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Gov. Beshear issues reopening schedule for May, includes horse racing, churches and retail stores

There’s good news for horse racing fans. Kentucky governor Andy Beshear has announced the sport will return to action without fans on Monday, May 11.

More specifically, Churchill Downs will be able to begin accepting horses and backside workers on that day. He added track employees will undergo temperature checks and masks will be mandatory. The first race date after that is Thursday, May 14.

Along with the racing news, Gov. Beshear also set several dates for the reopening of Kentucky throughout the month of May.


He announced all manufacturing, construction, professional services and auto dealerships can open in Kentucky on Monday, May 11. Churches and Retail stores will reopen at reduced capacity on Wednesday, May 20. Barber shops and hair and nail salons can reopen on Monday, May 25, and gatherings of no more than 10 people will also be allowed beginning on that day.

Beshear says he hopes to have the recommendations finalized by next Monday in order to give Kentuckians a week to get ready for the changes.

In the mean time, restaurants will remain take-out only throughout May, as owners do not believe it is economically feasible to open dining rooms at severely-reduced capacity. Daycares will remain closed this month and will not be included in “phase one” of the reopening process. Gov. Beshear says the state is looking at “hopefully a June solution” for those businesses. Beshear added he hopes to be able to reopen movie theaters, gyms and youth sports later this summer, but no date has been set at this time.

The governor also provided an update on the outbreak in Kentucky. As of his Wednesday briefing, there were 184 new confirmed cases in the state. In total, 54,101 Kentuckians have been tested and 1,668 have recovered from the virus. There are currently at least 325 COVID-19 patients in hospitals and 176 in ICUs.

Article written by Maggie Davis

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13 Comments for Gov. Beshear issues reopening schedule for May, includes horse racing, churches and retail stores

  1. jim tom
    5:54 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

    Thanks Mr Rogers

  2. Jpcat15
    5:56 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

    Dude is an idiot. People that want to go to a restaurant should be able to go now. People that want to stay home can do that. Restaurant owners can choose whether they want to open or not. Love my home state, but glad I live elsewhere now. Restaurants and bars opening Monday. We have 5 couples with plans to attend one of our favorites that night.

    • A Conservative White Man
      6:49 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

      Tell your friends that your and their elderly and young will be missed.

    • A Conservative White Man
      6:52 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

      You do realize that the generation that you’re willing to kill to have a swingers night out is the one’s that fought for your freedom to do so. You selfish, ungrateful, disrespectful poor unfortunate soul.

    • wildcat859
      8:44 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

      Done plenty of research. Not sure what you’re referring to? Yeah a lot of people will be fine but can still transmit to their elderly family.

  3. Jpcat15
    7:14 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

    Lol- you do realize that death rate is.00013 don’t you? I have a 93 year old father that fought in WW2. Elderly folks and people in poor health with pre-existing conditions need to take precautions and stay out of crowds. The other 99.997 of the population will be fine. The last thing my dad wants is to see his kids and grandkids future put in jeopardy over a virus that has done more to kill the economy than it has actually killed people. The original stay at home orders were needed based on the possibility of the early models being right. Fortunately, those models have been proven to be wildly wrong. Based on the current stats it is time for the country to open up so that a depression can be avoided.

    • wildcat859
      8:45 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

      Yes you probably will be fine. Unfortunately the virus you bring to your father won’t work out as well.

    • bigblue98
      9:22 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

      This comment won’t age well after the second wave.

  4. Southky
    9:35 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

    Lol. I don’t think there will be much of a second wave. See the original models of massive death and destruction.

  5. Jpcat15
    9:40 pm April 29, 2020 Permalink

    You don’t transmit to the elderly and at risk folks if they follow the safety guidelines. I made that clear in my post. Btw, the actual death rates are even lower than the published numbers. All the health officials have made it pretty clear that many of the deaths were not directly tied to the virus, but the death was attributed to it.

    • A Conservative White Man
      12:22 am April 30, 2020 Permalink

      Haha you literally said you won’t be following the guide lines when you have your swingers party. Listen to the experts that Trump brings on tv instead of Gretchen Carlson and Booze Box Pirro. Please tell me your smart enough to know Fox and Friends, Pirro, Carlson, Hannity, and Limbaugh are all registered as opinion shows and have no legal basis as news so when they disagree with the actual Fox News News they’re spouting the opinions that will make people like you happy not correct, happy. People should watch Fox News to get a full since of where the middle is not those shows because they are as bad as CNN and you need to be pretty stupid to believe a word they say.

  6. Jpcat15
    5:28 pm April 30, 2020 Permalink

    Not a chance in hell that you are a conservative. You haven’t espoused a single conservative principle. Conservatives would not be as willing as you sound to sit around and watch the government take away your freedoms and rights. In the beginning I was on board with all the precautions around the virus. But, as we have learned more it is clear that the current regulations are an overreaction of major proportions. I don’t even look at this as a political situation. This is about common sense. The math does not add up. You can’t completely kill the economy of a country of 330 million people over the inflated number of 45 thousand. It is economic suicide. The entire task force needs to come clean and admit the original actions were with great intentions but the numbers don’t add up now. Time to open.

    • A Conservative White Man
      9:29 pm April 30, 2020 Permalink

      I am a conservative thank you. I just care more about other people, a Christian value read the bible it’s all over the place in there. As for losing freedom murder is illegal according to the government, why aren’t you groening about them punishing you for that.
      And what freedoms? The freedom of religion isn’t trampled on you can do church service electronically, the churches that won’t just care more about the collection plate.
      By the way it’s 60,000 and only that low do to the mandates. Listening to nobodies in TV over experts doesn’t make me a non conservative it just means I listen to common sense.