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Gov. Beshear increases bar, restaurant capacity to 50%, issues service curfew

Starting tomorrow, bars and restaurants in the state of Kentucky can return to 50% capacity for indoor dining, but there will be some new rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

At his press conference this afternoon, Governor Andy Beshear announced new guidelines for the service industry, which include a 10 p.m. service curfew, which gives patrons an hour to finish their meals and drinks before heading home. Bars and restaurants must close their doors by 11 p.m. They must also continue to prioritize outdoor seating and enforce a seat rule to cut down on patrons congregating at the bar and potentially spreading the virus. Social distancing and the mask mandate will still be in place.

“The biggest change for our bars is an enforced seat rule,” Beshear said. “The easiest way you can see if a bar is following the rules and regulations is everybody has a seat and everybody’s sitting in it. No congregating. You’re in that seat unless you’re going to the bathroom and then you’re back in that seat. It’s the only way we can make this work. If folks won’t do it, it will present a challenge we cannot overcome.”

Beshear said he’s making the call to increase capacity in bars and restaurants from 25% to 50% in hopes of preventing super-spreading events like house parties.

“If we don’t, people are pushed towards large house parties that we see in other states where absolutely no rules are followed. Our goal is to have the right structure and rules where people can have that outlet if they’re looking for it, but to be in a safe place and for it to be done in a safe manner. Again, this is something if folks can’t follow, we’ll have to take other steps.”

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9 Comments for Gov. Beshear increases bar, restaurant capacity to 50 issues service curfew

  1. lexslamman
    5:03 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    Go out to a bar in Lexington? Why not just suck on a big bag of Covid-19.

  2. truebluefootballfan
    7:24 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    So allowing 25% more ppl to congregate in public places until a 10pm curfew is the answer to containing the spread? This land doesn’t seem all that free to me anymore and now they’re conveniently saying it will never be eradicated?…. HA. Dance puppets, dance….

  3. peaches76
    8:30 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    10 or 11 sounds about right. Isn’t that the curfew used for the protests, rioting, er demonstrations?

    • east-ky-boy
      8:49 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

      Lol exactly

    • Gazza
      9:05 am August 12, 2020 Permalink

      Democrats have studies that show NO covid spread has ever happened from the peaceful protest….. lol

  4. Ryan Lemonds Toupee
    10:10 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    “It’s the only way we can make this work…” where have we heard this regurgitated like before????

  5. Cousins Fake Tooth 2
    10:27 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    We all know due to studies that the virus does not spread until 10pm or later.

  6. big cat
    11:02 pm August 10, 2020 Permalink

    Schools gotta delay start and no in person teaching……but bars are open. Wow, Beefear is a frickin genius. He’s laughable….really.

  7. PensacolaCat
    12:31 am August 11, 2020 Permalink

    The only thing the governor needs to issue is an apology for being the governor. He should be recalled.