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Free Your Madness with Morning Links

Why am I waking you up in the morning with a head-bashing tune from Steve Aoki (from ‘Turn Down for What’ fame) and MKG MGK?  The music video is one of the crazier ones I’ve seen: it begins in “the distant future” before it turns into a Breaking Bad parody.  It’s pretty crazy, but it isn’t the only reason why you need to watch this NSFW video: Bardstown, KY native Eva Kate Howell steals the show as a girl scout destined to stop Aoki and MGK.  Who knew Kentucky girls were so good with nunchuks?

Way to kill it Ms. Howell.  You’re making Kentucky proud and proving that you’re cooler than your older brothers.  Now, onto the links…

–  We’re only a week from kickoff.  Make sure you know before you go by checking out all of new game day changes as Commonwealth Stadium undergoes renovation.

–  Mo’Ne Davis’ stellar LLWS performance has come to an end.  While most of the sports world is talking about her impact on women in sports, Deadspin examined how the Taney Little League team helped change the perception of a street named after an infamous character in US History.  Taney Street, the little league’s namesake for the adjacent street, was named after Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney.  Taney wrote the majority opinion in the infamous Dred Scott case that legalized slavery in 1857, essentially turning the wheels toward the Civil War.

–  In order to celebrate SNL’s 40th year of existence, Grantland’s Brian Phillips examined the fan-favorite Weekend Update and its impact on the news.  Most people would say Update started news satires like Colbert and Stewart, but Phillips believes it to be much deeper, transforming the way we ingest news daily.

–  In case you forgot, here’s a story about why we love sports.  Olympian swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen was never the type of person to give up.  After an ATV accident left her paralyzed, yesterday she was able to walk with the assistance of a bionic device.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

8 Comments for Free Your Madness with Morning Links

  1. Kyle
    10:41 am August 23, 2014 Permalink

    Dred Scott didn’t quite legalize slavery. Slavery was already legal. What that case did was uphold the fugitive slave act, which meant that slaves that escaped to a free state had to be returned to their owners. Free states quite rightly believed that the decision completely undercut their state right to ban slavery and it brought the slavery question to a head.

  2. shooter
    11:39 am August 23, 2014 Permalink

    UHhh which girl scout?

    • inside info
      11:51 am August 23, 2014 Permalink

      the one with the thin mint nunchuks and throwing stars

  3. Chuck Norris
    11:53 am August 23, 2014 Permalink

    Welcome to the 21st century, where abominations like this are somehow considered to be music…

    • Booney
      12:41 pm August 23, 2014 Permalink

      That video was the worst thing ever posted on this site.

  4. justfactscats
    12:02 pm August 23, 2014 Permalink

    its dj snake and lil john who did turn down for what.

  5. Show Me the Mo'Ne
    3:41 pm August 23, 2014 Permalink

    Her impact on women in sports? What impact on women in sports? This is no knock on the young lady but any impact she might have is fleeting at best and largely superficial. Perhaps a few more girls start playing baseball, etc. but it’s absurd to think that the sixth girl to get a hit in the Little League World Series has had any “impact on women’s sports”. While her performance on the mound has been remarkable much of the attention focused on her is generated by her double minority status and the fact that she is strikingly beautiful. Proving once again if nothing else Americans as a group are patronizing and shallow. I wish the young lady well but her impact should be dying down sometime around kickoff on Thursday.

  6. Social_Media_is_Evil
    5:17 pm August 23, 2014 Permalink

    We’ve always been only a generation away from extinction. Finally, we’ve almost made it.