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Extra Eligibility Discussions for Spring College Athletes Has Reportedly Gone “Sideways”

The NCAA isn’t going to let a global pandemic deter them from doing what is morally wrong.

According to Dennis Dodd over at CBS Sports, several athletic directors are expressing concerns over the possibility of an extra year of eligibility for spring college athletes whose seasons were canceled due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus.

Dodd wrote that one Power Five AD said conversations have gone “sideways” and he is apparently not alone in that view. And what appears to be the main issue holding everything up? Money, of course.

The NCAA recently announced that more than 60 percent of annual revenue distribution would be lost due to the canceled basketball tournaments.

Just one day after the NCAA decided to cancel both the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, they released a statement that could be interpreted as them implying that spring athletes would automatically receive an extra year of eligibility. But they also didn’t explicitly say that.

The common-sense answer is to give these student-athletes the extra year of eligibility that they earned, but it’s also an intricated issue. Not all of these student-athletes are on full-ride scholarships; a good chunk of them are on partial scholarships. Baseball and softball weren’t even halfway through their seasons before they were cut short. The decision is going to come down to how much money the NCAA and the universities involved are willing to spend in order to see if seniors will receive their justified extra year of eligibility.

Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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6 Comments for Extra Eligibility Discussions for Spring College Athletes Has Reportedly Gone “Sideways”

  1. BobbyBlue
    8:25 pm March 29, 2020 Permalink

    Important thing is that Emmert keeps his
    $4 mill salary !!

  2. hal9944
    8:31 pm March 29, 2020 Permalink

    How i see it going – NCAA scumbags will vote NO, and there will be enough outrage to take it to court. It will get dragged out in courts long enough that it wont matter and most of the seniors will have ultimately moved on and left their programs.

    And hopefully if anything good comes out of the situation, its that the NCAA will have put the final nail into their own coffins and power5 schools will start their own regulated league.

  3. Aar
    8:39 pm March 29, 2020 Permalink

    Of course cost is a huge factor. Tuition doesn’t grow on trees. Academic performance and eligibility are also significant factors. Keep in mind that the majority of NCAA member institutions do not have athletic budgets anywhere near the size of Power 5 conferences. Granting that extra year could be a competitive advantage for certain schools and a handicap for others.

    Personally, I hope winter and summer athletes receive another year of eligibility if they want it and the schools extend the offer. However, I fully recognize the reasons that it may not be viable for some schools to extend that year to their students. There could be many schools in this country that are fighting to exist after the COVID-19 crisis is over. Athletic programs are luxuries and far from guaranteed.

  4. michaelb
    8:46 pm March 29, 2020 Permalink

    Of course the ncaa’s first comments about the situation needs face value for the Public. Sure enuff actions are the only thing that matters … here we go. I personally thought this pandemic would collapse the ncaa that exists. They already were giving in to the athlete . One more big flub will sink that ship . Aren’t there suspensions looming anyway ? Ncaa just looks plain bad to even the causal fan

  5. UKinIN
    11:54 pm March 29, 2020 Permalink

    I know we love to hate on the NCAA but can we give them a little slack when it comes to dealing with their first pandemic? I don’t expect them to get things “right” either but every person or assembly that is going to make a decision that will affect hundreds of schools and thousands of people should be given the time to consider it from all angles.

  6. Bluebloodtoo
    12:34 am March 30, 2020 Permalink

    I knew something had to give with the lost revenue. This isn’t even normal budget, this extra year would be on top of the planned budget. I don’t see how this works.