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Five-star recruit blogs about visit to Oregon


With Jamal Murray on Oregon’s campus today, now’s as good a time as any to share this blog from a couple of months ago. It was written by a five-star basketball recruit for his personal diary on a popular college basketball website. The recruit, who will remain nameless, had just taken his official visit to Oregon and he wrote about his experience for his fans. It paints a pretty vivid picture of what Murray is going through while in Eugene today and, hopefully, it will give you a little insight into the decision he faces.

From (Popular College Basketball Website):

Hey guys! It’s [redacted] here. Just got back from my official visit to Oregon! Coach Altman and his staff flew me and my dad out for the weekend to see the campus and to talk about becoming a Duck. It was a lot of fun and they’re definitely on my list going into the spring. I had a great time even though it rained a lot.

The day started when Coach picked us up at the airport in his new Chevy Spark. It’s a really small car but he said it’s good for the environment. That’s really important out in Oregon. Everyone drives smart cars and recycles. They really care about the Earth and that’s cool.

We stopped for breakfast at some vegan cafe I had never heard of. Dad got the scrambled sprouts with black beans and I got the tofu french toast. I didn’t really like it and the soy syrup made my stomach hurt. Coach told us that’s what everyone eats out there though. I’d rather have McDonalds lol.

After breakfast we went straight to the football stadium for a tour. I don’t know why we spent so much time there but they really liked showing off the locker room and all of the different jersey combinations the football team wears. I saw the huge screen in the lobby, walked the field and watched some of the guys lift weights. That place is incredible! It’s so nice. Finally I asked if we can see the basketball facilities because I’m a basketball player. They said yes but we had to watch Marcus Mariota highlights first.

Once we finally got over to the basketball building, I saw a lot of the trophies Oregon has won over the years. In the first case I saw the conference championship trophies from 1919, 1939, 1944 and 2002. I asked Coach if those are the only four and he told me the others were taken out to be cleaned. Surely they have more than four lol. I guess I believe him. He let me hold the 1939 Final Four trophy too. Dad told me his grandpa played for NC State that year and only eight teams made the tournament. That’s crazy.

On the way to the practice court we passed a huge mural on the wall but I didn’t know the two guys on it. Coach told me it was Luke Ridnower (?) and Aaron Brooks. I think they were in the NBA. I hope I make the NBA one day. That’s what every kid dreams of growing up. Maybe Oregon will help me get there and I can be on the wall with those two guys.

Finally we made it to Matthew Knight Arena and it wasn’t as big as some of the other places I’ve been. It holds like 12,000 people. I’m pretty sure Kentucky is twice that size lol. That’s ok though. Coach told me I would get a lot of exposure on TV. He said games are always televised on the Pac 12 network when they play UCLA, Arizona and sometimes Cal. The other games are streamed online.

After seeing the arena Coach took us out to eat for lunch. I wanted to go to B-Dubs because I was starving but Eugene doesn’t have one. We got something called buffalo tempeh instead. I didn’t like it so I ate the carrot sticks. Dad offered me his tofurkey but it was bad too. I guess I’ll have to get used to this food if I pick Oregon lol.

At lunch Coach said he believes I can get them to the Sweet Sixteen next year. They were knocked out the first weekend the last two years but he thinks I’m the missing piece to get them to the next round. It sounds like they really want me.

After lunch we went back to campus to chill for the rest of the day. Coach took my dad to meet the AD while I hung out with some of the players. We were stuck in an apartment all afternoon because it was raining and then we went to a party at night. It was alright but everyone was sitting around smoking weed and listening to some kid play guitar. I asked if they heard the new Fetty Wap but nobody knew about it. The music out there is so different and everyone is so laid back. And the girls don’t shave their armpits lol. That’s so gross.

I went to bed pretty early because I had an early flight back to [redacted] and I wasn’t really feeling the party. When I met up with Dad the next morning he told me the AD made him tour the football facility again and watch more Mariota highlights. They sent us home with a bunch of Nike gear and told us to stay in touch.

Looking back on it, the visit was a cool experience but I still have more to take. I will probably cut my list in a couple months after I talk it over with my coach and parents.

Anyways, I just wanted to update you before I get too busy with school and the season. We start AAU practice tomorrow. I have to miss homecoming for a tournament next weekend but I gotta keep grinding.

Ball is life!

“My Official Visit To Oregon”

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

17 Comments for Five-star recruit blogs about visit to Oregon

  1. GroundControlToNumber9
    8:08 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    When I was in Oregon I got windburn on my taint and I the girls braid their armpits.

  2. blueballs
    8:16 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    that trip sound fun

    • blueballs
      9:22 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

      pardon my grammur. mom dropped me on my hed a few tymez. l1c4

  3. Crazy
    8:16 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Not a good decision on this post

  4. Ukjaybrat
    8:19 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    I actually thought this was for real until it mentiond Kentucky…. I laughed the entire time… I’m reading this at the bar in bdubs, so that part made me laugh even more lol

    Then I got to the end and saw the link and was like “oh shit, maybe this really was legit” …. ….. Damn you drew lol. Thanks for the laughs

  5. WahooWildcat
    8:29 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    I don’t think I’ve been rickrolled since 2008… Touche, sir.

  6. Angry Jeff
    8:40 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    A Fetty Wap reference capped with a Rick Roll to complete the “I Almost Didn’t Act 30” combo.

  7. christian
    9:17 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    this is actually really funny Drew. The humor is on point.

    9:35 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    …performed in the style of…
    Great stuff, Drew.

    I may or may have not, attended several parties in Lexington back in the late 90s that offered similar entertainment and the exact same, ahem refreshments…cough. So that doesn’t seem to be a negative for OR.
    Thanks for the guffaws.

  9. roons
    9:44 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Oregon is awesome. Not basketball awesome. But look how much beautiful green grass and national forests, ocean front, mountains and wild river rapids there are awesome. It’s also home to gorgeous women. Walking around campus in Eugene is about as great for a college guy as it would be in Lexington. Eugene also has a Bdubs. I’ve been there. It was awesome. Everything is awesome.
    You also see more trucks, Jeeps and SUV’s out here than just about anywhere.
    But ha ha lol smokes pot tofu and hairy armpits

    Go Cats
    Visit Oregon

  10. Wayne Gravitt
    10:07 pm June 4, 2015 Permalink

    Based on my travel experiences, north California, Oregon, and Washington St, rain almost all the time. You got a taste of it. Kentucky wants you.

  11. KY in OR
    2:08 am June 5, 2015 Permalink

    I live in Eugene & this why I can only support my Cats: these coaches took this kid and his dad to the worst places ever. So sad.

    Go Cats always…

  12. displacedKYgirl
    9:50 am June 5, 2015 Permalink

    Bwahaha! Being in Oregon the past 25 years has been kind of like that. Can’t wait to return to the real world. Kentucky is my home.

  13. Djdakayungdan
    11:22 am June 5, 2015 Permalink

    Low brow post. It’s funny how basketball recruiting news quickly turns into petty (also intelligent and humorless) trash talk.

  14. djfdka
    1:41 pm June 5, 2015 Permalink

    There is literally a buffalo wild wings right near the campus at Oregon.

  15. Forcelee
    8:43 am June 6, 2015 Permalink

    Strange post. Almost seems like he’s trolling everyone because some of that stuff should not have been in a blog. In the end he said he hopes he can narrow his list in a couple of months?? He’s trolling folks…something is fishy about that blog.

  16. Wake up people
    7:30 pm June 6, 2015 Permalink

    I hear Oregon is haunted