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Eli Drinkwitz Provides Proof that Missouri Football is Staying in the SEC Football Cellar

Eli Drinkwitz has Mizzou trending in the right direction. (Missouri Football/Twitter)


Missouri football is dead. New head coach Eli Drinkwitz proved as much on National Signing Day.

Once a proud program that entered the SEC and immediately went to consecutive SEC Championship Games, they now celebrate three-star commitments as if gold and black confetti is falling in Atlanta.

This past offseason Missouri replaced former Tiger linebacker Barry Odom with Eli Drinkwitz. The two could not be more different. Odom is a gruff defensive guru. Drinkwitz is an offensive coordinator dressed as an accountant. After serving on Scott Satterfield’s staff at Appalachian State, their hires were praised by many in the national media with a caveat, “But can they recruit?”

Satterfield has yet to prove his doubters wrong. Drinkwitz is only giving his more ammunition. Today the Tigers picked up a commitment from Ennis Rakestraw, a world-class name with a three-star rating. The cornerback had offers from Alabama and Texas when he ultimately chose Missouri. Drinkwitz celebrated like an accountant on April 16.

What a nerd.

The Tigers will finish with one four-star commitment from St. Louis, a two-star signee and 20 three-stars to finish No. 34 in the Rivals team rankings. The 247 Composite ranks their class 48th overall, ahead of only Vanderbilt in the SEC.

If this is what the start of the Eli Drinkwitz era at Missouri looks like, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the SEC East cellar-dwellers.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

16 Comments for Eli Drinkwitz Provides Proof that Missouri Football is Staying in the SEC Football Cellar

  1. nocode96
    4:43 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to gag when I read your writing Nick. You, as in YOU specifically, constantly post “Yahtzee” posts any time we get a 3 star, followed by a hyperbolic celebration in what the new Cat is bringing to the table. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool and all, but you tend to make fun of other people and program’s for doing exactly as you do. The great Ed Vedder has a line in a song that goes “if you hate something, don’t you do it too”. Kentucky has had a great deal of success recently. Stoops and company are quite literally ushering in maybe the greatest era of UK football ever, but it’s embarrassing when guys like you throw stones and pretend we are Georgia or something because we are most definitely not, yet. I feel bad for you because I know you write these kind of articles with a smirk on your face thinking “oh boy, oh boy, our readers are gonna think I’m so funny and they’re gonna love me for this hilarious take”. We don’t. You guys have interns that write fluff material in between going to a literature class and adderall fueled study sessions that is 10 times better than anything you’ve ever written.

    • factsoptional
      5:53 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

      show us a video of stoops or any uk coach reacting like that to any commitment… I’ll wait.

    • nocode96
      6:26 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

      Didn’t say he did. Not about stoops or the program, it’s the awful writing of Roush. Anyone that’s been here more than a couple of months will agree too. The trolls, the diehards, the casual commenters…everyone knows Roush is the worst. Let’s not pretend though that Stoops and just about any other coach haven’t had comical reactions to some of their recruits. I do t know the first thing about football and am a casual fan at best, but a 5 second google search of “coach acts crazy over commitment” gave me more than enough videos if tons of coaches across all sports having similarly silly celebrations. For sure, the Missouri coach’s reaction is pretty bad, but what is worse us Roush calling the guy out for celebrating a 3 star commitment when we celebrate those commitments by 3 stars. It’s the tone he took making it seem that a 3 star isn’t something to be celebrated when he, himself posts must of the silly “Yahtzee” posts every time we get one. It’s the coal calling the kettle black, something Roush is extremely guilty of doing for a while here. He’s an awful writer and he just likes to stir the shlt. Most ridiculous manner possible doesn’t include hypocrisy and lazy effort.

    • ClutchCargo
      6:05 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

      1. Nick isn’t a coach.
      2. “Most ridiculous manner possible.”

    • Rick_Noush
      8:31 am February 6, 2020 Permalink

      nocode96 sucks. You’re just mad you didnt get paid to type out that wall of junk. Roush’s writing is fine, we like him. Never seen a nocode96 fan though…

  2. JASUN74
    4:48 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    Ol boy was tore up! Haha. I like his excitement and even though he’s probably a nerd, the kids should have fun playing for him. Unless you’re making the NFL, you should go somewhere where you can enjoy yourself an get a degree!

  3. nybrasky
    5:04 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    I mean, that was annoyingly high-pitched at times, but are we really going to be the ones throwing those stones? How many 3-stars has UK celebrated in recent years? I thought it was gonna be some 1-star kid, not someone with offers from Alabama and Texas. This was just a bad post from someone who shouldn’t be commenting on anyone’s appearance.

  4. trey
    5:08 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    Michael Drennen may want to put his ‘likes’ on Twitter on private…

  5. Rob
    5:16 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    Surprised he didn’t walk into the men’s restroom to find someone to hug.

  6. Jesus H. Chrysler
    5:22 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    Nick & Matt could easily be confused for accountants

  7. factsoptional
    5:47 pm February 5, 2020 Permalink

    if I was that kid, I’d de-commit immediately

  8. bsalli2
    8:26 am February 6, 2020 Permalink

    It’s a first year coach in a program that is trying to build momentum. I’m sure us UK football fans we can relate since our program has been there before. Maybe ease up on him.

    • Alex90
      10:33 am February 6, 2020 Permalink

      Thank you. It’s his first big commit at his first big time hc job so why would he not get excited. Yea he’s nerdy about it but kids love seeing a coach care that much and it will probably help him recruit. Share the video and laugh but no reason to call him out for not having a top recruiting class in his first year.

  9. Jester
    8:08 pm February 6, 2020 Permalink

    Nick I question your college football knowledge. FIrst of all you have banged the three star drum more than anyone else, so this article makes you a hypocrite. Secondly this kid had offers from Texas and Alabama, not McNeese State and Georgia Southern.
    FInally, Drinkwitz didn’t get to Mizzou in time to do any significant recruiting.

    And if you’re going to call someone a nerd for how he looks, maybe you ought to get rid of the picture of that loser you use as a profile pic.