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Josh Allen is going to torture the Titans for years to come and I’m really not excited about it

Josh Allen should’ve been a top-five pick. At worst, the sixth.

Oakland was stupid for passing on him with the fourth pick. Mike Mayok instead chose to take a different pass rusher, Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell, in that spot. The unexpected move shocked the draft considering Ferrell wasn’t even the best player on Clemson’s defensive line last season. He wasn’t even the second best player on Clemson’s defensive line last season. Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence, the Tigers’ two defensive tackles, were better than Ferrell. Several experts, including ESPN draft specialist Mel Kiper, agree. Kiper had both Clemson defensive tackles ahead of Ferrell on his mock draft; he projected Ferrell as the No. 32 pick, not the fourth.

Even if you disagree and believe Ferrell was the better of the three Clemson stars, you have to admit Ferrell had a serious advantage by playing next to two first-round talents. Wilkins and Lawrence helped free him up for his 11.5 sacks in 2018. Meanwhile, Josh Allen had 17 sacks without two teammates commanding double teams, whenever he wasn’t dropping back in pass coverage or being held every play.

But Oakland did a very Oakland thing by making a questionable roster move, typical of that franchise these days. Then Tampa Bay took Devin White, the linebacker they wanted all along. No surprise there. But why didn’t Allen go after that? Because the New York Football Giants looked at Oakland’s unpopular pick and said, “Hold my beer.”

New York picked Duke’s quarterback with the sixth overall pick, not Josh Allen. With Giants fans anxiously awaiting the announcement of Allen as the team’s pick, Roger Goodell delivered the horrible news: The New York Giants select… Daniel Jones, quarterback, Duke.

Giants fans lost their minds. The rest of us laughed at their reactions on social media, many of which went viral.

Like this one with very New York language:

Or this one of MetLife Stadium booing:

Or this one of Joe Budden falling to the ground in disbelief:

It will go down as one of the worst picks in NFL history. I’m not the least bit worried that statement will prove to be wrong because it is one million percent fact. Jones will be a bust. B-U-S-T. Bust. Bust. Bust. Daniel Jones. Bust. Dumbass pick. BUST. Bust McBusterson. Bustin Bieber. Bustin Timberlake. Bustin Hofmann. I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment’s gone; buuuuust in the wind. The wheels on the bust go round and round, round and round. BUST. The G-Men should’ve gone with Allen, who is not a bust. Plus he grew up nearby and his mom used to work at a concession stand at Giants games!!! UGH!!!!!

So Allen fell to seventh, due to stupidity. Those who passed on him will eventually pay the price. He will see to it. But the AFC South is the real loser in this, and in turn, my Sunday afternoon happiness is in jeopardy.

For those who don’t know, I am a die hard Tennessee Titans fan. Born and raised (since 1997). I am also a die hard Josh Allen fan, which presents quite the conflict because Josh Allen is going to annihilate Marcus Mariota and whatever quarterback replaces Mariota after his imminent demise. It sucks. I’m supposed to hate Jacksonville. Now I have to watch one of the greatest players in Kentucky history suit up in black, teal and gold for years to come.

Am I mad at Josh Allen? No, of course not. I am very excited for him and his young family. Am I mad at Jacksonville? No. He fell into Jacksonville’s lap. I am mad at the idiots who let it happen. Jacksonville got a future star and Allen goes to a veteran defensive line that will buy him time to find his footing in the NFL. I don’t think it will take him long to pull down his first opposing quarterback (probably Week 3 against the Titans), but he doesn’t have the pressure on him to perform right away, as many top picks do. He can grow and learn alongside two Pro Bowl pass rushers in Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue. In due time (probably by Week 3 against the Titans), he will be doing his regular Josh Allen things in the National Football League. And twice a year he will be doing it against my team. Damn you, Raiders. I hate you, Giants.

My fellow UK/Titans fans know this awful feeling. Colts and Texans fans, too. We all celebrated Allen’s big moment as he carried young Wesley through the tunnel toward the draft stage in Nashville last Thursday night. Then the smiles quickly faded when we realized our other favorite football team will now have to face Josh Allen. We know what he can do on a football field and it’s not going to be fun for us anymore. Josh Allen, Kentucky’s Josh Allen, is now a rival. It was the worst possible scenario in the draft for Kentucky football fans who also have an NFL allegiance… until Benny Snell went to Pittsburgh. Benny Snell, Kentucky’s Benny Snell, a Pittsburgh Steeler.

I don’t know how you’re going to stomach it, Bengals fans.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

20 Comments for Josh Allen is going to torture the Titans for years to come and I’m really not excited about it

  1. Paw
    9:29 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    That’s not funny, Seriously look at that man He loves His Team and wants the very best for them and Some Fool Passes on The Best Defensive Player in the Nation !! I hope he seeks professional therapy it’s a loss they will live to regret!!

  2. bigbluejon
    9:32 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    You know who loves Benny being a Steeler? The MANY Kentucky fans who are also Steelers fans

  3. 4everUKblue
    9:40 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    Of all the QB’s in the NFL none is safer from Josh Allen than Daniel Jones…for obvious reasons.

  4. trey
    9:44 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    I may be the only Jacksonville fan in Kentucky and I couldn’t be happier Josh Allen fell that low. I let out a scream of joy when he was picked that hit a pitch I didn’t know I was capable of.

  5. SDS_81
    9:56 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    Call it the Kyler Murray effect. If Cards pick Bosa 1st then either the 49ers or Jets have Allen, doesn’t even fall to the stupid Raiders.

  6. addyjaxlarkin
    10:02 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    Josh is an extremely overrated player…I highly doubt he sees any playing time his rookie year. Jacksonville wasted a pick for sure.

    • nocode96
      10:42 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

      I applaud what you’re going for in here. I’d like to see you take it to even further extremes and really get some folks heated in here. Lol

  7. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    10:06 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    I like him going to the AFC, it gives him more chances to scare Brady.

  8. Kyfitter
    10:36 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    I’m still crying over my Packers letting Cobb become a cowboy.

  9. friendsofcoal
    10:48 pm April 30, 2019 Permalink

    Thrilled to death for JA but other than that I could care less about the NFL. It’s as fake as WWE and “most” players are a bunch of spoiled idiotic brats.

    • madarchitect
      1:35 pm May 1, 2019 Permalink

      How much less could you care?

  10. bigcat1313
    12:21 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    Another great article by Drew. Best in the biz…

    • addyjaxlarkin
      8:04 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

      Haha I hope your joking.. He is easily the worst writer on KSR. Most of the stuff he post is completely atrocious.

  11. CatManDo
    6:17 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    Longtime Seahawks fan here, was scared he was going to a divisional team – Arizona or SF based on early predictions. So I was fearing I would be in the same situation as Drew. Not crazy about playing against Murray twice a year over the next few years however if he is anything like he was at Oklahoma.

  12. monstermash1
    8:50 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    addyjaxlarkin, but yet here you are.

  13. meeksfor3
    9:05 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    (Conversation overheard in the Giants war room)….

    “I wish we could get that kid from Duke”- Giants Owner (meaning Zion Williamson to play TE or LB)

    Runner takes pick to Goodell

    “With the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL draft the Giants select…from Duke University…Daniel Jones”

    “WTH just happened”- Giants Owner

  14. omegagavin
    9:25 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    Big boy saying Josh Allen’s gonna get a gold jacket I loved! I’m glad he didn’t stroke out on the spot, though. He needs to get on the treadmill stat!

  15. BlueInVA
    10:16 am May 1, 2019 Permalink

    “it is one million percent fact. Jones will be a bust. B-U-S-T. “ and this is true because of your vast knowledge of professional football? Your experience scouting players? Your NFL Front office experience? You have no idea what you’re talking about, just a wild guess. It does suck that Josh Allen wasn’t drafted earlier.

  16. j_willy
    2:15 pm May 1, 2019 Permalink

    Everyone in the AFC south is going to terrorize the titans