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Georgia dismisses top returning receiver

Curtis Compton/AJC

Curtis Compton/AJC

We’ve reached the point in the college football calendar where any news outside of football recruiting is usually bad news. Every head college football coach in America is just counting down the days until training camp begins in August so his team can get to practice without any departures for behavior related issues. Today in Georgia, Kirby Smart was not so lucky.

The Bulldogs hit everyone with a late Friday afternoon news dump with the report that leading returning wide receiver Jeremiah Holloman was no longer a member of the football team following assault allegations. According to Kirby Smart, “Jeremiah Holloman no longer represent the University of Georgia football program” due to an investigation regarding an assault in 2018.

In the report, after Georgia’s spring game last season, the victim claimed that Holloman choked her in a vehicle and then punched her after getting out of the vehicle while standing behind Holloman’s brother. The victim did not decide to come forward with the crime until earlier this month. After the incident, the victim received six stitches at a local medical center in Athens. In interviews with police, Holloman admits to hitting the victim.

The victim has decided to not pursue the case criminally, but this is still a horrible situation for everyone involved. As far as on the field goes, losing the former top-125 prospect and four-star receiver will sting for the Bulldogs.

Last year, Holloman bursted on the scene to record 24 catches for over 400 yards and five touchdowns. He became UGA’s best big play threat at receiver and was the star of the big win over Florida at the Cocktail Party. Georgia lost their offensive coordinator and top four returning receivers to the NFL Draft before the news on Holloman dropped.

Jake Fromm is now going to have a lot on his shoulders in 2019. The junior will be playing quarterback for a brand new coordinator and will have a ton of new receivers to break in. The Bulldogs have stacked some elite recruiting classes on top of one another, but continuity in the receiving department is usually a telltale sign of your passing game staying the same or improving.

The Dawgs are still the team to beat in the SEC East and a true College Football Playoff contender. But without Holloman, their offense has some more big questions to answer in 2019.

Article written by Adam Luckett

Twitter: @AdamLuckettKSR

13 Comments for Georgia dismisses top returning receiver

  1. 4everUKblue
    7:26 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    What’s wrong with these young men? Too many roids? I don’t ever remember this being a thing when I was growing up.

    • nocode96
      7:51 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      Fair point, and I know the conservatives will bash me for this, but I think years ago, many women were afraid to come forward. They still are really. I grew up watching my best friend’s dad beat the shlt out of his mom daily and she never went to the police. These star athletes if today, and yesterday, fear no consequences, they think they’re invincible, they’re not.

    • 4everUKblue
      8:35 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      I suppose I do remember stories of men beating their wives so I guess it’s been going on for a long time. I guess what disturbs me is what you said, that star athletes feel above the law and invincible, Jameis Winston comes to mind when I think about being above the law.

    • nocode96
      8:49 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      I mean, a swimmer at Stanford raped a girl and went free because the judge didn’t want the young man to “have his life ruined”. There’s a reason many of them are so brazen.

    • 4everUKblue
      9:40 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      Look for a documentary called “The Hunting Ground” it’s way worse than any of us probably realize and it’s nationwide.

  2. neat1ky
    8:48 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    Conservatives don’t like it either by the way but that one was obvious. The problem has become to discredit a man without absolute proof and the liberals don’t care now let’s back to sports

    • 4everUKblue
      9:42 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      Just an FYI, I don’t identify with either party, neither is better than the other. Now back to sports.

  3. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    8:51 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    Mashburn will point out how if Cal was a great coach he could develop more players into girl hitting psychopaths.

  4. katmandue2you
    10:05 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    Excuse me? Conservatives will bash you? I do believe Harvey Weinstein is a bigtime liberal. I believe slick Willie Clinton is a liberal. I believe the Lt Governor of Virginia is a liberal. These are the men that didn’t want and made women afraid to come forward! WTF has being conservative got to do with wanting to bash you for saying women were or are afraid to come forward??? Not a damn thing! You freakin liberals don’t know if your winding your ass or scratching your watch and therefore we get ignorant assed comments like the aforementioned. You guys really need to get in touch with reality

  5. katmandue2you
    10:08 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    Yeah I’m bashing but it’s due to your detachment from reality. Oh yeah that’s a liberal specialization…seeing fantasy as reality

    • Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
      11:00 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

      Both sides live in a fantasy world. If you think for one second that a “news” station that identifies as liberal or conservative isn’t feeding people the crock of sh!t they know they love eating your on another planet. If people research themselves public info they’ll find they’ve been lied to or had the truth twisted into whatever will make their base keep trusting them. I’ve caught Faux News in as many lies as all the others. Can’t even watch it anymore.

  6. nocode96
    10:17 pm June 21, 2019 Permalink

    Case in point proven. Well played guys.

  7. BigBlue4Three
    8:59 am June 22, 2019 Permalink

    Louisville has already organized a “recruit party” to welcome him to Card Nation. Perfect fit for their program.