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I Hate Facebook.


I remember it like it was yesterday.

“Click to confirm your Facebook account,” the e-mail read.

It was the happiest day of my young college life. Once I got that e-mail address, I went straight to Facebook to set up my profile. It wouldn’t be long before I could poke every sorority girl on campus, I thought. I couldn’t wait to write Beer pong tonite? on Skyler’s wall, to see if he and the guys over at Audubon wanted to get some games in before sundown.

The mouse couldn’t move fast enough. I frantically tapped my feet between page loads. I was officially a member of the exclusive Facebook world, then known as Thefacebook.


That was a long, long time ago; back when Facebook was restricted to students with e-mail addresses from a hundred or so colleges and universities. That was back when Facebook was fun and exciting; before it was flooded with opinionated bullshit, auto-play videos and links to TOP SECRET DIET SUPPLEMENT USED IN HOLLYWOOD.

No parents. No teachers. No employers. No redneck high school classmates griping about “the gays” getting married, in all-caps. Just a database of college students, looking to meet others like themselves and write short, booze-fueled posts they would one day regret.

Those were the good ol’ days.

Now, Facebook is my least favorite website on the internet — and, yes, I’ve seen Two Girls, One Cup. I’ve seen it twice.

Facebook is the internet’s trailer park. It’s where the dumbest are the loudest and the ugliest babies have the most albums. It’s where people complain to people who don’t give a shit. It’s where sick people die if their page doesn’t get 500,000 likes. It’s where I go twice a day out of habit, only to be reminded how much I don’t care what my “friends” think about Barack Obama or the new Wal-Mart.

Facebook is the world’s worst drug, and I hope its 1.44 billion addicts read this.


Facebook used to be simple.

Let’s go back about ten years, when Facebook was for college students and MySpace was for everyone else.

Back then, things were different. Things were simple. A friend request meant you were getting out and meeting new people on campus; or if you didn’t mind adding strangers, it meant you were trying to get out and meet new people. (Or you were a creep.)

Writing on walls was as common as text messaging. Last night was so much fun! was a perfectly acceptable thing to write on someone’s page. It’s how we communicated with each other. It’s how we made new friends. It’s how we flirted. It’s how Alex got those girls to meet us at Blue Line one night. Damn that was a fun night.

There were no shares or ads or links or grandmas or BuzzFeed cooking videos. It was simple. It was college kids interacting with college kids.

Those were the days.

Public access ruined everything.

From a business standpoint, opening Facebook to the masses was the only play. It was too popular to be limited to college students forever. Facebook needed to grow, and to grow it needed more and more people. Perfectly understandable. It needed to happen.

But all hell broke loose when it did.

Though we all use it daily, we’ve all said “I hate Facebook” at some point.

Whether it was after a crazy relative aired out family laundry, or when you wasted six minutes of your life reading about someone’s bad experience at Applebee’s, you’ve sworn off Facebook forever, at least once.

“I’m done with Facebook.” We’ve all said it.

If you haven’t, then you’re the problem.

We get it. You do CrossFit. 

You know how I know you do CrossFit? Because you’ve been flipping that same tire every morning for two months and you’ve taken a picture of it every time. Seeing you and that tire has become a part of my daily routine. I bet you flip it again tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll get flipped again the day after that. The day I don’t see you flipping that tire is when I will assume you are dead, or the day you realized there is no direct correlation between Facebook likes and muscle mass.

First rule of CrossFit: Tell everyone you do CrossFit.

That’s a link to a fake news story, you idiot.

Hey dumbass, Arizona didn’t legalize meth because it reduces cholesterol. No, Jennifer Aniston did not die in a tragic snowboarding accident. And believe it or not, scientists still haven’t found a way to build invisible cars out of recycled aluminum cans.

So before you go sharing that story about the man who survived three years in a sink hole by eating his own elbow, take a second to check the source. If it checks out, do as you please. If you can’t tell, you don’t belong on the internet.

Can you elaborate?


Oh. You just wanted attention. Gotcha.

I don’t know any of those People I May Know.

That’s a photo of a dog and we have three mutual friends. I can’t say we know each other.

The sexual predator-looking guy, with the glasses? File him under People I Don’t Want To Know, Ever.

I also don’t know the six people in that wedding party photo; that lakehouse; the girl I never talked to in high school; or the man swinging a golf club, although we do have four mutual friends, who I also don’t know.

What’s with all the ads?

Zuckerberg, chill with the sponsored posts. Don’t you have enough money by now?

I don’t want to join Trunk Club or Sock Club or Shoe Closet or Hat Pantry or any of these other startups you’re pushing on me. My NewsFeed is bad enough without the unwanted advertising.

One first day of school photo is plenty.

Cute kid. Love the backpack. He’s killing it in that new Polo.

It’s okay to be proud of Junior’s first day in the third grade. That’s a big moment and you should capture it. It won’t be long before he’s stealing cash out of the sock drawer to go buy booze from the gas station that doesn’t card down the street. Enjoy these precious moments while they’re here. Make them last and get as many He’s adorable! comments as you can.

However, one, maybe two photos are plenty — three max. One in the driveway and one outside the school is more than enough. We don’t need to see his entire classroom, his Lunchable or his new Hunger Games notebook. Upload a couple of little man ready to learn his cursive and then move along.

Sell your Zija somewhere else.

Couldn’t be happier for you that you lost 70 pounds and you make six figures pushing the product that helped you shed the weight. Seriously, congrats. I’m sure you deserve that BMW for outselling everyone in your territory.

But if you’ll notice, everyone on Facebook hates you. We would rather see a photo of the inside of your toilet after a 15-day cleanse than read another post about how we can make $5,000 in one week and live a healthier lifestyle if we give you a call.

You make me want to add more CrossFitters.

If you spoil a TV show within 36 hours, you give every one of your friends the right to kick you in the shin.

That Game of Thrones finale was pretty nuts, huh? I bet other people would like to enjoy it, too, when they get home from their busy lives to catch up on their DVR. Maybe wait to write R.I.P. (Main Character) in a Facebook status. It’s a common courtesy.

“Bob tagged you and 173 other people in a photo.”

Did I go to church camp last weekend and not remember it? Why am I tagged in a photo with 173 people? When was I within a camera’s reach of 173 other people recently?

Oh, it’s just Bob trying to sell his old truck.

Get CraigsList, Bob. People go there to buy old trucks.

You mean I’ll burn in hell if I don’t share this?


I think I’ll take my chances. Besides, I never knew Jesus to be so hungry for web hits. I must’ve missed that Sunday.

I can’t say that I do want to watch ISIS behead someone.

Nor do I want to watch a routine traffic stop turn violent.

I didn’t log on to learn the truth behind 9/11, either.

Believe it or not, I have exactly zero interest in seeing the world’s most brutal car wreck.

And though it sounds wild, I did not click my Facebook bookmark to watch THE VIDEO THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT US TO SEE.

Maybe some other time, guys.

No, I would not like to play FarmVille. In fact, I hope your fake farm dries up and your fake barn burns down with all of your fake livestock in it.

There are two types of people in this world: those who play FarmVille, and those who leave the house. The latter is 99.99999 percent of America — you know, people who do things in real life with real people. The other 0.00001 percent want you to water their crops and feed their chickens while they set a new high score in Candy Crush Saga.

I mean this in the nicest way possible: I wish awful, awful things on anyone who invites me to play FarmVille.

If you have a strong political opinion and feel the need to share it, glance down at your keyboard, then bang your head against it until you pass out. 

If you take only one thing away from this rant, let this be it. I can’t stress this point enough. The moment you think it’s time to write a couple hundred words about your political views, put a hammer to your computer.

It’s Facebook. No one cares. Out of all those people on your friends list, zero of them care. Literally no one. Not one person will read your post and think, “You know what, my day is better because I know what Jeff thinks about gun control.” Never in the history of ever has someone said, “Hell yes! So glad Linda shared her thoughts on healthcare. So awesome. Day made.”

Let’s all try to be better.

And maybe, just maybe, what was once the best thing on the internet will one day be tolerable again.

Until then, I’ll be scrolling through my NewsFeed — and hating every minute of it.

See you over there.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

105 Comments for I Hate Facebook.

  1. The Original WTF Guy
    8:16 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Do we really need this Infinite Jest length post just to say “Facebook sucks and anyone over the age of 18 who is on it is a loser?” I don’t think everything here has to be UK or sports related, but this? Really? What next – Kim Kardashians 12 best pregnancy looks?

    BTW, that’s a joke. That lard ass doesn’t have 12 great looks, much less 12 while she is pregnant.

    • Nutwrap
      9:41 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

      Drew’s Facebook rant has 20 likes though.

    • Carol
      4:06 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      What a sad little man. What an offensive and pathetic post.

    • Carol
      4:14 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      I really wish we had thumbs down votes for offensive posts like the beginning one. There are a few things I hate being on a sports website. The top three being profanity, Christian bashing, and vulgar photos.

      While I will agree that Facebook needs improving, I certainly do not agree with the way you want it. I think it should be MORE expressive and LESS controlled.

    • Bluemanchew
      6:24 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      You know what I hate? Going to my favorite sports blog, and reading junk like this. You got too big for your own britches. Time to move on to some weird CNN/social media site.

  2. UKFaniac
    8:18 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. This is Gospel truth!!!

  3. Yezzurb
    8:22 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, you’re routinely turning in top notch work. Great job. ‘Bout the only funny person left on this site.

  4. Big Blue Fan in the Morning
    8:25 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Excellent post and a throw back to the Laura Ingalls days of this site!!!!

  5. DrSayre
    8:28 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    This is the best article I’ve seen on KSR since part 1 of the Taco Bell thing!

  6. I Love It
    8:35 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    The MLM crap has gotten out of control. It’s so sad to see kids with college degrees try to peddle advocare and whatever the new Amway affiliate is.

  7. Catsball65
    8:35 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, did you not see those cws photos??? You really need to quit fiddlin’ around on KSR and run to commonwealth with a hammer. All hands on deck to get this ship a sailin’

  8. Catsball65
    8:35 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, did you not see those cws photos??? You really need to quit fiddlin’ around on KSR and run to commonwealth with a hammer. All hands on deck to get this ship a sailin’!

  9. scorpiocard
    8:38 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    I am proud and happy to say I have never had a Facebook profile, and never plan to.

    As for it being the trailer park of the internet…ksr has to hold that distinction hands down.

  10. Stuckatwork
    8:41 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, I was a pretty upset about you trashing Yeti, but this post has put you back in the pantheon of Internet comic genius. I love KSR but you should be writing for larger audiences.
    Great stuff.

  11. Pyro Tony
    8:48 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Amen! Preach it brother.

  12. catdaddyd
    8:48 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    I’ve never had a Facebook or MySpace account, never had the time and don’t want people knowing my business . I was really turned off by the” like us on Facebook” craze. I do visit KSR too much though.

  13. @BallBlog_Chad
    8:52 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    you don’t hate facebook, you hate the way some people use it … people screw everything up, that’s just how it is with EVERYTHING … you just have to know how to use social media … i’m friends with a bunch of people that i’ve literally just hidden because i can’t stand all the crap they post … i can’t stand all the anonymous haters on twitter, so i don’t follow people like that

    facebook puts faces on the contacts on my phone, helps me remember birthdays, stores a ton of my pictures over the years and lets me keep up with friends and family that don’t live close, but you have to know how to use it … i have a group where i post pictures of my son so my family can see them and i don’t overkill everybody who doesn’t care

    • Leuther
      10:09 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

      Thanks for voicing some reason on this issue…

  14. Drew Franklin
    8:52 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Get off my lawn!

  15. Yo Believo
    8:56 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Best post ever. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  16. oddmanout
    8:57 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Finally! Someone feels about FB the the way I do. When I tell everybody, including family members, I don’t do FB they look at me like I’m odd and call me Mr Old Fashion. I call it ‘Me Book’ because that’s what it’s about. ” Look at me,my,ours house,kids,car….”. Or “look at what I can do, or this video I like….”. Just total BS I don’t care to look at and I get tired of my wife saying watch this video and such. It’s the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before going to bed! Sounds like a false Idol to me!

    • David E.
      12:22 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      I deleted my Facebook account about 6 months ago. Then my brother deleted his, so my sister deleted hers and the next thing I knew, more than two dozen family members and friends had deleted their accounts. We are all living much happier lives! Someone needs to start a “Delete Your Facebook Account” day.

  17. Adrian
    8:58 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    I like gravy

  18. HillarysHips
    9:02 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    What’s Facebook?

  19. thenamerobdigity
    9:04 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    The unfollow button is gold. You don’t have to unfriend someone, you just don’t see them in your news feed. Use it and your social media experience is much better.

  20. Nutwrap
    9:39 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Here’s what I think about Obama:

    tfnjhyfrbgh egh ergb vgrgbh rgb fvedfrsbvg frgv svg sgvdfsbv.

    Sorry just woke back up after repeatedly bashing my head against the keyboard.

  21. Woody's Bar and whatever Emporium, Columbia SC
    9:48 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Like us?

  22. AppData
    9:53 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    All the Minion memes are about to drive me off Facebook. So sick of those things.

  23. bluegrassrebel
    10:10 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    imo, facebook is 90% just a cesspool of narcissistic commentary. Good post (from one Maroon to another)!

  24. Courtney
    10:20 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  25. Jim Hendrix
    10:44 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Ok Drew…..that was just brilliant. Best article that you have written. I am impressed and hope some other sites will pick it up. And yes….we are friends on facebook and you probably don’t even know who I am.

  26. ShawnDeath
    10:45 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Amen Drew!

  27. Red River Saga
    11:07 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Facebook is EVIL

  28. Wheels
    11:13 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    The funny part to me while reading this post is that Drew wrote this like it was a Facebook post.

  29. Jeff Hamlin
    11:23 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    Here’s my opinion. If you don’t like FB, don’t use it. No need to try and pass yourself off as somehow morally superior in a post that has nothing to do with UK sports.

  30. 42yroldfan
    11:36 pm August 19, 2015 Permalink

    i feel the same about twitter, complete waste of intellegent peoples time…#wasteoflife
    #stupid. that is what it all lloks likes…. i have been a fan of ksr since the beginning and i will
    admit i think college football is way overrated. i am a life life bball fan and wish they had ksrbb site and ksreverythingelse site. they could put football/tweets/baseball/tennis on its on so we woulded have to scoll through it. i wish i cared about the latter but i just dont as far as twitter its for high school girls and out of touch california weirdos

    • Mathlete
      8:16 am August 20, 2015 Permalink


      KSR does have a basketball only feed too, it’s in that section at the top of the page labeled “Basketball”

  31. Facebook Advertising by Constant Contact
    12:11 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

  32. BigBlueNASA
    12:56 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Satire done marvelously well and I enjoyed every line. I almost shared it on the Facebook…decided to keep it all to myself, rather than share it with my 400 “closest” friends.

  33. Ali Baba
    12:57 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    I truly believe this should be a UK sports ONLY site…one man’s opinion…we all get more than enough of this crazy, nutty world everywhere else…I admit I did not read this…and it may have been decent and humorous…but no matter…Matt Jones being the emcee or whatever you wanna call it at Fancy Farm? I want UK sports and UK sports only when I come to KSR…leave out the divisive sh*t…that’s my take on it…anyone else agree? Remember the good old days when KSR was only about UK sports? Sheesh…If Matt wants to parlay this into a career trying to espouse his Liberal (aka Communist/Marxist) beliefs over the radio airwaves? Then try it elsewhere; just do not do it here on KSR…by the way…it will fail big time…ask NPR and Al Franken and so on…ya know why? Because your “base” is not interested in any of that kind of talk…they only care about listening to Rihanna and whatever else…while smoking their blunts and getting high…and voting for anyone with a “D” in front of their name…all clueless idiots…and such easy prey for the Liberal Left…by the way…research world history…it always fails miserably…ends in only two distinct classes…the “Ruling” Class…about one half of one percent maybe…and the other 99.5%? The subjects…

    Well…I am telling you now…F that…and there are more than enough of us who do know what is going on and who do see right through it all…that it aint gonna fly…not on our watch…you want some proof? Trump is proof. This nation will FALL unless we put an END to all of this PC BS…it is destroying our nation…what is left of it after the last 7 years…we are no longer even a sovereign nation…if we do not distinguish any difference between citizens and non-citizens? Like Obama and the Left? If we do not protect our borders? If we no longer even feign any attempt to have immigrants “Americanize”? But instead we try to force our citizens to “accept” all of these new and foreign religions and ideals? Like these illegals are here to change us? I could go on…I could write a book…what is happening in this nation is pathetic and wrong…and if we do not-as a nation- elect a President who will turn all of this crazy nonsense around? Whether that be Trump or Dr. Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina or whomever…anyone who is not a career politician…but one of us…ya know? Then we are doomed…this is our last chance…we blow this one? Kiss America’s ass goodbye…BOOM!

    • Bart
      1:03 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      “I truly believe this should be a UK sports ONLY site”
      *writes Tolstoy-length rant spouting irrelevant political opinions*

    • ........
      1:14 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Congrats. Dick.

      ………….…………………… („-~~–„¸_….,/ì’ÃŒ
      …….…………………….¸â€ž-^”¯ : : : : :¸-¯”¯/’
      ……………………¸â€žâ€ž-^”¯ : : : : : : : ‘\¸â€žâ€ž,-”
      **¯¯¯’^^~-„„„—-~^*'”¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-”
      .:.:.:.:.„-^” : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :„-”
      :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸â€ž-^¯
      .::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸â€žâ€ž-^¯
      :.’ : : ‘\ : : : : : : : ;¸â€žâ€ž-~”
      :.:.:: :”-„””***/*’츒¯
      :.’: : : : :”-„ : : :”\
      .:.:.: : : : :” : : : : \,
      :.: : : : : : : : : : : : ‘ÃŒ
      : : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

    • KSR should stic with sports
      2:07 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      I agree with the original comment. For some reason every liberal in this country feels like they need to tell us how they feel. Its the exact same thing that is being made fun of in this post about the rednecks and the homo talk. Different opinions are fine. I don’t have a facebook. That’s what facebook is for. that why I don’t have one. This, however, is a sports site and the amount of clicks would be much greater and more people in this state would be more apt support KSR if not for the constant liberal non sense. This state re elected McConnell. You are not going to change there mind.

      Stick with sports. Theres always something sports worthy to post about.
      How about instead of rants, you fill in the time with post about different pro teams or even high school like the other two guys ive never heard of are doing.

      For years people have said the world is changing. Because of stuff like this, now its changing back to what it was.

    • Its Funny
      11:03 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      “For some reason every liberal in this country feels like they need to tell us how they feel.”

      I’ve never read ONE long-winded, coocoo for Cocoa Puffs rant from a Liberal on here, EVER. But we get some radical right winger bullshit posted just about every single day.

    • catdaddyd
      11:04 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      OK, who put a picture of my Johnson on here.

    • iamhdr
      11:17 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      “I’ve never read ONE long-winded, coocoo for Cocoa Puffs rant from a Liberal on here, EVER. But we get some radical right winger bullshit posted just about every single day.”

      Really? Read just about any post from Jonathan Miller.

    • Hahaha!
      11:29 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      I just scroll past Miller’s posts – and I’m a Liberal. You should try it. 😉

    • Smitty
      10:53 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink


  34. Shirley Fallin
    12:58 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, you said so well the opinion I have of Face Book. I first got on to see my best friend’s granddaughter’s pictures.

  35. KSR isn't Grantland
    12:58 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, you are not as cool as you think you are. Although I couldn’t agree more, let me clue you in on a little secret. There is a sports website already where they talk about shows on their DVR, politics, and well basically anything and everything other than sports. Bill Simmons created this site and it’s called Grantland. Basically everything you are whining about, KSR epitomizes the internet cycle. Newsflash, true BBN fans could care less if Matt is hosting Fancy Farm. You guys are like every other media outlet… liberal as hell. As much as you and your teeth and chin would like to think you are this super cool ladies man, there is a reason you are single bro. If only all humble KSR readers could be as cool as you Drew. Advertising you say? I remember when KSR wasn’t cramming Wendy’s bacon flaming whatever jalapeno burgers down my throat or Harry’s Razors everytime I need my UK Sports fix. Your comments about Kaylee Hartung during basketball season were disgusting. Yeah Drew you are the guy in high school who thinks publicly hitting on a girl is going to get you in her panties. I guarantee that you masturbate more than 99.9999 percent of people on Facebook.

    • Drew Franklin
      2:44 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Says the guy here at 1:00 am reading and commenting about what I’m doing with my life.

      And 99.9999 is a little high. I’d say more like 92-94 percent.

    • IowaCat
      4:15 am August 20, 2015 Permalink


    • Comment
      8:02 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      They have to talk about all these other topics. UK sports isn’t big enough, especially in football season, to talk about it all day long. They can only polish a turd for so long.

    • Couldn't Agree More (With Drew)
      9:48 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      You have to admit Drew is pretty cool and his posts are nothing if not clever and witty and relatable. I was in college at least a decade before the arrival of Facebook and other social media. When I think of all the additional trouble/fun that would have generated for my group…..probably for the best it wasn’t around.

      I too hate Facebook, so much in fact that I haven’t signed in for going on two years now. So many thing’s annoyed me about facebook, but the political rants were probably the worst nails on the chalkboard type stuff. Which leads me to:

      “If you have a strong political opinion and feel the need to share it, glance down at your keyboard, then bang your head against it until you pass out”. I couldn’t agree more. I really think this sentiment reflects a lot of KSR’s fans frustration with the political stuff in the midst of UK sports in the most ridiculous manner possible.

      That being said Matt Jones is about as likely to quit expressing his political opinions as the millions of people on facebook. At this point, it’s relatively easy to just skip past the political stuff, I just hope KSR doesn’t go the way of facebook.

  36. Ali Baba
    1:19 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Sorry I left out Ted Cruz…although he is a Senator…But honestly…what Donald Trump has done and continues to do…is not only powerful…but sorely needed…it is high time that TRUTH gets spoken in the public arena again…not Liberal lies…which all just get regurgitated over and over through the mainstream media…and all gets promoted an college Campi…by these Leftist Tenured and overpaid Professors…yeah…they are “professors” all right…break down the word “professor”…they “Profess” something…but what is it that they “profess”? I can tell you this…it sure as hell is NOT what we should be paying these tens of thousands of dollars in insanely high tuition prices to send our young skulls full of mush to be indoctrinated by these self-proclaimed “intellectuals”…if they were so damn smart? Then they would recognize that the one and only greatest nation on earth- America- arose not because of the failed ideologies of the past…not because of Socialist/Marxist/Communist crapola…but because this nation was born from idealistic leaders who clearly saw the failed policies of the nations throughout history…so they formed a Republic…A Representative Republic…so that “The People”…and they meant that for REAL…Govern themselves…right now in this once great nation? It has been hijacked…by taking over higher education and the media? The Left has succeeded to a degree in their quest to have the minority opinion in this country look as if it is a majority…which it is FAR FROM…so…others remain quiet and “fall in line”…because of this vast deception and also the insane PC climate they created…they have successfully silenced a whole lot of us…and THAT? That IS CRAZY! But the Silent Majority has had enough of all of this insanity and nonsense…and we are going to rise up and put an END to his BS…and THAT is THAT…P E R I O D…

    • Leuther
      1:35 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Agree. Well stated! Right power!!

    • KSR should stick with sports
      2:08 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Dead on!
      Trump 2016!

      Make America great again.

      Not the America we have with transsexuals working in the white house.

    • LongTimeListener
      9:47 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      I have to agree. Speaking the TRUTH (Hillary!?) is refreshing. Trump says ‘out loud’ what the majority think but are afraid to say out loud. He really does seem to want what is best for the country.

    • Its Funny
      11:05 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Go through and find the comments where the liberals are whining as much as the conservatives on here are.

      I’ll wait………

  37. Ali Baba
    1:24 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Bart…irrelevant? you wish…DICK

    don’t you ever grow weary of your ignorance?

    • Jesus Effin' Facepalming Christ
      1:36 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Go to bed. You’re drunk……..

  38. Shnauzerface
    3:44 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    I agree, facebook is trash, but the whining, complaining, superior to all others attitude…….. I think Matt hacked your blog Drew.

  39. Jude
    5:38 am August 20, 2015 Permalink


  40. Bubbleheads
    6:07 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Best work yet.
    My first comment response.
    It Made me write something, and I don’t write.

  41. Eyebleedblue
    6:15 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    “Put a hammer to your computer” over political ideas on Facebook. After I gave you mine on a political issue within the first 3-4 paragraphs and name called people who disagree with my stance as “redneck”.

  42. Circle K
    6:36 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    “Internet’s trailer park” is the best description ever of Facebook. You could have also said “Internet’s .99 polar pop”

  43. lexslamman
    6:40 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    If Facebook is the trailer park, is Twitter the short bus? Tumblr the monkey house?

    Twitter sucks because it’s like Facebook, but there isn’t enough room for complete, nuanced thoughts, so it’s just a bunch of media professionals and hangers-on bleating duckspeak to each other.

    Tumblr is a clearinghouse for fringe social, cultural, and political opinions, and if you don’t agree with the content creators, you’re a fascist oppressor too wrapped up in your own ‘privilege’ to be of any use to society.\.

    • The idiot above me
      3:22 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Wow!….You are defending Facebook. You are the lowest common denominator

  44. Echo1
    7:15 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Some chemicals cause cancer. Facebook causes narcissim . I had an account many years aago until I saw the status of a female that said, “it’s 2am. Had to pee. Going back to bed.” That post prettymmuchsums up fFacebookusers.

  45. UKBlue
    7:30 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Had a FB account for about a week, then deleted it because I could not stand all the stupid people. I have friends that work in Silicon Valley & within the Intelligence community; when FB 1st started for the open public, they couldn’t believe people were so eager to put at all their personal information. The more narcissistic & needy people have become the more willing they are to post something. Believe whatever you want; everything you put out on the internet is being tracked & archived. Why do you think NSA has built that massive date center in Utah, hello. Facebook is also selling all our information to businesses, marketing companies & tracking everything you do from likes to dislikes. The Ad’s being sent to you are in direct reflection of things you like or might like. People are so incredible stupid.

  46. Flippy23
    8:21 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    No ones vents like our boy Drew…..a fabulous rant, even by his lofty standards……..

  47. post
    8:28 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    “What’s with all the ads?”

    Your rant about this sounds oddly familiar with a site I frequent called KSR. If there is one thing I can count on KSR for its their attempt to ram Wendy’s down my throat coupled with 10 irrelevant tweets of the day.

    • David E.
      9:48 am August 20, 2015 Permalink


  48. Matt Jones
    8:30 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Drew, glad the new medicine to control your urge to defecate in public is working

  49. TPACAT
    8:35 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Did you mean “lefty” standards?

  50. jdarren1963
    8:35 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Exactly why I deleted my Facebook account years ago.

  51. WestWorld
    8:42 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Good post but you left out one. I hate it when companies with a website post baited headlines on facebook to get people to their website.

  52. Daniel
    9:02 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Wow…I think Drew hit a nerve

  53. Josh
    9:05 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    How do I share this to Facebook?!?! I hope I get a bunch of likes!!!!

  54. Alex_T1
    9:09 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Did you put this on the KSR facebook page? Facebook probably took it down for being to offensive. LOL!

  55. David
    9:16 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    … so all the sudden you wake up and think you are captain of the fb police patrol… maybe your life needs an overhaul…

    • Ha!
      11:07 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      “… so all the sudden”

      You should not criticize anyone, ever.

    • mike
      1:23 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

      … & you should?

  56. Chris
    9:16 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    It’s a sad day when I realize that it’s not just BTI’s posts I have to scroll past….

  57. George
    9:19 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Good read, but not quite as funny as the historic fake Pitino Facebook page. Can someone regurgitate that?

    And nothing says “trailer park of the internets” like the KSR comment section after a post with even a smell of politics. Staring at hillbillies cyber-grunting at each other is better than paying $25 for the zoo.

    Thanks, Obama!

  58. taylor
    9:20 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    this post has 1.5k shares on facebook……..

  59. HackRichards
    9:23 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    YES FACEBOOK reminds me of a certain Sorts Radio webpage concerning Kentucky athletics!

    • HackRichards
      9:24 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Sports sorry for the typo

    • Matt Jones
      11:07 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Thanks for visiting, reading, and then commenting! 🙂

    • HackRichards
      3:33 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Your most welcome!

  60. android guy
    9:23 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    I got off Facebook and all social media six years ago, and I’m much happier. It IS like a drug, and the users are spiraling toward self-destruction (or at least a less happy life than they would have without it).

    • Mixxy
      9:24 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Wait a minute….isn’t a comments section like this a form of social media?

    • android guy
      9:25 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Not since they stopped requiring accounts.

  61. Pinkukfan
    10:45 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Hilarious post on The Facebook from The Drew Franklin.

  62. Gman
    10:47 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    This post was one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. Ignore all the ignorant but hurt losers, you’ve got one hell of a gift for satire. Agree 1000 percent.

  63. Jesus Effin' Facepalming Christ
    11:13 am August 20, 2015 Permalink


  64. Bod Dole
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  65. KEbelhar
    11:23 am August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Great post Drew!! I agree with everything you’ve said and pointed out, especially about the CrossFit!!
    It like everything else in today’s society seems to be just a fad, i.e. Salt Life stickers, cup cake shops, Yeti, Duck Commander and so on!!….anyway, will you accept my “Friend Request” now?!?! LOL!

  66. Ebell55
    12:14 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Great post! Agree or disagree this is why I love KSR!! The folks who get their panties in a wad over these type of post are the same ones making Facebook unbearable. Wish they had Facebook in 93 when I was at UK Pimping would’ve been much stronger!!!

    • Agreed
      12:51 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

      ” The folks who get their panties in a wad over these type of post are the same ones making Facebook unbearable”

      Nailed it.

  67. Josh
    12:38 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Well wernt you the special one, omg, the gays and obama smh your a douche bag dude Ky fan or not you should have kept this lil article to yourself.

    • Leuther
      12:51 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

      Agree. Well stated. Right Power!!

  68. Randy
    4:52 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

    I still use Facebook and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. While it is filled with a LOT of useless garbage, I do like keeping up with friends and I haven’t found an easier way to do it. Who wants to stay on the phone all the time or text 879,768,909 people a day? I also found this cool new option called “stay friends but unfollow” which now means that if you’ve grown tired of looking at lil Johnny’s 3pm diaper change it might be your own damn fault for being too lazy to click the button.

    My next question is if we cut out the ads, the kids pics, the personal updates, the crossfit, political opinions, videos etc, exactly what the heck is there left to post? Personally, I think Facebook should have an optional “uptight” setting that allows certain users to see nothing but their own posts and a big blank white empty space.

  69. Ukfan12
    11:15 pm August 20, 2015 Permalink

    Greatest KSR post EVER!

  70. George
    3:08 pm August 21, 2015 Permalink

    If only there were a website where I could write about how much I hate Facebook so that all my friends could read it. Oh wait, that’s what Facebook offers for most people who don’t write for successful sports blogs.