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Friday the 13th’s News and Views


Friday the 13th was unlucky LOOOOOOOONG before Jason Voorhees made every teenager in America wet their pants. The taboo’s origins cannot be traced to history until 19th century England, when someone who I’ve never heard of before died on ‘an unlucky day, on his most unlucky number’. 13 is unlucky because of the Bible (12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel etc.) and Friday is unlucky because some other Englishmen that wrote The Canterbury Tales picked Friday as a bad day to start a journey (I’ve never read it, so feel free to criticize inaccuracies). This year Friday the 13th falls on a day that could be favorable to Kentucky fans. The Cats #13- FR WR Jeff Badet- got his career rolling against Miami last week with 3 catches for 80 yards, including a 56 yard touchdown. The Cats need their Freshman to perform above expectations tomorrow if they plan to haunt the Dirty Birds’ Dreams for years to come (just like Jason Voorhees).



– Before we begin the football hype, the biggest story of the day is one that breaks Drew Franklin’s heart; 5’9 PG Tyler Ulis picked Kentucky over Michigan State. The #38 prospect in the nation may be 8 inches shorter than the PG before him Andrew Harrison, but he has been referred to as, “a quarterback” by Jason Jordan of USA Today, saying, “he really throws to areas because he knows the tendencies of his teammates. He really thinks the game like 2-3 plays ahead. He’s just really smart. He makes the right play on every possession.” Ulis has the potential to become a cult hero of some sorts at the University of Kentucky. Since Coach Cal has been on campus, there’s always been a WOW factor from a player(s) on each team: first it was Boogie and the John Wall Dance, followed by Jorts, a Unibrow, a Flat Top and Twiiiiiiiiins (see Classic Coors Light commercial). As a mini-me type player (even Ryan Lemond thought he was Jahlil Okafor’s little brother) with positive production Ulis will easily become a fan favorite. I just hope girls aren’t as crazy about him as Jarrod Polson.

-Tomorrow’s showdown between the Cayts and Cards has had a different build up compared to most Governor’s Cup games. Even I have gone through uncharacterstic anxiety leading up to this game. Matt and Drew attempted to inject some hype into the game by spreading their hate Thursday, but in case that wasn’t enough the mayors of Louisville and Lexington are now in on the action. Each respective city’s top political figures are making a friendly wager on the game; If Kentucky wins, Fischer will owe Gray a personalized Louisville Slugger bat, and if Louisville wins, Gray will owe Fisher a bottle of Town Branch Bourbon. I’m just happy Mayor Fischer isn’t throwing in an expected bottle of Crown Royal on the side.

If that doesn’t fuel the hate in your heart, then hopefully the image of this awful Louisville fan will help.


– Kentucky fans are just now growing accustomed to big-time talent on campus. After years of mediocre recruiting, this weekend is packing the first powerful recruiting punch of the season. The two biggest targets for Stoops’ staff that have yet to commit are Matt Elam and Marcelys Jones. Jones has actually already committed to THE Ohio State University, but is since comitting last Christmas he hasn’t shut it down. Currently Alabama is Kentucky’s closest company to stealing the #8 prospect. Elam will only be there for the first half (he has a game tomorrow night), but nothing can go wrong with his buddy Drew Barker by his side. Some other 2014 commits that are expected in the stands tomorrow: Boom Williams, Nick Richardson, Mikel Horton, Thaddeus Snodgrass, Dorian Hendrix, Tymere Dubose, Jarrett LaRubbio, and Mike Edwards. If they can’t make an impact on guys like Elam, Jones and 3-Star WR Dorian Baker than I don’t know what will.

– On the basketball side of recruiting, Coach Cal is in the middle of a nationwide tour of in-home visits. His next target appears to be the #23 player in the nation James Blackmon Jr., the son of former Kentucky guard James Sr. Cal is in direct competition with Ole Roy, who paid the superstar guard a visit today. Let’s be honest though, do you really have to worry about Goober stealing a Kentucky Son? In the words of the wise Wilson Wilson Wilson, “I don’t think so Tim”.

If that last Dirty Bird didn’t make your heart cringe, this loser below will. I don’t EVER condone violence, but WHAT IS THIS GUY’S DEAL?

idiot ul guy

– I hate to do this to ya, but we have to end on some sad news tonight. Unforgettable Richie Farmer plead guilty to misspending money as Commissioner of Agriculture, despite making the Best Kentucky Proud commercials this state has ever seen. Richie’s deal will likely land him two years in jail while repaying the state $120,000, with official sentencing set for January 14. Richie was the best face for politics, but probably not best suited for the job. Things may work a little different in Clay County, but you can’t build a basketball court at your house, hire your friends and girlfriend, or use your assistants to dog-sit with government money. Hopefully the #BBN has seen the last of this tragic story.


GAME TIME IS ALMOST HERE! Don’t Geek, KSR will have you covered all morning from the scene at Commonwealth Stadium, to what you need to know for tomorrow’s game. (THE BEST ADVICE: show up early, like before 10:00. It may cost you an extra hour of sleep, but bypassing the traffic and enjoying the great atmosphere will make your Governor’s Cup day that much more enjoyable). @RoushKSR



Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

34 Comments for Friday the 13th’s News and Views

  1. tdogg40330
    11:11 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink


    11:13 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Is that Karen Sypher in the background of that awful card fan picture soliciting pregame festivities? I believe it is!!

    11:15 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    It definitely is because she just finished up the guy behind that car from the looks of it!!!

  4. bluristhurr
    11:21 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Elam showing up for only half a game, knows it and still comes. Looking good for UK the way I’m looking at it

  5. Mr. History
    11:23 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    I thought Friday the 13th was unlucky because it’s the day the King of France declared all Templars were to be arrested and tried for crimes against the state and the church?

    11:26 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Guy Fieri’s lesbian sister ?

  7. Mc
    11:28 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Huge UK fan here, but can someone please put an end to spelling cats with a y in it? Where did that come from? Maybe I’m missing something with that.

    11:45 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    #7 – Phonetic spelling. If you don’t say it “Cayts” then you can get out Yankee.

  9. Buying Votes
    11:45 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink


  10. danielm
    11:56 pm September 13, 2013 Permalink

    Cant wait to see what uk will look like on both sides of the ball. Go cats!

  11. Quit Methin Around
    12:07 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t worry #7, according to #8 you can live in the state of Kentucky but if you’re not from BFE you’re a yankee.

  12. Lets do this
    12:10 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Ill be there at the cat walk pumped and ready! Lets go CATS #BeatTheCardsAss

    12:13 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    #11 talks with a lisp + I’m from Ft Thomas. BFE? Is that near PRP? Get out UL troll. Go CAYTS!

  14. Kentucky says
    12:17 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    You claim to be from KY and don’t know what BFE is? You might be the troll.

  15. JPH
    12:18 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Richie Farmer’s head got way too big when he won the the election and was elected to serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky. And he knows it. But it’s too late. Kentuckians need to find a way to forgive him.

    I admire people in the Lexington Community like Alan Stein who tries to to give offenders in the Lexington Community like Micheal Gobb a second chance. I won’t mention the others names Alan Stein supported in similar situations. But Alan Stein should be praised for his efforts in helping people rehabilitate themselves when they made mistakes.

    That’s all. Go CATS!

  16. John Bivens
    12:27 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Is Richie going to Federal prison? There once was one in Lexington, a real country club type. They had tennis courts, basketball court,etc. Wall Street crooks and organized crime big shots did easy time.

  17. Michael F. Jox
    12:54 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Lady in red shorts: I’d hit that.

  18. welp
    1:01 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Five-star guard JaQuan Lyle decommits from Louisville

  19. JaQuan Lyle
    1:16 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Thank God I backed out, I don’t want to have to spend 4 years in college when so many other coaches can get me there sooner without diminishing my talent.

  20. UKBlue
    1:30 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Looking at your typical UL fan; these people are going to truly scare the hell out of the fans in the ACC & is just going to reinforce the stereo type of KY as a whole. Imagine UL fans on Duke, UNC, FSU, and God Notre Dame campuses & stadiums; hell the ACC might buy UL out of their contract just to get rid of the fowl odor they leave behind & to reduce their cleaning bills. I doubt the ACC has truly any idea what they have gotten themselves into; you wanted them, well now you’ve got them. A bunch of uneducated & classless degenerates. UL wants to be big time, well UL administration needs to get their fans to act accordingly; then again you can’t fix stupid.

    Even as redneck, crazy & at times tattooed up as Alabama & Auburn fans can be, they don’t look or act like UL fans. I know we have got some UK fans among us that if they weren’t UK fans most wanted associate with them, but UL fan’s wear their stupidity like a badge of honor. UL fans are truly too stupid to even know, people aren’t laughing with them nationally people are laughing at them.

    Tommy Two Turtlenecks needs to replace those faded pink seats with some white ones so they won’t keep fading. Brilliant idea buying red seats so you could ruin them.

  21. 22...
    2:41 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Dude, you really need a life.

  22. HeHateMe
    4:01 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned the UK leg tattoo on the guy decked out in Louisville stuff yet. I’m guessing he lost a bet, but if that’s not the case then after getting a leg tattoo it should have been apparent that he was a closet Louisville the whole time.

  23. Lousiville1Cal4
    4:45 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    I wonder how much cargo he can haul in those cargo shorts.

  24. CATandMONKEY
    5:26 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Yes. Please. ENOUGH with the CAYTS nonsense.
    Have lived in this state for more than two decades and NEVER heard a CATS fan pronounce the word as “Cayts” prior to Jones’ use of the word about two years ago.
    Even our most ignorant fans generally pronounce the word cat properly- even when impossibly drunk.

    CATS win by a safety.

  25. Al Borland
    6:54 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    I always said “I don’t think so, Tim” not Wilson.

    Go cats!

  26. Dan
    7:54 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Atleast the court mandated ankle moniters wont allow all of the U of l fans to travel to commonwealth today.

  27. KYStout
    8:05 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Hehe I think it’s hilarious that UL’s beloved chair back seats at the John are all fading from red to pink.
    Look at that last pic and you can see how bad they are. Next thing you know, they will all be dry rotted.

    Pink Seat Stadium lol.

  28. bmt22033
    8:19 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Regardless of how the football game turns out today, the reaction from UL fans to the news that JaQuan Lyle has decomitted from UL will bring a smile to your face! If this isn’t proof of their complete and utter obsession with UK and Calipari, I don’t know what is…

  29. CATandMONKEY
    8:31 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    That was my first and likely last visit to the Cardchronicle. Truly the best comedy in existence this morning. Obtuse Card fans represent!

  30. Tebkats
    8:37 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Shows what committing to UK will do for you, Tyler has already grow an inch since his commitment.

  31. O'bama Kerr
    8:50 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Thanks for the Kord KhroniCAL link. Why would Forde/yahoo have pulled the article JaQuan Lyle recommitting? Is he on Pitino’s or Tommy Turtleneck’s short leash? Makes him appear to be owned by Uavel admin.

  32. O'bama Kerr
    8:51 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    woops….Lyle decommitting

  33. Genoscats
    10:50 am September 14, 2013 Permalink

    Is that Karen in the background? 🐾