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Guardians of the Galaxy’s Saturday News and Views

guardians of

It hasn’t been the greatest summer for Hollywood. The box office is down about 20% from this time last year, and while there have been a few exceptions (X-men: Days of Future Past and Dawn of the Planet of Apes) most of the big winners financially have been pretty mediocre/bad movies (Amazing Spider Man 2, Maleficent, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Lucy). Marvel Studios, usually a big player in the summer-movie scene, released its only film of the season yesterday in Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie was a considerable gamble for the studio, but after watching it, I’d have to say that it is one of the most pleasantly surprising films of the summer.

The first Marvel movie without a well-established hero (most of these characters have only been around since 2008), the film features a group of criminals who team up to prevent a powerful space orb from landing into the hands of Ronan, the genocidal-alien-bad-guy. Many of the movie’s funniest moments come from the human member of the group, Starlord (played by Chris Pratt), who was abducted by aliens as a child in 1988. This allows him to spew a variety of hilarious pop-cultural references ranging from Kevin Bacon to The Maltese Falcon, and gives the film a cool soundtrack featuring classic hits like I Want You Backby the Jackson Five and “Escape” by Rupert Holmes.  Guardians is self-aware, the characters are great (particularly Groot, the humanoid tree voiced by Vin Diesel) and is a worthwhile trip to the movies in a summer that hasn’t featured so many.

On to the news:

Tony Barbee joins UK’s Staff

Tony Barbee

The University officially announced today that Tony Barbee will be joining the staff as “special assistant to the head coach.” Barbee played for Calipari at UMass, was an assistant at Memphis, and was the head coach at UTepp and Auburn, before being fired by the latter this March. He takes the place of Rod Strickland, who left to coach at the University of South Florida earlier this year. Glad to have you, coach.

Stoops speaks at final pre-season luncheon

stoops opening presser

Coach Stoops spoke about the team today for the final time during “talking season” at the annual Kentucky Football Kickoff Luncheon in Lexington. Stoops believes the squad is “much improved,” especially physically:

“You hear me talk about it all the time: recruit, recruit, recruit – and develop. We can’t just bring talented players into our program and stop there. We have to develop them in all areas of their lives. This team is much improved. Really, I think you’re going to see the biggest dividends in the physical improvement.”

We’re looking forward to seeing those results. Practice starts Monday.

Read more here

Coach K comments on Demarcus Cousins

coach k

Several people have reported that Mason Plumlee is likely to make the Team USA roster over Demarcus Cousins. The two played tonight in a scrimmage (still occurring at the time of this post) that will hopefully make an impression on the staff. Coack K did have this to say about Demarcus:

In DeMarcus’ case, the style we play lends itself to what Anthony does or even what Plumlee is doing,” Krzyzewski said. “DeMarcus’ game is different, so he has an adjustment to make and he’s trying to make it. He’s been attentive and [he’s] tried — diving on the floor for loose balls. They all have to adapt and it’s a different way of playing defense — ‘how do you play defense with all these athletes, and how do you help out?’ We [will] have to see in games — these exhibition games — how that will wash out. We haven’t made a decision and we won’t for a while, but we will definitely take a long look at the bigs.”

Is he setting us up for the let-down? No official decision has been made yet, but if Coach K decides to screw over Boogie.. look out.


Antoine Walker will be at the annual alumni game


The 3-time NBA All-Star, and former NCAA/ NBA champion Antoine Walker announced that he will be returning to Lexington for this year’s alumni game via Twitter:

This year’s contest will feature several former Cats against several former non-Cats. More details will be released soon, but if the past few years have been any indication, it will be a fun event and a great chance to see several of our former Wildcats in action.

Finally, KSR would like to send well-wishes to Aaron Jackson (pictured below), who is currently in UK’s ICU fighting a rare blood disease. Aaron is a huge Kentucky fan, and was able to get Jodie Meeks to help him participate in “the cold water challenge” a couple of months ago. Sending our thoughts and prayers your way, big guy.


Article written by Caleb Epley

Vanderbilt student, Kentucky fan. Skilled at using big words and telling bad jokes. Twitter: @CalebEpleyKSR

23 Comments for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Saturday News and Views

  1. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
    10:51 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Watched the George broken leg freak accident live and could not stop watching over and over again on replay. Thoughts and prayers go out to Paul as he rehabs and recovers.

  2. LeX
    10:52 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Paul George broke the ever living hell out of his leg. My god it was awful.

    • God
      2:19 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

      My God it was awful, that was My plan…
      Keep an open mind, God says…

  3. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
    10:56 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Not to be too insensitive but if Plumlee makes and Boogie does not after this, we are loading up and heading Coach K’s house–and I am driving in from AZ.

    • Whatever
      11:09 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

      Why? Because the white boy runs the floor like a deer and was slamming lobs? I’m sure your more of an expert on who should play than the best coach in the entire nation for the last 20 yrs

    • CAROLINA Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
      11:20 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

      Shhhhhhhh. You are embarrassing yourself.

    • Han
      11:48 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

      Plumlee’s first couple minutes in the game saw him get blocked and then dunked on. It’s easy to run the floor when you don’t use any energy scoring or defending except on lobs.

  4. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
    10:58 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Pecking away on this little iPhone screen at my age is not good. Sorry.

  5. Ukbradstith
    11:07 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Yikes, but Paul George handled that pretty well, I almost threw up. Guardians of the galaxy looks awesome. And prayers to this guy, but what the heck is he wearing?

  6. Han
    11:50 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    George’s injury should be familiar to all of us. His was more ugly to see, but a player running back to get a block and then crashing into a basket support that is noticeably closer to the baseline than at most arenas… We’ve seen that, haven’t we?

  7. Too Cheap
    11:52 pm August 1, 2014 Permalink

    Aaron keep fighting hard! We are pulling for you at 2345.

  8. Dusten
    12:19 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    I knew the majority of the comments here would be about Paul George. And look! Here’s another!

  9. LesterB
    12:33 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Did I miss it? Not one thing on this site today about Damien Harris’ final 5??????

    • Stoops
      2:14 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Yep, you missed it… duh…

  10. Hmmm
    1:48 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Keep on keepin on Aaron. We got lots of exciting bball coming our way you need to see #sockswag

  11. Steroids Suck
    2:47 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Steroids break bones, tear ligaments and strengthen muscles…
    Bad combination when you think about it.
    You run faster, jump higher and land on chalk bones with lax ligaments.

    • Dr. Sharon
      8:00 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Well you hit it pretty accurately. Most injuries that are steroids related are still tendon tears and ruptures and not bone breaks.

  12. Mike
    3:30 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Poor Captain America forgotten so soon

  13. Rothchild
    3:35 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Dude… the Guardians of the Galaxy characters have been around since the 70s.

  14. Rothchild
    3:36 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Granted, not forming the modern version of GOTG until 2008…

  15. kwd101
    4:24 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Hang in there, Aaron!

  16. k2da
    8:39 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Glad to see Barbee on our bench instead of Strickland sitting there playing with his nails all game.Go look bored in South Florida….. C ya!!!

  17. B-Rad
    11:30 am August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Aaron Jackson is one of my oldest friends and one of the biggest UK fans you will ever meet! It is really awesome that you talked about him in your post! Thanks a lot! When he pulls through I’m sure he will be shocked he made it on KSR, so thanks again Caleb.