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France Beats Croatia 4-2 in World Cup Finals

via @FIFAWorldCup Twitter

This just in: France beats Croatia 4-2  in the World Cup Finals. Now, I know this has nothing to do with Kentucky sports buttttt The World Cup Finals is a pretty big deal, and this match was particularly bizarre and exciting – even for a non-soccer fan like myself.

Here are some of the best recap pictures, tweets, videos and (my favorite) memes from Today’s match.

(In my best Stefon SNL voice)  Yes yes yes yes.

This game also has Connor McGregor in attendance.

The match started out with Mario Manduzkic of Croatia giving France the lead with the first ever own goal in the World Cup finals.

It only got weirder for Croatia…

via @CBSSports Twitter

Me waking up tomorrow morning.

Then France showed us they love Fortnite

15 years from now when they show this highlight for the World Cup everyone will be so confused.

Kylian Mbappe for France became the first teenager to score in the World Cup since 1958 when some unknown guy Pele did it.

It’s mind-blowing to me that this guy is younger than my youngest brother.

via @TheF2 twitter

Ultimately, France took the W. It’s the second World Cup win, and they are only one of six countries to win more than once. Mbappe won a World Cup at 19 years old. Wanna know what I was doing with my summer when I was 19 years old? Binge watching Desperate Housewives. Where did I go wrong?

All in all, I get why people love soccer and the World Cup is pretty exciting, but I’d rather watch football or basketball or even baseball. Maybe I’ll get into it next time the Cup comes around.

Article written by Savannah Patton

My first words were Go Big Blue. Follow me on twitter:@savannahpattKSR

3 Comments for France Beats Croatia 4-2 in World Cup Finals

  1. jos_ros_
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  2. J. Did
    1:58 pm July 15, 2018 Permalink

    Great day. Enjoyed Wimbledon championship. Would have preferred if John Isner had made it; DJ OK took care of it. Guys 6 foot 8 are too tall for tennis; no agility. Dominate with serve, paint the corners – or suffer….early. Then – the fRanch beat Scro-tay-shu. Loved seeing poo ten’s stunt double get peed on by real rain (as opposed to Hook ers golden). Now the Braves are trying to beat the AZ D-backs. Tomorrow, Home Run Derby; All Star week. Life is good!

  3. rickshelton
    9:16 am July 16, 2018 Permalink

    0 = Number of MLB games I’ve watched this year.
    0 = Number of hockeys games watched this past season.
    0 = Number of tennis matches watched this year.
    0 = Number of auto races watched this past year.
    1 = Number of golf tournaments I’ve followed this year.
    3 = Number of horse races watched this year.
    All = UK mens basketball games watched this past season.
    All = world cup soccer matches I watched all or part of.
    Prediction… soccer will become the top sport in US by the time the World Cup is hosted here in 2026.
    (btw… I’m 60. Born in Indiana. Live in Kentucky. Never played one second of soccer in my life.)