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Hear From the Man who Knows Where Mohamed Bamba is Going

via Greg Payan | AP

via Greg Payan | AP

Kentucky’s highest-ranked remaining target in the Class of 2017, power forward Mohamed Bamba, is taking his official visit to Duke this weekend.  The Cats were in good position following his January 20th official visit, but that all could change in Durham.  It’s the perfect time to hear from someone who knows what Bamba will do, but Seth Burger, his Westtown head coach, won’t spill the beans to Sports Illustrated.

Where is Mohamed going? He is going to the NBA, where superstardom awaits.  Where is he going to college? It doesn’t really matter.  He will decide when he decides.

His coach (who also happens to be the founder of AND1) didn’t share any scoop, but his perspective of the recruiting process is interesting.  Fans frequently ask where Bamba is going.  Of course, he can never give anything away, but he can eloquently describe Bamba’s elite skill-set.

Mo is the best shot blocker and rebounder I have ever seen in person, at any level. Mo also is supremely talented on the offensive end. In our league championship on Feb. 17 (we won, 96—72), Mo had 19 points, missing one shot all game. He made a 6’8” Division I big his personal poster with an opening drop step dunk, and also went 3 for 4 from three. There is nothing this kid cannot do on the court. Mo is also extremely intelligent, so much so that he qualified to go to Harvard with his grades and test scores.

If that doesn’t paint the picture well enough, watch him do work at this year’s Peach Jam alongside Quade Green.

In other basketball recruiting news, Cal’s other elite 2017 target still on the board, Kevin Knox, told ESPNU  he will announce his decision in mid-April.  Knox originally planned on announcing in March, but will now wait until after the college basketball season.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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    Headline is misleading considering the coach clearly states Mo will decide where he’s going to college when he decides.