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Introducing ‘KSR Stories’ (and a blast from the KSR past)

Have you ever listened to a caller on KSR and wondered what their life is like after Matt appreciates the call? Where does Kentucky Joe produce his albums? How did Fake Barney’s career change after his ill-fated Jurassic Park audition? Can Harvey see your aura, like, right now? Well, my friends, I’m here to try to answer questions just like those. (Ok maybe not just like those. Fake Barney doesn’t like to talk about his Jurassic period. Darkest time of his life since the meteor.)

Anyway, this is KSR Stories, my almost certainly doomed attempt to chronicle, on the KSR website, some of the larger than life people and personalities that make the Kentucky Sports Radio radio show so, you know, whatever it is exactly. I’m going to try to meet, interview and help you, The Fan, get to know some of those folks a little better. I have a few of KSR’s most recognizable voices in mind to start – if I can get a hold of them and they for some reason decide to talk to me – but I also want to hear from you. Which radio personalities do you want to see profiled here on the site, as I cross the streams of the KSR empire? Should I visit Eugene’s collie farm? Get an in-person pep talk from Chester? Tell me in the comments or @HunterCampbell on the Twitter machine. (Shameless Twitter follow request: I’ve mainly been radio silent on there, but If I’m going to be a Blogger™ there are strict regulations about being on Twitter and having some followers. I probably don’t need to tell you how bad it is to end up on the wrong side of blogging regulations. The lashings are terrible, and they make you rewrite Buzzfeed comments on a chalkboard over and over. Help me out.)

You may feel like, even after that sweet intro which will definitely lead to you giving me ideas for stories and following me on Twitter, there are still questions left unanswered. Did Fake David Beckham go to the Royal Wedding? Is Fake David Beckham actually the real David Beckham? Who in the frank is Hunter Campbell? I can help with the last one.

Way back when KSR was just a plucky little website where people came to see Kige Ramsey teach free throws and BTI wrote, well, pretty much the exact same posts he writes today, I won the world’s first “Who Wants to be a KSR Blogger?” contest. I did some enjoyably mediocre posts, and like six good ones, over the better part of four years before stepping away shortly after the 2012 championship to be with my father during his last few months. Over the intervening years, I got married, bought a house, had a son, bought another house, and seven weeks ago my wife and I welcomed our second son into the world. I somehow even got a real job or two along the way. I also recently got the renewed itch to tap on my keyboard and make words about sports stuff come out, so here we are.

Maybe it’s the exhausted delirium of new-again fatherhood. Maybe it’s because doing this means I can spend more time not watching PJ Masks or changing diapers. Either way, I figured now seemed like a good time to get back to the world of writing. What could possibly go wrong?

That’s my story. Now it’s time to tell the stories of the people who have entertained all of us on the KSR airwaves over the years. Let me know the ones you want to read. I can’t wait to bring them to you.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.