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John Calipari visiting Romeo Langford

Where in the world is John Calipari this afternoon? According to Evan Daniels, Cal is in New Albany, Indiana watching 2018 guard Romeo Langford. Langford, considered the best shooting guard in the 2018 class by every recruiting outlet, seemed to be high atop Calipari’s wish list when he offered him back in April, but until today, there hadn’t been much activity between the two during the fall recruiting period.

Romeo Langford
Shooting Guard | 6-6 | 195 lbs.
New Albany, IN | New Albany Senior
AAU: Eric Gordon
★★★★★ (2018 Class)
ESPN No. 2 | 1 SG Top247 No. 5 | 1 SG
Rivals No. 3 | 1 G Scout No. 3 | 1 SG

Last month, Langford narrowed his list to ten (Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, NC State, North Carolina, Purdue, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Kentucky) and so far, Duke holds the lead in his Crystal Ball with 67% of the predictions, followed by UK and Louisville at 17%. A few weeks ago, Langford took an unofficial visit to Louisville, and last week, hosted coaches from Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA, including Roy Williams and Bill Self.

Not only do we want Langford to spite Louisville, Duke, and Indiana, we want him because he’s really, really good:

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19 Comments for John Calipari visiting Romeo Langford

  1. RealCatsFan
    5:40 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    It would be a shame for the Cats to lose a recruit out of our own back yard to the vampire in Durham. Go get him, Cal.

    • Bro Ken Leggage
      7:17 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      Rat Face? Rat teeth differ from Vampire’s teeth (assuming they exist). I got what you meant though. Glad you thought of Rat Face 1st – I was thinking of the strangely weired one in Bloomington…..and the Porcino’s lover-boi on Belknap.

  2. AGSlater
    6:11 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Cal is going to lose another one to Duke. He is second best at this point. I hate to admit it, but its the truth.

    • UK Big Board Update
      6:28 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink


    • UK Big Board Update
      6:42 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      This is just about every ‘AGSlater’ post Google had to offer. Ass hat.

      AGSlater July 18, 2016 at 8:59 pm | Permalink
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      Duke has been getting every player they want even over UK.

      AGSlater April 6, 2016 at 1:28 pm | Permalink
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      Damn. They are stacked. Could go 40-0. Not a Duke fan whatsoever just being real

      AGSlater January 18, 2016 at 4:34 pm | Permalink
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      When do they release NIT bracketology? That’s where this team is headed

      AGSlater January 18, 2016 at 4:29 pm | Permalink
      Like It (0)
      Not if, but when they lose to Arkansas they will be out of Top 25 for good. We don’t need to worry about rankings. Need to worry about missing tournament.

      AGSlater February 12, 2016 at 5:09 pm | Permalink
      Like It (1)
      I think they will have 9-10 losses before selection day and be a 7-10 seed. No im not a Cards fan. Our resume is poor. 3-4 really bad losses and 1 decent victory. If more teams keep losing 5-6.

      AGSlater May 20, 2016 at 4:18 pm | Permalink
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      Our football program stinks and will always stink. Who would want to play for us? It gets old that kids say the school they decommit from is a top their list. Just shut up and say I will NOT be going to UK

      AGSlater September 19, 2016 at 5:31 pm | Permalink
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      Here is a stat- we suck

      ag slater December 1, 2013 at 4:28 pm | Permalink
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      Here comes another 2-10 season everyone. I predict 3 straight seasons without an sec win. Next years team may even be worse than this team. Everyone thinks barker is the golden child savior. Hilarious

      ag slater November 23, 2013 at 9:17 pm | Permalink
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      We suck so bad in football I really forgot that we were even playing a game at all until about 9. We are pathetic in every way possible.From the coaching to the players this football program is pathetic. Can we just take football away from the university It is pointless to play. The only thing our football program is good at is making a bad name for the university and making any team look awesome, How sad is it when your team cannot even win a conference game in 2 seasons. Absolute joke. laughing stock of all of football

  3. AGSlater
    7:12 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Lol. I actually forgot some of those posts. Nice of you to take a big chunk of your day to remind me. Its OK I get it. Same person who thinks we are going bowling this year. Hilarious

    • UK Big Board Update
      8:46 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      It took about 4 minutes, but I imagine that would be an eternity for you to be torn away from your World of Warcraft for that long.

  4. UK Big Bored Update
    7:26 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    AGSlater – you are a good human. Your response was kind. I – on the other hand – am ANAL RETENTIVE. Which means I, UK BIG BOARD UPDATE, am full of shit.

    What kind of lame loser ass turd captures that crap and posts it frickin’ Barney from Andy Griffith?

    Only a dullar tool – like UK Big Board Update.

    • UK Big Board Update
      8:46 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      Wow, you can’t spell for shit, lady.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:03 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

      And, uh, did you read the shit AGSlutforamom posted, or are you just mad at me?

      I didn’t make that up – thats the shit HE said.

  5. UK Big Bored Update
    7:28 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Ass Hat is UK BB U…..douce bag!

  6. UK Big Bored Update
    7:29 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    sp….dullard ! Really sick and tired of that ass whole UK Big BoARD ASS WIPE

  7. UK Big Bored Update
    7:34 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Frickin douce berry

  8. leshearer
    7:45 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Looks just like a Dukie to me…

  9. AGSlater
    8:10 pm September 26, 2016 Permalink

    Why is it some people cannot take facts? Everytime anything is negative they are Card/Duke fans. Duke has been #1 in recruiting last few years. Cal had a good run at #1. I think it sucks he is letting coach k beat him out now. Doesn’t mean I’m not a fan by any means.