
      2)Reassess the situation.

    2. abmorris27

      Dude, I’m looking at the post on the KSR app and I see question marks. That seems weird. Probably supposed to be exclamation points. But that’s what I see. Don’t be a jerk. And if it’s actually question marks, then it’s an odd Tweet.

    3. abmorris27

      Ok, now it shows the the blue and white icons… much better.

    4. catsfan27

      They are emojis not coming across on your phone?!#*+

      What do you see here: #^*+=[[

  2. ClutchCargo

    So, now we know Butch Jones’ secret recruiting strategy…

    Butch: “let’s play rock, paper, scissors. I win, you come to Alabama.”

    Justin: *wins* “Go Cats!”

  3. Alamo_Cats

    His fingers are crossed in the pic with Jones. Flashing the sign of coercion!

  4. satcheluk

    On both Twitter accounts for all the morons claiming the second was a fake account.

  5. Bluebloodtoo

    Butch Jones is wearing blue. Isn’t that a sign? I’m pretty sure i read that somewhere…

  6. Hal Chidick

    I’m sure he realizes he can excel at UK and be closer for his family. Hope he sees the support here.