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It’s Time for KSR! (Tuesday Show Thread)

It’s almost time for KSR and there’s no better way to start your day.  Matt Jones, Ryan Lemond and Shannon the Dude will talk about everything happening across the Big Blue Nation and much more.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the KSR Texting Machine at (859) 300-3264.

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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

65 Comments for It’s Time for KSR! (Tuesday Show Thread)

  1. runningunnin.454
    10:00 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Virginia Tech has now beaten NC State, Virginia, UNCheat, and Puke, and are tournament bound.
    Very good win for us.

    • J-Dub421
      11:10 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      They keep making our win over them look better and better.

  2. I’m having withdrawal symptoms today. I’m mentally used to Tuesday games, so this throws me off, especially now that we’ve played so well the last 3 games. Plus we go to church on Wednesday nights, and I can no longer catch replays on (RIP). πŸ™

    I need the game moved to tonight!

    • Realme
      10:06 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I’m sad that the regular season is almost over. Post season goes by so fast and then it’s the serious withdrawal.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:09 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Yep I have delirium tremens every April when the season ends.

    • JTHinton
      10:12 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Watch EPL Saturday mornings; I’m telling y’all it works πŸ™‚

    • JTHinton
      10:46 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      English premier league

    • ClutchCargo
      10:12 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Being a baseball fan, the best scenario is when we play in the title game (and win!). Then, it’s a seamless transition into the optimism of the new baseball season. Of course, as a Reds fan, I could more accurately be called delusional instead of optimistic.

    • Long time Reds fan here. Oh for the days of The Big Red Machine! It was such a thrill when I got to go to a couple games at Riverfront when I was a kid. I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting there watching Rose and Bench walk up to the plate in those beautiful bright red & white unis.

    • I’ll have to DVR the game. If it was an 8:00 CST start, I could catch it after church, but then the post game comes on so late. That doesn’t lead to being alert the next day at work.

    • Catlogic15
      12:01 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Maybe you should try Sunday mornings.

    • JTHinton, forgive my ignorance: what is EPL?

    • ClutchCargo
      10:26 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah, cg. I was actually a Reds fan as a kid even before I started paying attention to UK sports. My Reds and UK football fandom make me forever immune to being called a bandwagon fan!

    • Realme
      10:34 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      English Premier League. Not personally into soccer or baseball…

    • J-Dub421
      11:15 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      After basketball season, I have withdrawal for a little bit and then throw myself back into tennis.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:46 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Mrs. RCF and I will be at the game Wednesday. A couple weeks ago, I was pretty “meh” about the game and actually thinking about giving my tickets away. Now I am looking forward to it. I need a diversion from reality. Hope we dominate!

  3. runningunnin.454
    10:11 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Here comes the restroom story again. I heard on the news this morning, a man was filming an interaction with someone, and you can hear the gunshots…so the guy filmed his own murder.

    10:37 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Ryan, FTW!

  5. Realme
    10:42 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Had a co-worker ask me yesterday if we were going to end up in the NIT. It’s hard to be patient with these people, y’all.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:46 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Patience is one of the seven heavenly virtues; but, has never been my strong suit.

    • secrick
      10:52 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      That person knows nothing about Basketball or is just trying to get under your skin.

    • J-Dub421
      11:17 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Did you ask them if they were stupid for a living?

    • RealCatsFan
      11:52 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      J-Dub, being stupid can actually pay quite well. Ask a Kardashian.

  6. Realme
    10:43 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Matt’s Favorite Word for February: plausible.

  7. runningunnin.454
    10:52 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    LOL, pet sprayed by a skunk. Use peroxide, baking soda, and dish washing liquid.
    Tomato juice is for bloody marys.

    • Realme
      10:56 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I almost jogged right into a skunk once. It was big and fat and slow and lucky for me, didn’t even react.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:07 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      A skunk camped out under our house once. My wife went to her parents’ house, and told me there were tv dinners and popcorn for supper, ha ha.
      BTW, to solve that situation, I put a trap out and caught a possum, and put it under the house…old wive’s tale…but the skunk left. Then I caught the possum again, and put it back in the woods.
      You think you can call the pest control people? Nope, they won’t touch it.

    • Realme
      11:17 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Turtle man would probably go under there and get it. (If a tv camera was involved).

    • J-Dub421
      11:21 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      My best friend’s dog cornered a skink in their garage and got sprayed years ago. Tomato juice does not work. They tried it several times, along with specialty shampoos, deodorizers, vinegar, etc. Nothing worked completely. Their dog and house smelled like skunk for a couple of months. The smell gradually faded over time. The products helped a little.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:24 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I have way too many skunk stories. Buddy of mine became an expert at getting rid of the stink because his doq was adept at catching them. It used to toss them around an play with them after catching them. Dumbest dog ever saw.

      We were camping at Dale Hollow Lake one year and when we drove up to the campground we were greeted with strong skunk odor. The next day we were talking to the ranger and he told me that a family was tent camping and one of their dogs chased a skunk into their tent. It nailed everything. They just packed up and left in the middle of the night, and left their tent, camping chairs, etc., behind. I think I would have been tempted to leave the dog behind too!

    • RealCatsFan
      11:26 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      J-Dub, “skink” is a lizard. πŸ˜€ Now “skank” is another type of lizard that usually hangs out in Minardi Hall. Legend has it that it defends itself with a powerful squirt.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:28 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      And rg for the win on the skunk smell remedy. That is what my friend used on his dog, along with a little bit of fabreze.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:29 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Now that is funny, LOL.

    • J-Dub421
      11:34 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I can’t type today. I need more coffee.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:42 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      And for the record, you sure as hell don’t want to get sprayed by a skank! πŸ˜€

    • Realme
      11:44 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Skank Spray would make a good screen name for a Louisville troll.

    • J-Dub421
      11:52 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Skank spray, isn’t that another term for Axe Body Spray?

    • Realme
      11:55 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I think that’s Skank Bait.

    • BTownUKFan
      12:15 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Our dog was sprayed by a skunk last spring. Three things we learned after the fact: 1) Don’t let the dog back in the house 2) Don’t spray the dog with water 3) use Baking soda-vinegar mix. You may have to throw out your clothes, the oil got on my watch band I ended up throwing it away. Six months later when the dog would get wet you could smell skunk and initially it smells more like burnt oil.

  8. Realme
    11:16 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    If Montgomery doesn’t want to reclassify, then take Shareef now, and him next year.

    • J-Dub421
      11:18 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Sounds like a plan!

  9. runningunnin.454
    11:19 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Oh boy, Matt just got finned.

    • Realme
      11:21 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Another video I’d like to see. Matt tries to wrestle a catfish out of flood waters.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:25 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      The thought of Matt fishing almost makes me laugh out loud. He would probably squeal like a little girl when he has to bait his hook.

    • J-Dub421
      11:25 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      There should be a web-series of Matt trying to do normal things like change a tire, hand blinds, etc.

    • J-Dub421
      11:25 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      *hang blinds

    • RealCatsFan
      11:29 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I would subscribe. It would be the kind of thing that would make the average guy feel better about his man-card status.

    • I’m not the Master Handyman (RIP Glenn Haege) myself, but Matt makes me feel like Glenn Haege.

    • RealCatsFan
      11:44 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I’m hard headed enough to do dang near EVERYTHING around my house, including most mechanical work on the boat and vehicles. Sometimes I think life would be much simpler to be more like Matt.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:08 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      With Youtube, a can-do attitude and my frugal nature, I can do just about anything!

  10. Realme
    11:39 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    How does the WV governor owe Ky taxes? Does he own property here?

  11. runningunnin.454
    11:41 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Watched the first half of USA v Puerto Rico last night; Aaron Harrison nailed four 3 pointers. Didn’t see Willis, though.
    And AD with 53 points v Booker’s 40…wow.

    • J-Dub421
      11:54 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      But Anthony Davis is the most overrated player in the NBA right? πŸ˜‰

    • runningunnin.454
      11:56 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      If you listen to Skip Brainless.

  12. RealCatsFan
    11:51 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Heard on the news that Delta decided to drop their discount to NRA members in protest of the Florida shooting. Now the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Georgia is threatening to pull a tax incentive plan because he says they are attacking conservatives. Some are saying that this is proof that the NRA has republicans in their back pocket. No matter how you view it, I think this is an overstep by the government into the business of two private companies. If you are a true conservative, I can’t see how you would be in favor of the government taking sides in a dispute between two private entities. At least that’s the way I see it. I say let NRA members boycott Delta if they want. The government should stay out of it.

    • J-Dub421
      11:56 am February 27, 2018 Permalink

      The Lt. Governor is clearly overstepping. What I want to know is why on earth Delta gave discounts to the NRA in the first place? You can’t even take guns on planes. It makes no sense.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:12 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      It’s a marketing move by Delta to give those discounts to NRA members in the first place. Kinda like the various discounts you get for being a AAA member. Now Delta is just covering their behinds to avoid negative publicity, in case it goes that way. No person who joins the NRA does so for those discounts. The LT is dumb for getting involved.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:13 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      *Lt. Governor

    • BTownUKFan
      12:18 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Actually what the Lt. Governor did is against the law.Government cannot punish private companies for their political views.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:27 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I don’t think it’s political at all on Delta’s part, it’s just about protecting against negative publicity.

    • BluKudzu
      12:58 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      I am not a fan of the NRA. They funded the program and firearms classes that taught the murderer of the 17 people in Florida, how to maximize the firing capability of his AR15, the same one he used to murder school children and teachers.

      The Lt. Gov from Georgia is stepping way out of line, representing all tax payers of Georgia who’s opinions may indeed differ from his, versus a private company. I applaud Delta taking a stand and recognizing the NRA for what they are.

      The NRA spent over 540 million in lobbying last year, up over 100% from 2016 (260 million).

      However badly my opinion of the NRA is, they are not the reason the senseless killings continue to happen. The real problem is in the way the second ammendment was written, as it does not pertain to rights given Americans to kill Americans, it is the right to bear arms and protect your freedom.

      I think the first place we look to solve the issue is the second ammendment. It has to be restructured, as it is now, it is almost begging people to buy a gun for killing innocent people.

      Put laws in place that find and identify those who are a risk to others that try to own weapons. Currently it is no more than a questionaire. With the lives of so many at risk, we have got to find a better way.

      People need to be less worked up on the definition of assault weapons. They need to understand the difference between assault with a weapon, and murder with a weapon.

      To think that military grade automatic weapons are the only true assault weapons, is insane.

      Apologies to those I have offended.