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Jim Ross’ Thursday News and Views

Wednesday was a sad day in the world of wrestling, a world I haven’t visited since my youth but a lot of you still frequent on Monday nights and one Sunday a month. If you’re in that group, with Matt and Shannon The Dude, then you may know Wednesday marked the official end of Jim Ross in the WWE. And if you’re not in that group and you have other things to do on Mondays, you still probably at least know about the most recognizable voice professional wrestling has ever had next to its Spanish announce table.

Ross began his WWE career in 1993 and he hung up his headset for the last time on Wednesday (the day his contract officially ended) after 21 years on the broadcast. There is more to the story than I begin to know — or care to read — but I remember the good ol’ days of Good Ol’ J.R. when Stone Cold Steve Austin was slamming Steveweisers and it was cool to like DX. Tonight we’ll look back on Ross’ best calls from that era and all over his 21 years with a “Best of” video from YouTube.

Let out a loud “THAT JEZEBEL!” or “GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY” in his honor.

Now, to the News and Views. It’s going to be a slobberknocker that may have you running like a scolded dog.


UK and Cincinnati flirting with a football rivalry.

According to Tom Groeschen of the Cincinnati-Enquirer, the University of Cincinnati is discussing future football games against Kentucky and Louisville. It’s unclear the level of interest UK has in setting up a series — this is all per Groeschen’s “sources” — but if Stoops is for it, recruiting in Ohio might be a big factor. An in-state game would be another good pitch to the Ohio prospects as a chance to play closer to home (not that Lexington is much farther away) and a dominance in the series with Cincy would help in head-to-head recruiting.

Plus, there may be a day when the SEC removes all FCS opponents from its schedules, leaving some holes in UK’s slate. It was discussed back in April, but Mike Slive opted against the idea at the time. It could come up again, though — ya never know.

Of course, there are also some people who see this as an opportunity to drop Louisville. But that’s a debate for another time, maybe when this rumor picks up a little more steam, if that ever even happens.

Personally, I’d like to see UK drop one of the cupcakes and add Cincy as a 10th competitive game on the schedule, with the eight conference games and Louisville. Hashtag WHY NOT.

UK basketball was one of eight BCS programs with a cumulative team GPA of 3.0 or better.

John Calipari’s boys posted a 3.11 cumulative GPA during the 2013-14 season, making it six out of seven semesters the Cats have had a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Meanwhile, haters are telling Jaylen Brown he shouldn’t go to UK because they don’t go to class.

George Brown Jr. down to two schools: Florida and Kentucky.

Though he initially said he will be deciding between five schools, Brown indirectly confirmed it will be Florida or Kentucky when he announces his decision Friday afternoon. He tweeted out this photo late Wednesday night:

One of those hats will go on his head Friday at 1:30 pm. I think we can all agree the blue one will look much better on him.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp accidentally tweeted a direct message; let’s hope it wasn’t to Brown.

Muschamp meant to send a private message to someone, but accidentally sent it to his 55,000 followers on Twitter. It read, “Got it! Excited about u! Need u!” so it was likely to a recruit. Hopefully that recruit isn’t George Brown Jr.

Alumni game tickets will go on sale Monday.

UK’s annual Alumni Charity Game will take place on August 24 at 6:00 p.m. ET and you can begin purchasing your tickets on Monday at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Seats will run you $101 for premium lower level; $31 for lower level; and $16 for premium upper level. Tickets can be purchased at the Rupp Arena box office, online at, at any Ticketmaster Outlet or by phone at 1-800-745-3000. There is an eight-ticket limit per person. All orders will have additional fees attached. All proceeds from the game will go to charity.

This year’s game format will feature a team of UK pros versus a team of non-UK pros. Rumor has it some former Louisville and Florida players may participate.

Lauren wants us to shut up about basketball because football is the most popular sport in the country and you’re an idiot for liking Jon Hood’s socks.


This was posted on the KSR Facebook page Wednesday night and, while I’m a big fan of her passion and use of all-caps, it may be the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time.

Do you think she likes football?

These University of Louisville decals are a real thing that real people can buy with real money.





They feature the motto of the athletic department.

The #KST Tour hits Hopkinsville on Thursday.

I’m tagging Ryan Lemond back in for the co-hosting duties when the tour stops by the Holiday Inn in Hopkinsville Thursday morning. I can’t believe we’re already at No. 20. This thing has flown by.

Also, shout-out to Madisonville for the great turnout. You are BY FAR the best group of fans in the state. (I’m slightly biased.)

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

54 Comments for Jim Ross’ Thursday News and Views

  1. MBP14
    11:21 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    She doesn’t get that KSR is a KENTUCKY sports blog first of all. It’s not national. The only people who read this site are UK fans, trolls, and the occasional recruiting news searchers. Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, and Kansas are about the same when it comes to year-round basketball talk. Kentucky is a basketball state. Always has been, always will be. I love Coach Stoops and what he is doing with our football program, but I think alot of us are still weary of getting excited for football just yet. Once we see some on-field results, it’ll be a little bit easier.

    • MBP14
      11:23 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

      Also, Will Muschamp must be a distant cousin of Tom Crean.

  2. Chuck Norris
    11:22 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    My biggest takeaway, what kind of world are we living in when a grown man can’t type out “you?”

  3. Bob Huggins Liver
    11:26 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    LOL The funniest thing about this whole blog is how delusional UK fans are.

    #1 You are picked last in the SEC..and will definitely be last (football)
    #2 Can you please list the “players” who got over a 3.0 for the “last 6 out of 7 semesters”
    #3 Matt can you quit sending creepy snap chats to girls, I have seen them..not impressed

    • beavis
      7:41 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      LOL,,,where you live Bob ?

      #1,,we are not picked last in the league nor will we finish there. (just wishful thinking from you U of L fans )
      #2,,, if you were not so damn lazy you could look that up yourself. I am not going to do the leg work for you.
      #3,, nothing I can do to help Matt and his fixation with young girls.

    • L1C6
      9:30 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      clearly Bob lives in Louisville, you know, the 3rd most unhappiest state in the US.

  4. Al Bundy
    11:28 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    That tweet was, in fact, to George Brown. Brown will be committing to Florida.

    • Peg
      8:47 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      You very well may be right but don’t be that guy. The guy that makes a 50/50 guess but acts like he has some inside scoop when he knows absolutely nothing more than any other fan. Just don’t.

  5. Bob Huggins Liver
    11:32 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    Yep, but they have Stoops now so everything is great.

  6. Darrell Hughes
    11:54 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    I am in the the belief with Drew that the time will come, probably sooner than later, that Kentucky will not play any FCS football school or they may play one. With the huge television deals with ESPN, SEC Network and CBS the television networks, who hold the purse strings, will force SEC schools to schedule teams ranked within the top 75. The networks payed big time dollars to broadcast these games and I doubt they want to air a 75-3 blowout over a non competitive opponent.

    Personally, I like to see Kentucky get as many wins as they can on the field and those FCS cupcake games are usually gimmes that help get UK closer to a bowl. But, it would be a waste of money from the network perspective as well as from the school side. Those games against FCS schools don’t generate much interest on a national level nor does it bring people/money through the turnstiles. Plus, playing those games hurts the teams strength of schedule, which is very important now that a four team playoff system will begin this season to determine a national champion.

    What it all comes down to is money. The television networks want better match ups to increase viewership which increases advertising dollars which leads to an increase in profits,which means the networks demanding better scheduling of quality opponents.

  7. JP
    11:57 pm July 23, 2014 Permalink

    AMEN Lauren. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say.

    • ukfan
      12:16 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      ^ tool

    • No, I'm not being serious. That letter made me literally rofl...
      1:49 am July 24, 2014 Permalink


    • J-Dub421
      9:09 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      JP, you and Lauren apparently don’t know that the basketball team will be playing multiple games before the football team due to our foreign trip this year. The basketball team plays Aug. 10, football doesn’t play until Aug. 30. So, you’re both wrong.

    • George
      9:57 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      I agree lauren, stop the basketball crap. We want football reports and like her, we get more than enough cal love during the season. Stoops is much more into coaching, Cal is all about Cal!

    • Southern Jesus
      2:09 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

      Football sucks

  8. Amos Alonzo Stagg
    12:05 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    To Lauren Hughes, I saw my first UK football game in 1956, almost assuredly before you were born and have followed the team since. So, I will follow basketball in June, July, August, September and October if I damn well please. To the guys at KSR, good job. Please keep it up.

    • ukfan
      12:17 am July 24, 2014 Permalink


  9. Bob Huggins Hangover
    12:06 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Darrell, even being a WVU fan this is what you have to realize. ( being rational for a moment) Any school playing a D1 school receives money and greatly improves their program morally and financially. Every team in the nation plays very sub par teams (not for their own bankroll) but for the respect of others. Those wins very rarely count in their national standings. BTW when has these games been televised on national tv. For example the first game of the season is WVU vs BAMA ( we are going to get a train run on us). But will be a higher viewing audience than any UK game to date.

    • Dumb
      12:27 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      You are

  10. Stoops troops
    12:25 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I mostly agree with Lauren. I am a HUGE supporter of ALL UK sports. While I do like keeping up with UK basketball into all months I feel a majority of the focus should be on football. I like Matt, but unfortunately he has one speed, and that’s basketball ALL the time with a little football sprinkled in every once in awhile. This sleeping giant that is UK football is awakening, Matt needs to go ahead and let it rise.

    • J-Dub421
      9:12 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      This year the basketball team plays first due to the summer trip. Also there has been plenty of football coverage on this site over the summer.

  11. Uk football season
    12:48 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Completely agree with Lauren hughes. Drew is a tool “easily the dumbest thing i have ever read”. How old are you? She is 110% right!

    • L1C6
      9:33 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      no, the basketball team plays before football, genius. Summer trip!

  12. ukbradstith
    1:42 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I am a grown man. Please don’t tell me what sport I need to be following and when. Basketball is by far the most exciting sport, and I don’t give a crap who agrees. I personally think we get plenty of football news as well, by the way.

    • Agreed
      8:01 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      Personally, at times, I think we get too MUCH UK football news.. I would much rather read about the color of Jon Hoods socks. That’s probably just me though…

  13. To Bob Huggins Hangover--
    1:59 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Let me ask you a question, and this applies to any non-UK fan who is reading this: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON THIS SITE? This is a UK fan blog. You know what that means? it means that the readers are UK fans. So why are you here? is it to argue with us, and make points about what we are doing wrong? because no one here is going to agree with you… because we’re all UK fans (or at least we should be…). That said, the only reason I can fathom why you are here reading this is that you are a pathetic person who gets kicks by making people mad (in the internet world, we call that a “troll”).
    Now I don’t know you, so I’m not going to pass that judgement. But I can sum this up with one sentence:


    sincerely, Kentucky fans.

  14. BOSOX
    2:14 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I think UK needs that Boise St football and Gonzaga basketball mentality…. Play any one anywhere!!!! In football yeah people will say UK needs a win to go to bowl!!! Not very impressive if they beating Ohio or UT Martin… Play the Cinci’s, West Virginia’s and Ohio St’s of the world… Will fill Commonwealth up and the recruits will want to play them like in basketball..,. Heck UK plays Texas teams in basketball loses and they still line up to come here! Kids want that big stage… When they go to Alabama they get Oklahoma and V Tech to play along with SEC teams!!! Bring it

    • True, But ...
      3:12 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      Most of the elite FBS schools play “gimme” teams schedules. Boise State, while they do have Ole Miss scheduled, they play no other AQ conference schools, and the MW conference is abysmally weak. UK plays in the SEC, so they are playing — on average — at least six top 25 teams per season, even several top 10s. Most recruits aren’t deciding based on non-conference schedule strength. Moreover, consider some of the top tier schools and their non-conference opponents this year:

      Florida State (The Citadel), Oklahoma (Tulsa, Louisiana Tech), Baylor (Northwestern State, Buffalo), Ohio State (Kent State, Navy, Cincinnati), Oregon (South Dakota), Alabama (Florida Atlantic, Western Carolina, Southern Miss), Auburn (Samford, Louisiana Tech, San Jose State), Florida (Idaho, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Kentucky), Georgia (Troy, Charleston Southern), LSU (Sam Houston State, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico State), South Carolina (Furman, South Alabama), Clemson (South Carolina State, Georgia State), Miami (Florida A&M, Arkansas State, Cincinnati), Texas (North Texas), Michigan (Appalachian State, Miami Ohio), Michigan State (Jacksonville State, Eastern Michigan, Wyoming), and Notre Dame (Rice, Navy).

  15. iucansuckabigblue....
    5:07 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    That Lauren chick has one of those “Never graduate” stickers on her Mustang.

    Silly dumb chickens.

    We will read and cheer for whatever we want.

    Go BIG BLUE!!!

  16. arlo
    6:58 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    lauren: esad

  17. PC Police
    7:41 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Drew, Drew: If someone takes off running real fast, the saying is “He took off like a SCALDED dog”.(as in having boiling water thrown on him). A scolded dog just withers and hides, like a “whipped pup”.

    • tuxedo park
      7:56 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      or a stabbed rat.

  18. Don
    8:01 am July 24, 2014 Permalink



  19. Brad
    8:24 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I love the sentiment, but I think “Never Graduate” has been ESPNU’s tag line, slogan, whatever, for the past few years.

  20. Dwight
    8:24 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    It seems like when everyone posts on a comment section their prick level goes up a few notches. Its very entertaining unless it is a reply to my comment.

    As KSR listeners/readers can we all agree that this website is primarily about UK basketball but can also include anything from social media, pop culture, world events, politics, and religion. Now I agree politics (especially Matt’s politics) are a major buzzkill and bring out the absolute worst in people. With that said lets quit having the argument, “stick to UK sports” and “this is a UK sports ONLY website”, obviously Matt and his help aren’t going to change (and they shouldn’t), so my suggestion is lets take the good with the bad and when an non-sports story pops up on the blog, lets not have the debate about this is a “sports ONLY” website.

    • cracka
      8:54 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      wow, how about that … it’s very obvious and makes sense but just has a horrible double meaning … you cannot put that slogan with a college logo when referencing student athletes

      they could have said something like ‘never give up your colors’ or ‘don’t leave the stadium’ … i don’t know, surely they could think of something clever that means to keep cheering year-round

    8:41 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Drew, not sure why you said that Lauren’s comments are dumb. You may disagree, but they’re not dumb. I think she is wrong in that she underestimates the craziness of the UK fanbase when it comes to basketball. Sadly enough, many of our big blue peers live to see what color of underwear Jon Hood wears or what Willie eats for a midnight snack. I’m a huge fan, but I just never understand that. On the other hand, I think Lauren nails it when it comes to football. It’s our nation’s sport. It’s a better sport. We are starting to join the party in KY and if we ever start competing for SEC East titles, then you will see the UK fanbase start to wake up and realize this. It’s OK to love basketball, but I’m guessing that this blog will ultimately start giving football more love when the fanbase feels that it’s safe to emotionally invest in UK football.

    • RNRACE
      9:04 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      The fact that he thinks it’s dumb (unless it’s because of the overall tenor of the post) is once again evidence of how out of touch Franklin and Jones have been about football and BBN. “We suck. We’ll always suck but I can’t give you a reason why.” How many times have we heard that wornout chestnut (minus the last part) from Jones et al? They are nothing more than UK men’s basketball fans trying to convince everyone now that they care about the entire athletics program. I don’t know what’s worse, the previous UK basketball only fandom or the somewhat disingenuous, Johnny Come Lately spark of interest in other parts of the program. I have to wade through posts about lunatics joining the circus with UK tattoos all over their bodies, former players getting shaving cream or whatever put on them in their sleep and countless Rick Pitino / Cardinals posts to hopefully get a football nugget here and there. At one point I think Russ Smith got more KSR coverage than the football team. At least it’s improving but her rant was definitely not dumb. And let me say it to save Franklin the trouble, “but it’s free”.

    • J-Dub421
      9:21 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      If you don’t like what’s posted on this site, then don’t come here. Or, if there’s an article that doesn’t interest you, then skip it. Its that simple.

      Also, you may like football better than basketball, but some of us don’t. I think basketball is far more exciting than football, and disagree that football “is a better sport.”

    • CatsBalls
      10:56 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      JDub: Your opinions and feelings about football are wrong. There is a reason that football is the big revenue sport, and not basketball. Your ignorant point of view is precisely why we’ve had to put up w/ horrid football for the better part of the last 40 years or so.

  22. rick
    9:16 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Not only do i think this girl likes football, i think she’s right. Lets talk football. I don’t give a crap what the rest of the world thinks about us but she has a good point.

    • L1C6
      9:38 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

      The basketball team plays in 3 weeks, the football team plays in 5+. So, basketball is coming up first, let’s talk basketball with a side of football.

  23. Hold Up
    9:16 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    When did it stop being cool to like DX? If you dont like DX then we got two words for you…..

  24. CatsBBN
    9:32 am July 24, 2014 Permalink


  25. Cat in Bama (or anti-Lauren)
    9:48 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    As a UK basketball fan living in Alabama for the last 30 years – I would prefer less football and more basketball!!! …OR KSR can do what they want – it’s THEIR website!

  26. Big Brother
    10:05 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    I find it humorous that people come here to complain about the site. If you don’t like what they do find another site. Better yet, start your own site and then it will only be things you like.

  27. George
    10:07 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    Tell it like it is Lauren!

  28. Mc
    10:41 am July 24, 2014 Permalink

    A few things.

    1) This site is here to make money through ad revenue. Obviously the site will get more clicks for basketball for obvious reasons (more fans, more trolls).

    2) As mentioned earlier, the basketball team plays first this year.

    3) The football team does get a fair amount of coverage on here. I’m willing to bet the # of comments aren’t very high in relation to similar content in basketball.

    4) Basketball recruiting is in full swing during the summer. So although the season starts in a few months, there is news that can be reported.

    5) I also think basketball recruiting is easier to cover than football recruiting especially with AAU and all of these tournaments.

  29. Annis
    12:35 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

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