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Flip Saunders passes away at 60


Some very sad new this afternoon: Timberwolves head coach Flip Saunders has passed away at age 60 after his battle with cancer.

Sanders was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this August, but he hoped to coach the Wolves this season after doctors described his condition as “very treatable and curable”. He took a leave of absence last month, and the team announced that he wouldn’t be returning for the year only two days ago.

Flip led Tayshaun Prince and the Pistons to a franchise best 64 wins in 2005, and would have coached Karl-Anthony Towns this season.

It’s amazing to see how quickly a disease like this can progress. Cancer really sucks.

Rest in peace, Flip.

Article written by Caleb Epley

Vanderbilt student, Kentucky fan. Skilled at using big words and telling bad jokes. Twitter: @CalebEpleyKSR

8 Comments for Flip Saunders passes away at 60

  1. J
    3:54 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink


  2. Leuther
    4:43 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

    RIP Flip…

  3. SAD
    4:50 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

    Very sad, always seems to happen quick once they start treating this. Billions have been raised for a cure to cancer, yet more people have it now than ever before. Spend that money finding out what is causing it and stop it there. Has to be in the food, water or air we put in our bodies.

  4. Carrie Wisenhunt
    5:15 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

    Billions have not been raised to “cure cancer”. Billions have been raised to line the pockets of double-dipping pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, who manufacture products like bug and weed killers which are HUGE carcinogens (profit) and also manufacture chemotherapy drugs (profit). When Americans stop putting profit before people, cancer will be prevented. There will be no need for a “cure”.

    All that said, Rest In Peace, Mr. Saunders. You brought out the best in people.
    May his family know comfort in this time of profound grief.

    Those of you who would like to do more, look for cancer non-profits who refuse to take money from drug companies, and who fund actual non-corporate medical research. They’re out there. Look for them. Support them. Life is the school, love is the lesson.

    • CatSinceBirth
      8:11 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

      Carrie, you’re spot on. Of all the money collected for cancer research, very few cents on the dollar goes to do just that. Three fourths goes so called administrative cost. There will NEVER be a total care. Like you said, the pharmaceutical industry will see to that. Well, at least their lobbyist will.

  5. Ty Webb
    5:38 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

    I met Coach at the Ryder Cup at Valhalla. He had stopped to look at his map. I approached him and asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a photo. He started laughing and said “Only in Kentucky would I be recognized at a golf event.” True story

    RIP Coach

  6. cris
    6:06 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

    It was probably the treatment (chemo) that killed him as it does most cancer patient….HUGE money in chemotherapy……

    Better ways of curing cancer out there——>

    • Knows Better
      6:44 pm October 25, 2015 Permalink

      Your a fool!! The good doctors at the Markey Cancer Center put my leukemia in remission with chemo. Chemotherapy saved my life, no doubt about it.