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Get up! Time for Kentucky Sports Radio! (Monday Show Thread)




Welcome to the Monday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, which is coming to you live from the Lexington and Louisville studios. Matt, Ryan, Drew, and Shannon will break down Kentucky’s humbling loss to UCLA on Saturday, and when that gets too depressing, switch it up and talk about the football team’s trip to Jacksonville for the TaxSlayer Bowl.

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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49 Comments for Get up! Time for Kentucky Sports Radio! (Monday Show Thread)

  1. RealCatsFan
    10:05 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    The Mrs and I were at the UCLA game Saturday, and I thought the crowd was pretty good, in spite of the fact that we were down by double digits for most of the second half. It was sad an embarrassing to see hundreds of fans filing out of the arena with almost 2 minutes left in the game. When we went on that run with 30 seconds to play and actually had a legit chance to force OT, I was thinking how stupid they would feel if we ended up winning that game.

    Losing to any team two years in a row leaves a bad taste, but it is especially bad when it is a loss to cheating UCLA, and at home to boot!

    Congrats to UK Football for the spot in the TS Bowl. They sure proved me wrong, and I am quite happy about that!

    • J-Dub421
      10:15 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      It sucks to lose, but I’m not going to freak out over a close loss to a ranked team in December when our team is so young.

    • ClutchCargo
      10:22 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      In the big picture, a game vs UCLA in December means very little. At least we don’t have to hear from their fans on a daily basis.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:25 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      Yep, the Cats can make up for this loss by beating UNC and Louisville. Do that, and we’re good!

    • Booby Petrino
      10:54 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      I agree the loss is no big deal. And yes, we don’t have to hear from their fans regularly. Last night at the UK women’s game vs Louisville there was a guy sitting in chair seats on the floor with a UCLA t-shirt on over his Louisville shirt. So petty…Louisville fans are petty as hell.

    • I just don’t want them to tack on another natty before we do. I had always hoped we would catch them in my lifetime. We probably won’t, but it would be awesome if we were the 2nd to break double-digits. That’s all the more reason I don’t want Duke or UNC to get any closer to us.

  2. runningunnin.454
    10:13 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Move over Grayson Allen; we have a new guy to hate. Sort of admire Lonzo Ball for the nerve to hush the crowd with his finger after hitting the three; but,
    2/8 threes, and 7 assists with 6 turnovers is nothing to write home about.
    Fox ouplayed him all over the court except for the jumpers early in the shot clock.

    • The “hush” thing kind of irritated me, but it doesn’t bother me that much, because I’ve laughed when I’ve seen it in non-UK games. You’re right though. Maybe you should be playing a little better than he was before you do that.

  3. secrick
    10:14 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    It was a tough loss to the Bruins but what was worse than the loss was having to watch Alfords wife for 5 mins. What the heck? I have a delayed radio so i get to listen to our guys call the game but still have to watch what ever the tv guys think we should see. Hope we get to play those guys again in the Trnt.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:16 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      If this team improves like I expect, I would really like to face them again in the tourney. I think it would end up like the IU game back in 2012.

  4. So what was all this “UCLA can’t run with us” stuff from the KSR crew last week? Matt tried (in the post-game) to explain that he didn’t mean what a lot of us thought he meant, but it was splitting hairs and excuse-making as far as I’m concerned.

    The fact is they said it, emphatically, numerous times, and they didn’t qualify it like he did in the post game as far as I remember. Maybe the players being sick was a part of the apparent lethargy, but I’ve got to steel myself against that kind of talk from now on, especially when I haven’t seen the other team play.

    Oh well, hopefully the ship is righted soon. If not, it won’t be pretty against the Heels in Vegas.

    Oh, and what was with all the tweets from someone about Tiger Woods on the Live Blog? I was already irritated that we were losing, and that just added to it. Were those from a current or former KSR writer that I don’t know?

  5. RealCatsFan
    10:19 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    So we are depending on DJ Elliot as the “guru” on how to stop GA Tech? Not sure if that inspires a lot of confidence for me!

  6. secrick
    10:19 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    UCLA is a good team, that Hamilton kid is good. No problem losing to them if not at home.

    • RealCatsFan
      10:22 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      Even at home, it is understandable. Not a lot of team will shoot the ball that well this year. Not sure if they will be able to keep that up either – shooting touch can come and go.

      We probably missed at least 6 dunks or easy layups. Hit those, and we might have won.

  7. HillbillyInBC
    10:23 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    On with Leach this morning, Freddie said the best way to prepare for defending the triple option was to have the scout team run it without a ball. Forces the defense to focus on their assignments and make sure all three options are properly handled.

    • I think the best way to defend the triple option is to have 15 men on the field! 🙂
      Seriously, I hope they’re ready. I didn’t want us to see Tech or Navy, but that’s the draw we got. I was just looking at old Tech schedules, and it looks like Stoops only saw that offense 1 or 2 times at the most while he was at FSU.

  8. Realme
    10:24 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t think that loss was a big deal, but I am losing a little confidence in our bigs every time they get out rebounded. Our guards will bounce back fine, DeAaron will learn from it, but I want to see more toughness and effort from the front court.

    • J-Dub421
      10:50 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      Bigs always take a little longer to develop. Cal teams usually get progressively better throughout the season.

    • Realme
      10:56 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      I’m a little paranoid after last year.

  9. runningunnin.454
    10:27 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Our guys were swating profusely in the 1st half; and seemed to run out of gas quickly.
    I don’t think UCLA wants to see us in March.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:36 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      Make that sweating…Ha ha
      I think several of our guys were under the weather.

  10. Sentient Third Eye
    10:28 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Head to head, Fox didn’t have his “A” game, but he still outplayed Lonzo Ball. What hurt us our interior, who couldn’t handle the physical play inside from that big white stiff.

  11. RealCatsFan
    10:30 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Caller does make a valid point about the switching. Wondering if we need to work on a straight man-to-man to try to counter these situations.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      10:34 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      The switching didn’t hurt us that bad. Most of the mistakes our players made had nothing to do with their height. They were in poor positions for rebounds, had poor defensive positions. This team has the athletic talent to switch on any defensive possession. Saturday, they lacked the concentration required to play good team basketball.

    • J-Dub421
      10:58 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      I thought we needed to box out better. Wenyan and SKJ may not take up much space in the paint, but there is no reason that Bam and Isaac can’t eat up some real estate in the lane. However, they’re both young and I think they’ll learn better rebounding position as the season goes along.

  12. Sentient Third Eye
    10:31 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    The other big thing that hurt was was that the team let the bad calls affect them. That’s a sign of a young team. A mature team takes a “five against eight” mentality, and they beat all eight opponents on the floor. They don’t just complain and let it take away their concentration.

    • Realme
      10:33 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      Definitely. Bad officiating is quite common, so find a way to win anyways.

  13. RealCatsFan
    10:33 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Not saying it is why we lost, but it was aggravating to see the number of chicken wings and arm bars that UCLA got away with. Either call this consistently, or forget about it! Most teams can count on getting some “home cooking” in their own gym, but this rarely seems to happen for UK. In fact, sometimes it feels like we get jobbed worse at home. Maybe that’s just my “blue tinted shades”, but oh well.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      10:36 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      UCLA was a veteran team that recognized how the game was being played and played accordingly. They used the forearm as much as they were allowed. That’s smart basketball. When we mature, we will do the same thing. We will take any advantage the refs will let us by with.

    • rickwhitetx
      10:41 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      2 words …

      Doug Shows

    • Sentient Third Eye
      10:47 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      If we had tried to get away with the same stuff as UCLA and weren’t allowed, then we would have reason to complain, but we didn’t. There were a number of other bad calls, though. At least one of Briscoe’s out-of-bounds calls on the baseline was definitely bogus, as they showed on the TV replay. The last one was legit. First one was at least suspect, too. I will complain about the officiating, but that’s the stuff I will focus on rather than what UCLA got away with.

  14. mj7juice
    10:40 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    UK didn’t play defense on several possessions, but those officials were awful. Not the reason for the loss, but they were so inconsistent especially with all the push offs, arm bars, pushes, and over the backs from ucla. #13 was in the game for goon purposes only.

  15. secrick
    10:50 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Willis let his man out muscle him for a rebound and Cal yanked him and at that time we where playing pretty good. I agree with taking him out and letting him sit for a play or so but he sat to long.

  16. Sentient Third Eye
    10:51 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Why does Matt have to stretch out “twenty-five years” so much every time? Dramatic effect only works so much…

  17. ukkatzfan
    11:01 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Talking bad about Cal after one loss….. Does Cal have a buyout? My 3 choices are Coach K, Ol’ Roy and Jim Boehiem. I doubt if they will come here though with UK being a football school now. Now to go to the UK store and order my Team Darrell shirt. Think I want the cap also, if they have them.

  18. RealCatsFan
    11:21 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Dang Matt, you cut Harold off for a Sleep Outfitters plug. 🙁

    • Realme
      11:22 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

      I’m sure Harold would have been glad to rave about mattresses.

  19. TimeFor9
    11:21 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    I can’t listen right now but we definitely have a defensive problem at the 4. That being said I think we’ll be fine

  20. I just hope Gran stays at UK. We can-NOT afford to be looking for yet another OC so soon.

  21. J-Dub421
    11:26 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    If Willis doesn’t start playing better defense, Cal will not keep him on the floor. It’s literally that simple.

  22. CatBlue in LR
    11:41 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    Come and stay over in Little Rock. It’ll be great.

  23. GoodOlJDub
    11:48 am December 5, 2016 Permalink

    I was one of the idiots that rushed the field right before the Bluegrass Miracle against LSU………….sorry it was my fault

  24. No, no, after 2015 I never want to hear any more talk about 40-0 until we’re 39-0.