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End of Kentucky Football Season Saturday News & Views

Photo from UK Athletics

Photo from UK Athletics

Photo from UK Athletics

Kentucky fans, let’s pause for a minute. I know that right now, it more than stings. It hurts. We watched our Wildcats fight to the finish against the hated Louisville Cardinals, but just fall short of a post season bowl game by just one win 44-40.  The game against Louisville was a roller coaster to say the least. After Kentucky’s early lead in the first quarter, it seemed like this game could be a turn around of recent misfortune. Then, Kyle Bolin happened. The Louisville third string QB brought the Cards back, and did so in a rather remarkable and unexpected way. Bolin’s bold passing brought the game to neck and neck, back and forth, nail biting levels of anxiety. From Austin MacGinnis keeping the Cats kickin’ (literally), to Mike Douglas’ big man touchdown, there were some highlights in this game that will tide me over until next September and helped to make this a classic and entertaining Governor’s Cup. Football is officially over in the Bluegrass for better or for worse, and we can now focus on Kentucky’s true pride and joy: Basketball.

Fight, Fight, Fight

Before opening kickoff even occurred, Kentucky found themselves battling the Cardinals.. literally.  Allegedly, Kentucky players were caught by some Cardinals stomping on the Cardinal emblem located at the midfield of Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium, and they weren’t too pleased.  A scuffle broke out between members of both football teams, and even Coach Petrino found himself tangled up with UK assistant Dan Berezowitz.  Louisville’s Petrino later stating that “he wasn’t really sure what happened.” But he is a changed man and caddied for his daughter, so…

Neal Brown Soon to be Gone

Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown will be taking the head coaching position at Troy University in Alabama, released today according to Football Scoop. Brown has been in the mix for this job for a few weeks now, so many are not too surprised, and some are pretty excited. The offensive play calling was one of the biggest frustrations for Kentucky fans in the loss to Louisville today, with plenty of no or small gain runs up the middle in some of the most crucial situations of the game. The Air Raid technique for the Cats never quite panned out for Brown, but we wish him luck at wherever he ends up next year.

Austin MacGinnis

Do not sleep on Austin MacGinnis.  MacGinnis was one of the brightest stars for the Wildcats this season and without a doubt the best special teams player UK has.  The UK kicker from Wedowee, Alabama set the single-season school record for most field goals made.  MacGinnis, who redshirted his freshman season, finished the season with 20 made field goals for the Wildcats, with at least one made in every game.  It is important to note the rather interesting parts of MacGinnis’ bio on the UK Athletics website.

Austin Says … I wear uniform number 99 because: it is the definition of kicker swag … Other than the NFL, my dream job is: professional soccer … My favorite part of game day is: arriving at the stadium … My hidden talent is: wakeboarding.

#KickerSwag #ThanksAustin

Here Comes the BOOM

Stanley “Boom” Williams, ladies and gentlemen.  This true freshman consistently contributes to offensive success of the Wildcats, and today he showed up to play.  The Monroe, Georgia native had  126 rushing yards, and even had 13 receiving yards.  Boom scored two touchdowns today, which doubled his season TDs, and also noted his season/career high rushing yards.  Ever since his suspension for the infamous south campus air soft incident, William’s has really gotten it together.  Pre-suspension, the highest number of rushing yards Boom ran for was 60 against Ohio.  Post-suspension, Williams has broke into the 100’s three separate times.  Here’s to learning from mistakes.  You go Boom.

In Basketball News…

Tomorrow afternoon at 2PM, Kentucky will be tipping off against Providence.   Over the next month, Kentucky will truly be tested as five of their seven games will be played against teams who are currently ranked in the top 25 of the coaches poll.  For those of you who could somehow forget, Kentucky has been waxing the court with every opponent this season. I can already hear the trolls keystrokes… “Nuh uhhh the Cats were down by five at halftime to Buffalo!” Kentucky ended up winning the Buffalo game by 19 points, which is our smallest margin of victory so far this season.  So stop.  Kentucky posted a win over UT Arlington on Tuesday 92-44, which was the Wildcats second consecutive 48 or more point victory. The last time Kentucky had two back-to-back 48 or more point victories was February 2 and February 4 IN 1954!  The Cats are averaging 82.5 points per game, 45.8 rebounds per game, and most impressively, UK average 10.o blocks per game, the top blocking school in the nation.  

Kentucky Women

The UK Hoops team came from behind in their final game of the Virgin Island’s Paradise Jam to beat South Florida 61-57.  Jennifer O’Neill lead the Hoops scoring efforts with 17 points, while Azia Bishop lead defensively with 10 rebounds and two blocks.  Makayla Epps was named the Tournament’s MVP following the last games’ final buzzer, and scored in double figures in all three of the Wildcat’s games.  Jennifer O’Neill also got some love, as she was named to the All-Tournament team.  Congrats to the Hoops.  Their next game will be on Wednesday back in Memorial Coliseum against Northern Kentucky at 7PM.  We’ll see y’all there!


Article written by Hayley Minogue

You're nobody until somebody hates you. @KSR_allHAYL

5 Comments for End of Kentucky Football Season Saturday News & Views

  1. Casper
    11:35 pm November 29, 2014 Permalink

    great post Hayley!
    u did a nice job with this horrible assignment.
    Bama rocks!

  2. katmandue2you
    1:32 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    Hayley….I’m sure you’re a sweet gal. You certainly look sweet in that pic with Coach Stoops. Heck you even share my daughters first name! But for the life of me does KSR have to give these backhanded swipes to UK football? Do you guys even realize it? How could you not? Its like Kentucky Football is some redheaded adopted stepchild or something. What am I talking about? This!…”We can now focus on Kentucky’s true pride and Joy: Basketball” I mean I don’t dispute the validity of this comment but do we have to literally rub the nose of not only our football team…our fans …our football coaches….and particularly our football recruits in basketball? Maybe I’m over reacting or maybe I’m not. It just seems like a lot of the comments could be buffered or left unsaid altogether. I happen to believe it’s those kinds of comments that contribute to the huge challenge UK Football always has faced. We all know UK is the be all and end all of College Basketball….the alpha and the omega…the mecca…the greatest tradition in college basketball. Its a piece of cake following them…i’ll be in Chicago on Dec. 20th and I’ll be in Nashville next March. But I don’t need to read any thing that makes my football program feel less appreciated or followed than our basketball even if it happens to be the case.

    • etstit2
      1:24 pm November 30, 2014 Permalink

      I agree. There is no reason to make any backhanded comments about a “true pride and joy.” While I am not debating that most Kentucky fans prefer basketball to football, there are many that are primarily football fans. As katmandue said, UK football has a big enough challenge competing in the best conference in the country. There is no reason that basketball and football cant complement each other.

      Kentucky football can also be a “true pride and joy” so it might be best to just refrain from sweeping football under the rug with derogatory comments. It’s easy to follow basketball. It takes a real fan to stick with a program that hasnt been historically great. We are building something at Kentucky. Please dont write them off.

  3. Leuther
    3:23 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    Nice post Hayley! We won over twice as many games as last year, and were competitive in our last game against a very good Louisville Team…

    Now lets bring on basketball full time! Go Cats!!

  4. 25OR624
    8:10 am November 30, 2014 Permalink

    It appears that Easy Rider pushed a KENTUCKY youngster prior to then pushing Coach Dan Berezowitz (blue jacket). This film should be reviewed by the ACC and the SEC. And, while on par with expected behavior from Petrino, it is not acceptable for a coach to push a player, or another coach, from the opposing team or any program – ever.