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ICYMI: Florida almost lost in OT last night…to ULM

SEC basketball continues to look like the SEC basketball we have known it to be these past few years, and the Florida Gators aren’t helping out. Donovan’s 8th-ranked Gators did their best Will Muschamp impression and almost lost to Louisiana Monroe at home last night.

The Gators barely ended up beating the Warhawks by a narrow margin of victory, 61-56. This Gator squad was fresh off a Monday-night loss to Miami, a game that the Gators did lose at home. Yes, last night the Gators were without starters Eli Carter and Dorian Finney-Smith, but the Gators on the court didn’t look that great, they struggled heavily to score the ball. They were led in scoring by Michael Frazier II with 21 points (4-11 from the field, 11-13 FT).

If Florida doesn’t get it together, and Arkansas doesn’t play up to at least the minimal hype they’ve been receiving, it may be the easiest SEC basketball season the Cats have ever played. The SEC is just bad. Again.

Article written by Kaan Solagan

Senior at the University of Kentucky. Atherton High School Alumnus. "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - The Greatest

27 Comments for ICYMI: Florida almost lost in OT last night…to ULM

  1. Matt Jones
    5:59 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Florida is not good so far this year

  2. RealCatsFan
    6:28 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    But of course they will play way over their heads against UK, especially when we play them on the road. Happens every year it seems – SEC teams drop multiple turds against out of conference opponents in the early season so their RPI drops, and then when UK comes to town, the arena is packed and the team plays like the Lakers. As Cal says, Everybody’s Superbowl.

    • Sublem
      8:10 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Fortunately, that shouldn’t faze this seasons squad, they should want blood.

  3. Kentucky Back-up Player
    6:51 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    the crowd at Florida’s arena looked like a Hickman County practice. There were not 5k people there from what I could see.

  4. BlueRage02
    6:51 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Auburn could challenge they put up 105 against Louisiana, but then that followed them losing to Colorado by 31 so maybe not…

  5. ClutchCargo
    6:56 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Our RPI will take a hit every time we tip it off against a SEC team this season, but we are way past having to worry about strength of schedule.

  6. RealCatsFan
    7:23 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Honestly, it really sucks sometimes to be stuck in a football conference when UK’s strength has and always will be basketball. It is MUCH harder to get traction to build a football team in the SEC than it would be in a conference like the ACC or BIG10. As far as UofL has come with their football program, I will always wonder if they would have had anything close to that if they had to build up their program in the meat grinder that is SEC football.

    • cats paw
      7:40 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      I don’t think one can really consider the SEC east a meat grinder. It would be considered mid-level (at best) when ranking conferences.

    • RealCatsFan
      8:45 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Are you friggin’ serious? You did see the part where I wrote SEC FOOTBALL being a meat grinder, and you are calling it a “mid-level (at best)” conference? Did you maybe confuse that with the conferences that Louisville plays in? SMH

    • plumloopy
      12:07 am November 23, 2014 Permalink

      For the first time, I think I have to agree with you. ACC sounded miserable to me before, but getting so many tough regular season games never hurt Duke, UNC and whatever other power arose in that conference. In the end, we suffer in both sports now, as a result.

      Were we to jump ship, SEC basketball would look like… I struggle for comparison. It would fall so far as to be unprecedented.

  7. Time Expired
    7:56 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Speaking of football the Tardnals beat Notre Dame and now have an 8-3 record. If there are any betting people out there better take the Tards and give the points regardless of the spread.
    Really sad when I see that Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee are all going bowling. Only the Cats and Vandy stay home to eat pizza, wear grubby sweats, and slouch on their couches watching the games on their big screen TVs.

    • theSkinny81
      8:19 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Louisville didn’t win that game – Notre Dame lost it.

      And the impression I have gotten from a lot of UofL fans is they are not happy with Petrino after the last several games (play-calling, effort of team, choking the game away etc). A coach who inherited a good team with good talent.

      We still have a chance to go bowling this year (although I agree, unlikely, but ya never know) – and should go bowling next year. Let’s just show we are capable of an inkling of patience before heading back to the drawing board. Stoops and Crew haven’t even finished Year 2!

    • cats paw
      8:32 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      And I truly believe that if Uk had hired a proven coach (like Louisville or Arkansas did) we would be in the exact same shape at this moment, which is competitive with any team we play. We are stuck in a program of fans and faculty that is so accustomed to being the bottom rung of the ladder that the possibility of a bowl game achieved by beating division 2 talent teams is considered a major success story. As long as we have the mind set we cant win at Uk because we can’t recruit here or we have inferior talent to other SEC teams we will remain in the same hole. You cannot argue that every single team in the SEC can recruit but we can’t. Louisville seems to do fine with the talent they recruit? It all starts with coaching and it don’t take 4-6 years to get there with a great coach!!!!

    • theSkinny81
      8:41 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink


    • RealCatsFan
      8:49 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Um, “Cats Paw”, don’t you think it’s about time you came out of the closet and changed your user name to “Birds Beak”?

      UK could have hired Nick Saban, and it would still have taken more than one year to recover from the stinkin’ dumpster fire that Joker left this program in. UofL had about a three year head start under Strong to recover from the Krag fiasco, and they got to do it against weaker competition. This allowed them to easily qualify for bowl games, and that extra month or so of practice every year helps a team greatly.

    • cats paw
      9:03 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Skinny, I’m not trying to get under your skin at all!!! I really think you allow your hatred of the Tards to prevent you from seeing the reality of where the two programs are. Petrino actually built the Tards and Arkansas to top 10 level teams (not inherited them). Then he beat Ky with Western talent that certainly wasn’t loaded when he inherited it. I can’t argue anyone’s point that he may be a total scumbag but I will argue that he is proof that a great coach can turn a losing program into a great one, regardless of their past. I don’t think he would have Ky competing for the SEC championship at this point but I do think we would be competitive in the games and wouldnt be giving up 50+ points to teams

    • cats paw
      9:15 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Um, RealCatsFan. Charlie strong won 7 games both of his first two yrs after inheriting the terrible Krag fiasco. Then 11 games the next year! Thanks for proving my point about what a good coach can do for a team.

    • rainman
      9:24 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Nothing stopping you from beind a TARD fan cats paw, good riddance!

    • HanOfTheBluegrass
      9:33 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      cats paw, you didn’t read the post, did you? Part of RealCatsFan’s point was Louisville was able to play an easier schedule which made the rebuild easier and the path to bowl games (and those extra practices) easier. In 2010, Strong’s first yr at Louisville, the Cardinal’s SOS was 15 spots worse than Kentucky’s, 78th to 63rd. In 2011, UK’s SOS was 35th to Louisville’s 62nd. (And in 2010, UK finished 6-7 to UL’s 7-6.)

      Seriously, how’d you miss half of the point of the post you replied to?

    • theSkinny81
      9:33 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      You’re not getting under my skin. However, your bias towards Petrino and/or win-at-all-cost mentality is clouding your judgment.

      I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, he’s a good, if not great coach, but he never had to rebuild a program from the ground up, either. He took over for John L. Smith, who was hired away to Michigan State (arguably a ‘better’ job), after leading Louisville to 5 consecutive bowls, albeit in the weak-ass C-USA. During his first contract year at Louisville, Petrino also secretly interviewed for Auburn. Shady move.

      He then went to WKU, and took over a team that had been solid under Willie Taggart. You bring up the point that he took WKU talent and beat UK. That’s true, but what you fail to understand, is that he beat a leftover Joker team which also had WKU level talent. (Those same players have developed quite well under Stoops). Petrino also went just 4-3 in the Sun Belt Conference. Using your logic, you’d think he should’ve gone undefeated, no?

      Then Petrino went back to Louisville, who had just come off of their best run probably in program history under Strong. Great recruiting classes (Parker, Bridgewater, etc.) 12- 1. Sugar Bowl champs, remember? Yeah, Charlie Strong built that. Now I’m hearing fans question Petrino’s abilities during this year.

      I for one am glad we didn’t go for Petrino. I don’t want to be ridiculed for hiring a scumbag and coward. (Imagine what Louisville fans/media would have said about US if WE hired him. lol. The irony.) I’ll take my chances with Stoops. If there’s no marked improvement next year, then we can start questioning the competence of the staff. But at least give the guy a fair shot at cleaning up the mess first. He’s recruiting better than we’ve ever seen here. But true freshmen rarely make an impact.

      Even one of our most beloved, Randall Cobb, has made comments about the state of the program under Joker. I’ll listen to the opinions of Tim Couch, Jared Lorenzen, and Randall Cobb (who are optimistic about the future of this program) than some internet hater like you.

    • theSkinny81
      9:36 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Um, RealCatsFan. Charlie strong won 7 games both of his first two yrs after inheriting the terrible Krag fiasco. Then 11 games the next year! Thanks for proving my point about what a good coach can do for a team.

      Pretty impressive, considering the conference(s) they were in. The C-USA/BigEast/AAC were real “meat grinders”.

    • cats paw
      9:42 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      Fair enough rainman. I’d rather be happy than be right! Funny how so many lash out because others have a difference of opinion. If you can’t win an honest debate you have to lash out with personal attacks. As stated b4, my disgust is SOLEY based on the fact that the Tards have a much better football program than us at the moment and I don’t see that changing. If trying to deny that reality works for you, then more power to you.

    • Tomasito
      9:42 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      What you are missing cats paw is that Louisville was in a vastly inferior conference when Strong took over and tried to rebuild that program. That is why he got a terrible team into a bowl game his first year there. That gave him extra practices which are vital to a young team. Stoops inherited an OVC level team and while the SEC East is not as great as the West it is certainly better than the old Big East/American and is better than the ACC Coastal. Stoops is getting the benefit of weak opponents, doesn’t mean I or anyone else here is excited about the way the team has played, but we have to be patient. It is an uphill battle in this conference, 5 wins would be an improvement but still a little disappointing based on the last few weeks performances. Next year is the year to judge Stoops and his coaching acumen. If he gets this team to a bowl game and the look competent against good teams, then I think he is on track. If not then maybe decisions need to be made.

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:00 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

      My question is this: do we let ‘cats paw’ back on the Big Blue Bandwagon if/when this team starts having success? 😉

  8. cats paw
    9:50 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    Well I’ve learned if I can’t say anything positive it’s better to not say anything at all. You all enjoy the program and I’ll stick to enjoying basketball.

  9. Buckets
    9:52 pm November 22, 2014 Permalink

    “score the ball” is the worst basketball cliche ever.

    • Casper
      2:13 am November 23, 2014 Permalink

      Buckets you are totally correct. The human tendency to hate cliches worries me.