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Hayao Miyazaki’s Late Night News


Everybody expected to load up KSR late Saturday/early Sunday and see cartoons on the front page, right?  I didn’t expect to put any up there, until I saw that legendary Japanese storyteller Hayao Miyazaki celebrates his 72nd birthday today.  You might recognize some of the characters above, and you might not.  But Miyazaki’s films have long been set the standard for fantastical storytelling, and they’re only animated because no live action movie could contain the amount of imagination he sets forth.  From action-oriented movies like Princess Mononoke, to whimsical stories like Ponyo or The Secret World of Arietty, all the way down to the mysterious yet warming Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away, each one is a unique story, with incredible detail and enjoyable characters.

If you haven’t seen any of his movies, and have a taste for that sort of thing, they’re really very good.  I realize the overlap between sports fans and Japanese animation fans is very narrow, but if I like both, there might be someone else who does, too.

Now, before I get stoned to death, on to the news…


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Charlie Strong is either leaving Louisville or staying.  Not sure what’s gonna happen, but we know it’s one of those two options.  His move to Texas seems to be nothing short of an inevitability by this point, but something seems to be holding up the deal, and we’re not quite sure what.


Matt Elam delayed his decision til the spring signing period.  Considering all the momentum that was swinging Kentucky’s way, this is certainly a disappointment.  Now that Stoops and Saban have equal recruiting time, Bama may make up some groung for the elite lineman.  Who ever thought that sentence would be on this page?

Karl Towns almost picked up his second quadruple double.  No stranger to gaudy stats, Kentucky recruit and 2015 cornerstone Karl Towns, Jr. racked up a 29/21/11/6 line today in a 69-53 St. Joseph’s beatdown.


Marcus Lee got dunked on by Dominique Hawkins and had to put on the Helmet at practice.  Lee just gave the Helmet to Aaron Harrison, but now is relegated to wearing it for the foreseeable future after the dunk by “Tomo-Hawkins.”  Is it too late to start that?  Gosh, I hope not.

Drew Barker led two touchdown drives during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, throwing 4-6 and displaying great skill and awareness.  Nick Roush got half a chub just thinking about next year, so you know it’s going to be exciting to see Barker in Blue.  Turns out that he’s not only a great recruiter, but a good quarterback, too.


That’s about all for today.  What looked like a super-busy news day turned into something of a dud with Strong still on the fence and Elam postponing his decision, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun, right?  Tune in tomorrow for more stuff, maybe some Charlie Strong info, and I promise I won’t throw up pictures of cartoons.  Okay, maybe one.

Article written by Corey Nichols

48 Comments for Hayao Miyazaki’s Late Night News

  1. catfanmike
    10:49 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    I understand that Strong hasn’t made it official because he is waiting for Jurich to get back from vacation in Colorado. Jurich is trying to get a private jet back to Louisville.

  2. Elam's Turkey Sandwich
    10:49 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    Yeah, elite and lineman. Who would’ve ever thought those two words would be in the same sentence when referring to Matt Elam. I think the only people disappointed Nichols, are those that have no knowledge of the game of football. Todays game includes the forward pass, this isn’t the 1920’s and the Ironton Tanks aren’t taking the field any time soon. Did you watch the same game today as 500 others and myself did? We saw that he is slow, lazy, not very athletic, can’t get any real penetration on the line and needs a ton of work. Guys that weigh about a tenth of what Elam does, faced the same guys and done well. They made plays, they got down the line when the ball went away and all perused the opposition downfield on passing plays. Where was Elam? At the same dang spot he was when the ball was snapped. Just because you write about sports doesn’t mean you know sports. Heck, look at Matt Jones. He bashes Cal when he is at Memphis and now he is hugging his nut sack. Crazier things have happened.

    • ikeeveready
      11:07 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Ever hear of a guy named Terrence Cody? How bout Vince Wilfork? The job of DTs like Elam is to occupy 2-3 offensive linemen and perhaps a back to allow ends and backers to rush the passer or stop the run, which most teams in the sec do pretty well. Tackles aren’t meant to make stops down field but at the line/backfield. Not to mention at 6’6″ that’s a lot of arm in the air on passing downs. Can’t coach size.

      But what does Savannah know about recruiting/coaching defense. Look up his interview w/ Tony Barnhart earlier this season about his “big board”. Measurable is key and Elam has it.

      For the record, if most UK fans were honest we all had raised eyebrows when Cal was hired and have gone through the first couple of seasons with our fingers crossed.

    • ikeeveready
      11:08 am January 5, 2014 Permalink


  3. Matt Jones
    10:50 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    I’m a fan of futanari myself.

    • Gay troll alert!!!!
      11:32 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      The fact that you knew what that was…. Disturbing.

  4. Tom Sellecks Mustache
    10:55 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    Japs lost WWII.

  5. JDH
    11:07 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    Spring signing period? Isn’t that for basketball? Think you meant National Signing Day.

  6. I
    11:07 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    I’m watching Howl’s Moving Castle as I read this. What are the odds!

  7. Mass Confusion
    11:13 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    ESPN reporting Strong has accepted the Texas job

  8. Shean
    11:18 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    I remember when this used to be a uk fan site. It seems to be a lousiville fan site now. Makes sense I guess since they are the premier college athletics program in the state

    • Shean?
      11:34 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      Your parents spelled your name wrong…



    • Come on
      11:36 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      I guess that is why you are here, reading about UK recruits and players in the all America game today.
      Willies’ hair style must turn you on or maybe his belly button that Russ smith was very I intiment with or maybe no one else in the world mentions U of L unless another drama like no time served suspensions, tazars , hair brushes , drugs , hush money , coaches not knowing players are violating what ever, 2 years away from a Belk Bowl loss 4 years away from losing to everyone , no wonder your’e over here.

  9. Come on
    11:18 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    It looks like no “big time ” coach wants the Texas job. Too much chanch of failure? Says something doesn’t it. I wonder if Strong is their choice, the delay in hiring is due to Strong wanting to bring Hurt along? Texas would have to “show cause” to hire him. Would they be able to trust a known liar ? What kind of attention would follow Hurt to Texas? Is it worth the gamble? I wouldn’t thinks so, but Texas seems out of choices.

    • BBN
      11:26 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      Who cares as long as both Strong and Hurtt are out of hair for the foreseeable future?

    • BBN
      11:28 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      Sorry, I meant to say “out of our hair for the foreseeable future”

    • Come on
      11:43 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      I believe Stoops can beat Strong on the field , like he is in recruiting. That would go a long way to get The U of L trolls to loose their illusion of granduer.

  10. IBe4UL
    11:34 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    Strong has accepted the Texas job!! (L 1 C U later)

  11. lex fan
    11:36 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    This Cardinal fan is not upset with Charlie going west. Texas is freaking Texas. Recruiting is never a factor. Good luck to him until we meet in a Bowl Game. Just so you know, Hurtt is not going with him.

    • Come on
      11:47 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

      When was Texas’last championship?

    • L1C5
      8:37 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Of course Hurtt isn’t going with him. A program like Texas won’t pay a cheater w a show cause, only UofL would do that.

  12. joe
    11:36 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    It is now official. Strong is going to Texas. Who the heck cares? This is a KY site. Start the investigation into Bridgewater, but again why should UK care. Strong is a fool, as is Texas and UL.

  13. Ho Lee Fuk
    11:38 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    UL this week loses to UK in basketball, loses Teddy Bridgewater to NFL, loses Strong to Texas. Not the week of the cardinal.

    • RJ
      12:00 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      Tom Jurich will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce his retirement, move back to Colorado, and start a weed farm. Less stress, just as much money.

    • RealCatsFan
      8:15 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      You forgot that they also kicked Behanan off the team, and Ware is out for the season. Is it safe to say that “The Year of the Cardinal” is finally over?

  14. Sin Sored
    11:42 pm January 4, 2014 Permalink

    This is a test to check for the censorship I keep seeing ppl cry about on here.

    Matt Jones is a gay. Probably.

    • RJ
      12:01 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      The moderators more or less censor stupidity, not inappropriate comments or vulgarity. I can say shit all day long on here, as long as I do it somewhat intelligently.

  15. Sin Sored
    12:24 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Well now I know bygod. Thanks RJ…and Piss on Fat Elam by the way. I think he’s a punk.

    • Sin Sored
      1:25 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      …”Fatt” Elam…hahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahaaha

  16. Han
    12:37 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, Laputa, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa. Good stuff.

    Miyazaki just retired and unretired again, by the way.

  17. Tattoo Charlie
    12:55 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    A good thing Strong didn’t get a UL cardinal tattoo after their Sugar Bowl win last year. I’d have trouble turning it into a Longhorn Steer.

  18. ChittyChitty BangBang
    1:00 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    It’s “The Domo-Hawk Dunk”!

  19. Sherlock Homie
    1:56 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Is it a requirement to get “stoned to death” before enjoying Miyazaki’s Japanese animation?

  20. cats42301
    5:06 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Elam wants to make sure his name stays in the headlines as long as possible IMO. Not so sure he would be a team player wherever he ends up.

  21. cjennings1970
    6:03 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    The word “genius” gets thrown around casually but Miyazaki is one of the rare instances where it’s deserved. I read a description of jazz pianist Art Tatum that fits Miyazaki equally well – “He’s connected to a volcanic font of energy and invention from which he paints endlessly vivid canvases”. Miyazaki’s imagination is incredible.

  22. Rei
    6:55 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Not surprised people here wouldn’t enjoy some media marketing that isn’t American. These same people think Survivor and Duck Dynasty are all 100% real too.

  23. CATandMONKEY
    7:30 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Ponyo is the favorite movie of both my daughters. A wonderfully imaginative presentation. When it comes to Japanese film, I personally prefer the non-animated work of Kurosawa but I have yet to be disappointed by Miyazaki.

    CJennings-Tatum’s genius was displayed in his technical mastery. He is the kind of person that makes you wish to practice harder and consider quitting, all in the same moment.

    Elam’s non-decision seems to not bode well for Kentucky. Hope he stays home and helps us build a program. Stoops!

    Wish Charlie well in Longhorn Land. Football-wise, he will do well. I think his “other responsibilities” may put him in a Gillespiesque situation that forces him to only focus on the product on the field. Hopefully he surrounds himself with media-friendly assistants and can learn to thrive in place where the media will be far less forgiving of even the most minor transgressions.

  24. Move on
    8:20 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    I am so done with Elam. All of this is for the attention. Every picture you see home in he is posing like he is a rock star. This program will not be made or broken by 1 kid. Either crap or get off the pot.

  25. Truth on one n done
    8:29 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Arrogant talent is no substitute for humble experience.

  26. kelleydog
    10:01 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Uh OH, you guys better write up some more “the next rising of Christ” articles about Elam….. If only you could look at your articles through eyes from someone outside the BBN, it’s quite intertaining.

    • PhilUK18
      11:27 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      How about entertaining, is it that too? It’s ok, elementary level spelling is tough sometimes. Especially if you’re a fan of Jefferson County Community College.

  27. HB
    10:03 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Love Miyazaki’s works and the cats! Totoro is the best children’s movie there is!

  28. triple double
    10:09 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    So that’s a triple double then, by Karl Towns, or is six now a double digit number?

    • PhilUK18
      11:28 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      They said he ALMOST got a quadruple double. And he has gotten a quadruple double before, hence the use of the word “second”. Reading is fundamental.

  29. UK football cellar dwellers fan
    10:39 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky 2014 Roster:

    Matt Elam
    Matt Elam
    Matt Elam
    Matt Elam
    Matt Elam
    No one else!

    Why is UK football in the cellar, because KSR writes story after story about this clown instead of writing informative articles about other players that play football for Kentucky.

    Anyone that follows UK football knows the story about Elam. Put the story to rest and quit writing about him. He is costing the program by waiting until Feb. 5. Write the true facts.

    Elam spelled backwards is “Male”. I believe his real last name is Elamef.

    I don’t see Notre Dame giving a rats tail about him anymore. The UK coaches are holding on to him like a girl friend that has dumped them. Move On!!!!

    • PhilUK18
      11:30 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

      It’s not that Notre Dame doesn’t care about Elam anymore, it’s that he dropped them from contention. Which you probably read about on this site a few weeks ago, because there are no good Card Tard alternatives for you.

    • Indy Colts
      12:13 pm January 5, 2014 Permalink

      No one is a commit until the first Wednesday in February. Colleges are free to recruit any player until they sign on the dotted line that day. Players flip flop back and forth. Notre Dame dropped recruiting Elam when he said he was not interested. If they wanted to stay in contention they would have been repeatedly phoning him. Smart they are in moving on!

  30. Big Stud
    10:43 am January 5, 2014 Permalink

    Elamef jersey is #69.