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Harrison Twins Waiting Just Like Us


The Harrison Twins and their father Aaron Sr. spoke with FOX Houston about the possibility of them leaving Kentucky after their freshman years to enter the NBA Draft and where they are in the process. According to the elder Harrison, he sent paperwork to the NBA to have his sons evaluated about 2-3 days ago and they, like the rest of us, are waiting for a response from the league before they ultimately make a decision before the April 27th deadline.

“We are probably midway,” said Aaron Harrison Sr. We got to make a decision here in the next six or seven days anyway, but we’ve sat down and had one or two conversations about it and had some prayer about it, but that’s pretty much where we’re at. They’re not leaning either way.”

The younger Aaron Harrison also says that the prospects of coming back to win a title at UK are “a factor, but I think that it’s more about us personally and not about winning a ring or anything like that.” Don’t expect any surprise leaks out of this family, this decision will be made and known by only them until they announce, and until then….we wait.

Article written by Will Totten

Born in Indiana and raised in Louisville, I am the unlikeliest UK fan.

108 Comments for Harrison Twins Waiting Just Like Us

  1. Eric Darnell
    11:36 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I thought Andrew was the younger twin

    • cracka
      11:46 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

      when he says “the younger Aaron” he means the player not the father … both named Aaron

  2. Eric Darnell
    11:39 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I thought Andrew was the younger twin?

    • Cat Fan In Georgia
      11:45 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

      The “younger Aaron Harrison” is the basketball player. The older Aaron Harrison is their father.

    • You're An Idiot
      11:56 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Who cares, which is younger. It has NOTHING relevant or material to do with the article!

    • Who's the Dummy now?!
      12:29 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah like every comment on KSR is always relevant to the article. Give the guy a break and why the negativity on Easter? Can there be an article (just one) where someone doesn’t correct grammar or call someone an idiot? For Jesus’ sake lol

  3. Megan
    11:40 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Cal got evaluations from about 19 NBA GMs, then got more feedback a day or two before his last press conference, where he said he was delivering the information to them without a filter–good, bad or otherwise.

    Now the Harrisons are looking for even more feedback in the last week before the deadline.

    Either they’re trying to be as informed as possible, or are they’re not hearing enough to make them want to declare.

    And what on earth is Julius waiting for?

    • ukjaybrat
      12:30 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      hopefully Julius is waiting on the Harrisons’ decision … and hopefully they all make the right decision for their long-term futures instead of their short-term futures 😉

    • Mack
      1:32 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      UKjaybrat, I think you are correct about Julius waiting on the Twins, if they decide to come back he will also return because he enjoys being their teammate, how about that!

    • Leslie Anderson
      2:29 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I would hate to see the twins declare for the draft and be stuck in the D-league for a year or two. I know it is going to be a career for them but they need to develop more. To many players go to the NBA too early and get lost in the D-league and shuffle from team to team in trading until their name is forgotten.

  4. Corey
    11:45 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Harrison’s are being smart about the process. It could work in our favor next season should the twins play like they did in the post-season. I just know it’s different mindset to ‘HAVE’ to come back versus ‘WANT’ to come back.

    • ukjaybrat
      12:32 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      that was my thoughts. i want them to WANT to come back, like Willie, not HAVE to come back because they don’t think they will get as much money as they want… oh well. who am I to judge what they want to do with their future?

    • John
      11:59 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Willie didn’t want to come back last year. He came back because his draft stock wasn’t that high. He and Alex made a pact to come back together. This year, he came back because he wanted to. Regardless, it is their decision and should be respected no matter what they decide.

  5. bbn4life
    11:46 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I think their father is just a thorough man. He’s dotting all the i’s and crossing all t’s. Hes gonna get as much information is available. I also believe he is true to his word as he was during their recruitment. If he says they are not leaning either way, thats the truth right there. So to all the people who have convinced themselves they are coming back, dont bet the ranch on it. Im hoping they do like everyone. We will know soon enough.

  6. bbn4life
    11:48 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I think Randle is just not in a rush to make his announcement. Hes probably gathering his thoughts and thinking of what to say. Hes gone like a freight train….gone like airplane…. well you know the words.

  7. jr
    11:48 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Well, well, well…. much about the same. But if you want to read in to it, and take a guess, they really want to go to the league. Can’t blame them, but they are bout the money, more so than they lead us to believe. I don’t think they can handle the D league as they will be there for a couple of years. OR they can come back, work on game, and just look at where their attitude was at the beginning of the year vs. where it was at the end, and wow now is where they could have theirgame improve just because of their new work ethic and better attitude…. GO CATS

    • js2
      11:53 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

      No, it is not “bout the money.” They haven’t wanted to play in the NBA for years. They are being smart about getting the right info to decide if this is the time to go or not. Chill.

  8. GM
    11:58 am April 20, 2014 Permalink

    You’all know it, only takes one team to tell them they will draft them in the first round, and they gone.

    • Ben
      1:57 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Then that one team picks someone else and their excuse is that they did not think the player that they got would be available at the time. There are no guarantees in the NBA draft. Verbal agreements are as solid as the paper they are written on. My guess is that they do not want to come back and they do not want to be picked in the second round. Hope they make the right choice! They will only have one chance.

  9. Memphis UK Cat
    12:00 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I really want the twins back because it would make for a special year; however, after reading this, i do believe they are gone.

    • Bradley
      12:04 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Out of curiosity, exactly what in this article makes you think they’re gone? Maybe I missed a paragraph or two.

    • MacGruber
      12:14 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      After reading that article I see nothing that says they are leaving or staying. They are just being cautious and looking into their options , nothing wrong with that.

  10. Jimmy Dinklewinker
    12:00 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I have an aunt who is a real estate agent and she said her company just helped to sell a horse farm on Versailles Rd. to A-a-ron Sr. This could mean that they will be here until they graduate!

    • Catgrad7072
      12:13 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      It can only mean one thing; they are coming back to Lexington to play for the NBA’s newest expansion team.

    • ukjaybrat
      12:36 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      yeah… and there were also people claiming that they had an aunt who had a friend who’s cousin knew somebody that saw Billy Donovan’s wife shopping for a house in Lexington, which meant that he was going to be our coach instead of Billy G… I don’t believe anything until it happens despite what “proof” there may be.

  11. Wisdom
    12:01 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    To over analysis is to paralyze.

  12. bilbo
    12:03 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    My aunts friend’s best friends cousin dad told me that the twins will be back

  13. Easy Decisiom
    12:04 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    All they have to do is look at the players that have already declared and they can answer their own questions. They could easily see they are not first rounders at all. This class is loaded. What’s the rush? Come back – its just 1 more year – and be lotto picks next year. Nope, these kids today have to have everything Now now now. Fine, go – enjoy the D league and the crappy money. Poor decision if they go pro. You think the dad would step in but it appears he may be the one pushing them to go pro.

  14. arlo
    12:10 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    how many days til bb madness? i’m getting the shakes. need input.

  15. Bobby Knight's shrink
    12:17 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    How about one goes and one stays, especially if undecided !!! In that case AARON needs to stay, and Andrew can go !!!!

    • Fern Daddy
      12:21 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yea I don’t really understand why it has to be a package deal… Not like there’s a good chance the same team would draft them both… Wish we could keep at least 1 of the 2

  16. Rocketman
    12:20 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I cant believe that it is always about the twins. Am I the only one that believes one may be ready and the other not so ready. The NBA doesnt care if they are twins or not they will be judged on each of their abilities. You cant link them together when talking about the NBA.

    • highoctanehurricane
      4:40 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah, the NBA doesn’t care about them being twins, but the twins care about being twins. I honestly believe that if one finds out for sure he is a first rounder, but the other gets word that he is pretty much a second rounder that they both come back. They have done everything together since birth and my guess is they want to do this together and by together I mean both go in the first round. I could be wrong, but I think that is what they are looking into.

  17. Signal Mtn Cat
    12:22 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    They appear to have grown up like they were “joined at the hip”, doing everything together. Don’t think that one team will draft both which would split them up. Staying one more year would give them time to prepare for this split as well as improve their “stock” value. They appear to come from a strong middle class family making it less urgent than some who want to help lift up their families. What ever their decision is, they have made tremendous strides since the first of the year and I wish them well. Go Cats!

  18. Holla
    12:23 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    You should be hopeful a kid comes back that states the success and a ring for UK isn’t a factor. Players and egos first.

    • Bradley
      1:21 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Read much? The younger Aaron Harrison also says that the prospects of coming back to win a title at UK are ”a factor.”

  19. KingRex
    12:26 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Aaron Harrison Sr. hired to coach the Lakers… LA will draft both twins… Then Calipari takes over for Aaron Sr. and hires World Wide Wes as his new agent… They make Sacramento an “offer they can’t refuse” for DeMarcus Cousins, sign LeBron, tells proceeds to win 5 straight titles.

  20. KingRex
    12:27 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink


  21. Steve
    12:29 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Guys, everyone should know they are coming back. Remember last year when they committed to UK they said “For the next 4 years, we will be attending” and then they both said the University of Kentucky. They have 3 more years left here.

  22. Adam
    12:30 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Hopefully the people who created the “keep calm the twins are coming” shirts can make a version 2. “keep calm the twins are coming… Back”

  23. Joe Blow
    12:37 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I believe they want to go but aren’t getting the feedback they were hoping for. If I was a betting man I’d bet they come back. Common sense says come back and go in the 1st round next year. The D league is brutal and that coupled with the twins being apart from each other makes it even more of a reason to not go.

  24. Some Guy in Kentucky
    12:38 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    On ESPN this morning, they said that there are over 30 players coming out early for the NBA draft, not counting seniors. So, some will have to be 2nd round, or not drafted.
    More than likely, UK will be the last time the Harrisons will play on the team.

  25. Gone
    12:39 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    They are so desperate to go that they are waiting for paperwork back from the NBA that their dad submitted? What a joke! Cal is a former NBA coach, still has multiple contact, personally spoke with 19 GMs and that is not eniugh for them? I guess they don’t trust Cal or his judgement. I guess the rumors are true that Old man Harrison didn’t feel Cal showcased his boys enough. Sir, it’s not about showcasing your boys, it’s about winning! The Harrisons were the problem this year during the regular season. All they cared about was their draft stock and it effected their play. They’d miss a shot or make a turnover and their heads went down and so did their attitudes. I think they should leave because Ulis will win th pg position and Booker will eventually take the sg job. It’s probably better thzt they head for the D league with their 50k big money contracts. 3 big shots does not atone for the sins of an entire season. Sins that will be repeated if they return. Me me, now now. They are purse selfishness. Don’t let the BB door hit you on the way out!

    • Rocketman
      12:57 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Your either a Louisville fan or One of those Dumb asses that give us Kentucky fans a bad name. I guess you have a short memory of the game winners Aaron hit to get us to the championship game. With your kind of loyalty we dont need fans like that..

    • harry
      12:59 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I think it is a very serious decision, too much to consider. I have no problem family wants to investigate a bit more. Seems like you are bothered by the twins in general. I will ask you too watch the last 6 games of the season.

    • DC cat
      2:11 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Shut up! We don’t need your type spouting off. Big decisions deserve thoughtful analysis. This is but one element in that effort.

      Now, please go away.

    • This guy
      2:13 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      ^^^what an idiot!!!^^^ First of all, if you were a kid that wasnt affiliated with Kentucky basketball and had a dream to go into the NBA why would you really care about the school at all. I know that there is a level of appreciation for what Kentucky has helped them do, but alot of schools could have done the same. Of course they wanted to win, like the second post stated, watch the last 6 games of the season. Some of the most exciting and passionate basketball you will ever see.

  26. E
    12:40 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    One thing to consider… they may not be ready to go their separate ways. Once they declare, they will probably never play together again. May not even live anywhere near each other for a long time. They seem super close, may have an impact.

  27. Wilbur
    12:53 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    What position are the twins suited for next year in the NBA? Too slow to play the guard position and not big enough to play the three or four. But what do I know.

    • harry
      1:05 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      NBA is not about defending, they’ll be with a team if they can shoot from anywhere on the court.

    • Wilbur
      3:35 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Tell that to the guard that is trying to contain Rondo:)

  28. ransmith
    12:54 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Of course they want to be in the NBA, why would they not! Problem is their adjustment to the college game was not fast and it exposed several weak points. Thus the NBA is not giving them the feedback they would like to hear.

    If I were in their position I would be the exact same way. Leaving right now is a risk for them and a life long altering type decision point for the both of them, but they are driven to accomplish this dream. .

    If they decide to go to the NBA now logically probably at least one of them will spend a lot of time in the developmental league. They are highly driven and confident young men, if not they would have never made it to UK. They are the type guys that have the desire to take on a challenge i.e. being told they are not ready. One or both might be right, they may be ready or they may both could be dead wrong.

    My gut feel is the ultimate wiser move is to insure against injury and one or both return. But if actually in their position who knows what I would do, especially at such a young age!

    What ever they decide in the next week or so I hope it works out well for them.

  29. JBF95
    1:04 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I say they should just leave now because they obviously want to get out of UK as fast as possible

    • harry
      1:06 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      gimme half of what they will make a year, I’ll send my degree back.

    • DC cat
      2:13 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Another one who needs to be shouted down. Stupid comment.

  30. harry
    1:16 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I wonder if you would be posting these comments if you had an actually had a shot of making serious money

    • Wilbur
      3:41 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      According to Harry all marginal players should declare for the NBA.

    • harry
      4:39 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I’m not a scout, but watch NBA much?

    • Wilbur
      9:07 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yes I do and it is true that the offensive skills are far superior to the defense. The Harrison’s are good At times but need to improve in both facets of the game. They can either return to Kentucky and improve or do it through playing in the D league. Their choice.

  31. Cats
    1:17 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I have a feeling their final decision is gonna sting a little for us all in bbn. Just my opinion.

  32. AP
    1:19 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I’m startin to think they decided to come back and Sr. is still hoping they will go. He’s tryin to give them a reason to go.

    • jus sayin
      2:35 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      It’s actually the opposite. Remember he is the one who said they didn’t have to go.

    • AP
      3:53 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I would be saying that too if my sons were in that situation. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t actually want them to go. What looks like him thinking this through, could be his way of pushing them to the league while still looking like the “good” guy.

    • John
      11:51 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      He has no reason to push them to go. Obviously, you don’t know their family situation. They come from an upper middle class family. Mr & Mrs Harrison don’t need any help from Aaron and Andrew financially. However, they do want to see their sons strive to reach their dreams. In some families, parents put their kids dreams and desires ahead of their own. It’s not like some areas of Kentucky where the kids are just used as a way to get a check.

  33. Matt Jones
    1:25 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I enjoy black dong.

    • Drew Franklin
      1:41 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I’ll spray paint mine for you big guy.

  34. JBF95
    1:27 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Bottom line is that they really didn’t seem to be having a lot of fun most of the season out there. We really just need their depth because we only have 3 guards for next year

    • DC cat
      2:16 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Of course they didn’t enjoy most of their time…would you with a bunch of idiots communicating with them about what terrible kids they were? The bad part about this is that the bulk of fans truly appreciated them as players AND people but are not vocal about that support. Great kids who will only get better…I hope they come back and silence the idiots once and for all!

    • JBF95
      3:02 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yea and I stood behind them most of the year, the fans were harsh for the most part but the national media was the worst to them and also calipari

  35. Burton 82
    1:28 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Is this article even true……..because I could swear that Matt Jones is always saying the twins and the dad don’t talk to anyone…

  36. UKBlue
    1:32 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    The fact they are taking so long says they are leaning going to the draft. The fact so many people from unnamed GM’s especially to blood sucking show me the money agents are all saying the same things should tell them the answer. Even though everyone is saying the same thing, they keep trying to fight reality. If the Twins dad & the Twins themselves really want to screw themselves over especially financially go to the draft.

  37. Insider
    1:34 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    They gone.

    • Wilbur
      3:50 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      The D League doesn’t seem to be very appealing to me.

  38. BBN4LIFE
    1:37 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I love being the fan of a championship contender every year but it is just sad to me that the BBN cares more about winning championships than the players do, they just want the nba more than anything else

    • rockatao
      2:21 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      and it’s equally sad to see so many of the BBN care only about winning the championship and don’t give two s**** about the kids and their future. 99% of the decisions we all make in life are about ME and not what someone else wants.

    • waveydavey
      2:38 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Since when do you forgo your job, lively hood and income earning potential all in the name of championships for the BBN?? LMAO!!

    • BBN4LIFE
      3:00 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      I think you all definitely took this the wrong way but okay lol

    • Hey BBN4LIFE
      3:09 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      “A lot of kids at our level think that they can play in the NBA” – Morehouse College head coach Grady Brewer, in postgame comments after UK destroyed Morehouse 125-40.

      It’s every basketball players dream to be in the NBA, not just win championships for rednecks like you…..

    • BBN4LIFE
      3:45 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Once again another dumbass taking my comment the wrong way ^^^ and I’m far from a redneck unfortunately. They need to make the right decision bottom line and that is coming back to college, they can be lottery picks if they come back one more year, and make twice as much as they would if they come ou this year. Sorry I offended some of you lmao

  39. Polygamist Weezer
    1:43 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    … and no one has consulted “the door”? Have we learned nothing BBN?

  40. C....A.....T.....S....CATS!
    1:43 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    It is quite obvious that some BBN members can’t keep themselves from READING IN TO THE COMMENTS.

    “they are going to do this”…

    “they are doing this….”

    Stop all the silliness my fellow BBN fans… and enjoy the class the Harrison’s are showing us…

    The article really states some classy facts:

    a). Mr. Harrison loves and cares enough about his sons to conduct DUE DILIGENCE on their NBA opportunities -thus the paperwork to the NBA.

    b). They are a strong Christian family with Christian values willing to seek guidance on their decision from God.

    c). They are NOT in any hurry -but patient about this decision.

    d). It’s a family decision, and they are not going to turn it into a MEDIA CIRCUS based on hearsay..

    e). Julius Randle is attempting to make the correct decision as well, without any MEDIA CIRCUS developing. His mother is quite the classy Christian as well, and we can only anticipate her and Julius discussing and deciding this with Gods help too.

    The very best to both families in this decision making time.
    Whatever you decide the BBN is behind you and proud of you.


    • DC cat
      2:19 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink


  41. K2da
    2:06 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    If they were just brothers, they would be back in a heartbeat..nothing about their game says NBA right now. This is all about them trying to get a marketing deal out of somebody. I think in the 11 th hour they will get rescued from college and declare. Their saviour: UNDERAMOUR

  42. SayWhat?
    2:12 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I think all along they wanted to go to the NBA after one year but the season showed a few weak areas and thus, their draft status has dropped. Doesn’t mean they still can’t go to the draft, but they aren’t where they were a year ago and they are trying to decide what would be best for them.

    I want them to chose the best outcome for them, not BBN. While I would love the idea of them coming back, I can’t hold it against them for going to the draft. I think the twins are wanting to go and the father is thinking return.

    I think they return to UK personally…not to win a championship but to build their draft status back up. In the end that might very well win a championship though and with all of these guys, that’s what recruiting players like this is all about. Get the best players, they come together as a team and make a run for the team. Fans get to enjoy it all too!

  43. Catlogic15
    2:19 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Does any one know exactly what the paperwork papa Harrison sent entails? What type “feedback” is returned?

    • jus sayin
      2:34 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Potential draftees can choose to see what teams think about them prior to the draft to inform their decision on rather or not to come out

    • Casper
      2:56 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah, and he mailed it 2 or 3 days ago.
      He is expecting a response… That will take
      4 or 5 mores days in the mail.
      And they have to make a decision in 7 days.
      Does not add up. Looks like too little too late.
      I guess they have not gotten a first round NBA promise
      and will return.

    • slowly smh.....
      3:16 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Oh Casper…… bless your little heart……. Keep the comments coming, my man.

    • Wilbur
      4:01 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      It might include all the info Cal neglected to include in his report:)

  44. jus sayin
    2:39 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Here is a part of the article. Sounds like they are Just trying to be thorough. Which they should

    “I think I’m blessed either way, just to be in this situation, to be able to go the NBA or go back to a great university,” Aaron Harrison said.

    “So I’m just blessed. I just got to take out all of the options and keep thinking about it.”

    His brother agreed.

    “Just keep praying about it,” Andrew Harrison said. “Just to be thankful that I’m in this situation, being able to go back to school or try to go in the draft. It’s something to be happy about.”

    Both of the Harrisons know they are facing a difficult decision.

    “It’s basically my career really,” Aaron Harrison said. “Don’t leave anything out. Think about all the angles and everything that goes into it and just try to make the best choice for your family.”

  45. Money
    2:54 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Dumba$$ fan STFU, Plain and Simple they want to get the hell out of UK. Their gonna be a 2nd round pick and their dad is running the show.
    They used their height this year to score. That height wont mean jack shat in the NBA since most player are the same height.

    • Lemme guess
      2:58 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Let me guess:

      You’re a UL fan, and you’re hoping and praying that they go get the money, so maybe, just MAYBE, your “HOFCRP” can stop being Cal’s bitch?

      How’s my aim…?

  46. Leave
    3:13 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    What do they expect will change? Cal personally spoke with 19+ GMs. Despite Cal making personal calls, they’ve mailed inquiries to NBA teams. I guess the respones to their dad’s requests will be better than the info. that Cal got? Einstein’s definition for insanity is this very situation. Doing the same thing iver and over and hoping/praying/expecting for a different result. You to are what you are and it’s not going to change – 2nd round picks. Your regular season sucked; great post-season run but not enough to save your first 30 games!

    • CatFan
      3:23 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      There is a difference in the reasons that players are torn between turning pro or not….some guys want to come back and win a NC (like Willie), but apparently the only reason that would make the Twins return is lack of NBA interest. They don’t have any desire to come back and help UK at all, its either go pro if there is any interest whatsoever, or come back to UK as a backup plan to try and enhance their draft stock for next year. Ugh. I hope they come back, and Ullis ends up beating Andrew out of the PG spot by the end of the year. Would be some irony and hopefully a lesson (but probably not).

  47. UL > UK
    4:18 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    They are gone and UK wull have a weak back court. I’m loving it!

      4:30 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink


      You can’t spell delusional without ‘U’ and ‘L’…..

    • pr
      5:04 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      They won’t have a weak backcourt idiot. Ulis is a baller and devin is a pure shooter. Trust they will still be good.

  48. arlo
    4:26 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    even with weak backcourt it’s gonna be L1C7 . 7SEVEN7. l1. CSEVEN. l1

  49. Andrew biggs
    5:15 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    They’re gone.

  50. cant wait
    6:43 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I can’t wait for tyler the creator next year and bookem dano devin the twins r gone

  51. bluecat0
    6:48 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    All we have to go by evaluating them is the past and a little bit of the present. Lets review, before the tournament it was thouyght they came to UK wanting to be one and done’s, however the season was not good to either of them and it was thought each would need, (reluctently) to come back to school for another year. Then the tournament happened and UK played superbly making it to the championship finals. Hope was rekindled for them, their stock was re-evaluated and nba sources admitted they had risen from where they had dropped but still were very late first round for Andrew, with brother Aaron,
    projected in the second round. Immediately after the season conjecture was that they needed to return for one more year to elevate their stock as next year the draft is said to be weaker overall.

    That brings us to the present. From April 7th until the nba deadline of April 27th, they and others have twenty days to make a final decision on entering the draft. It has now been thirteen days with no announcement as to their intentions. That represents two-thirds of the time with only seven days
    to decide. To me their waiting towards the last minute indicates they are once again taking a hard look at entering the draft and dorfieting their college careers for the pro ranks. Of course, they still could choose to return to school but what bothers me would be their desire to do so as with each passing day it appears obvious if given their druthers, they’d be selected in the draft.

    What I am saying is I think were they to return to Kentucky, the sooner they announce and get on with preparing to come back like WCS and Marcus Lee have done, would be better for them considering the present circumstances. Suppose they return but their “hearts” are not completely sold on staying another year?. I want them back, dedicated and devoted to wanting to be here, like WCS said when returnming.

    Two others have yet to announce as well, Dakari and Alex. Once again, the hour grows late and by taking up most of the allowed time to announce, leads you to think both of them are torn between going or staying. Team wise, this is not a good position to be in. On one hand should they decide to go, you wish them the best. Past experience however shows draft position is everything when determining a players potential future income as a pro.

    I’m thinking all four know right now what their decision is. Today is Easter Sunday, I think they
    waited for the Holiday to pass before making public their choices. I’d be surprised if by wednesday we have not heard by each of them.

    As a fan, they return we are odds on favorite #1 in 2014-15 to cut down the nets. Most of them go, we will still be a top twelve team but nowhere as deep or experienced. I am selfishly hoping we
    get three of the four back and want the announcement sooner then later. GO BIG BLUE!

  52. WCS Fan
    7:31 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t know didley, but I going to take a guess. The twins are a little down, not because they have to come back, but because the NBA’s not that excited about them. But the NBA is somewhat excited about Young, Randle and who knows maybe Dikari, even Lee may have received better interest. This may have the twins feeling a little down, and Dad’s trying to console them by getting more data and giving them some time to heal alittle. Hopefully if this is even close to being right, Dad will eventually tell them to go back another year and show the NBA and the entire country what great players you really are. Just guessing like everybody else.

  53. WCS Fan
    7:45 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Good Grief, we all need to read the full article. It’s so much better than we thought. Clears up so much speculation. Go to the link and look for the story or go to – it’s there also.

    • John
      11:47 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

      Some people would rather speculate, get upset and criticize these kids than actually read the story. Like Coach Cal said, whether they stay or go, 50 years from now, the University of Kentucky will still be the University of Kentucky. People can’t just leave them alone and let them decide. It makes our state look like a bunch of lunatic stalkers.

  54. Sharon
    9:47 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    At least the twins are honest in that they admit that the decision is all about them personally and not about winning a ring. Players first!

    • John
      12:18 am April 21, 2014 Permalink

      Why do you work Sharon? I didn’t go to college for the benefit of the college. I went to college so that I could have a career and make a living. I hope they come back just as much as anyone, but it should be about them. A ring is nice, but it won’t pay bills.

  55. John
    11:41 pm April 20, 2014 Permalink

    Why doesn’t everyone cut these kids a break. You and I work to pay our bills and support the life we want. What is wrong with these kids making the decision about what is best for them? They haven’t made a decision yet and are weighing their options. Do you not get all the information available to you before making a big decision? Fact is, UK needs the Harrison Twins more than they need UK. If I were a 19 year old kid reading all of this speculation and negativity, I wouldn’t think twice about leaving. All you’re doing when you criticize them incessantly, is giving them more reason to leave Kentucky. They’re good kids and good players. You nor I will ever be able to play like they do. Back off and let them make their choice. I hope they come back just as much as anyone, but hounding them to death isn’t going to make them want to.

  56. who cares
    3:01 am April 21, 2014 Permalink

    With all the biggs we only need a passer at point guard we could of won a championship next year with polson starting we will be good either way shut up and grab a brew and change your tampons